Friday, November 3, 2017


Life is a beautiful tapestry.  It is woven with many colorful threads.
Some of these threads are part of your journey exploration.

Other threads are part of your own transformation and change within your journey process.
When they intersect, there is a design.  This design is the unique kaleidoscope pattern of your life’s tapestry.  Upon arriving at the other side, you see how beautiful it is. 

However, if you are in the middle of designing yours, do not despair and make no mistake, none of these threads are ‘random’ or accidental, rather they are important to your entire process of your life.  It is here we LEARN, we SEE, and we GROW. 

Growing requires us to be a chameleon at times.  We must do this to transform and change in order to progress along with our life’s journey as it is unfolding. 

We often believe that each connection and encounter is coincidence for the sake of convenience of human compartmentalization.

We often believe that our own life’s evolution is destined for one direction (actual navigation not the broken up boy band. hehe – Sorry, I could not resist), when in fact there are multiple facets of direction at times. 

Though we may not comprehend the purpose of WHY we must go ‘through’ certain mazes to get to where it is we are going. Reasoning at this point sometimes appears pointless when there are not enough ‘tools’ to use to understand. 

The derailments are good things.  Challenges are good things, but we never see them until hindsight allows us to appreciate the big picture reasoning. 

Sometimes a simple word, message, or nudge can help us see beyond the tornado we are spinning in.  Other times, the common thread is validating and reinforcing of what we know is the right direction or an alternate direction to pull us out of ruts and old energy. 

Humans get frustrated along this pathway because they may not have understood derailments at the time.

SOULS however, understand that they must believe a transformational process with said derailments are worth seeing through to fruition.  

It takes courage, bravery, sacrifice and of course VISION to see things through. You may want to quickly remove that one thread of your life that you believe somehow does not belong in your tapestry, as it does not look so ‘orderly.’

But I have news for you… THAT ONE ODD thread, that is not uniform, may be a little ‘off-set’ in design, is what makes yours special and stand out. This is what makes your life’s pathway specific to where you have been and where you are going. 

YES, you are being asked to be a chameleon to transform your idea of HOW that tapestry should look.  I know, I know… you may hate that if you are OCD.  But let me tell you… you might like the result later!  Just wait. 

While this may be commonplace knowledge from the basic consciousness level, most will accept this is true from the surface.  However, unless you have lived the pathway of endless challenges and summits first, you will not come to appreciate the chameleon changes in the body of work of your own life. 

Kindred spirits will understand what I am talking about from deeper comprehension levels of WHY this matters, for the sake of application of meaning, purpose, mattering in the soul’s mission of creating something visionary. 

As a longtime propeller of vision –  I admit I am happy with my chameleon life’s tapestry thus far . The design is pretty artsy Om eclectic modern; retro fusion relaxed tropical island beach meets metro simplicity.  There are even threads in this tapestry which have no description yet…they are eco-friendly awaiting vegetable dye to be woven into my life kilim. 

How does yours look? Have you even thought about it?  

Focusing on your common threads is important to seeing patterns. But examining your CHANGING chameleon threads has a pattern, too.  Did you know that?  It's true, this is part of the "SHIFT"...and it is part of what navigates you toward change.

Trusting in the Universe has required patience.  Believing is easy… the patience part is toughest.  However, patience is an art worth mastering in life and I am sharing this with you for collective consciousness sake if you are on a pathway of the same life lesson.

What happens when you are in the still designing your tapestry as this chameleon? 
Have you ever stopped in your tracks in your weaving process?  

I am about to share a story that goes back to 1978, when I was in junior high (some of you call this middle school - 7th/8th grade) which may help you understand how to honor this place.  But first it might be helpful to recenter your being returning to the basics of listening to your inner voice - in case you missed the LISTENING LINK video - you can watch it here so the story I am about to share below may make more sense.  

My seventh grade math teacher Mr. Harris taught my class the art of listening and patience.
Math?  YES.  MATH.  

He taught us the art of listening to that voice of being TRUE to who you are and the patience to work through math problems beyond the numbers. 

In that same breath he stated that we should not take our ability to hear our own intuition or thoughts for granted, for they are usually correct. So let's apply this to your common tapestry threads of your journey along with the common CHANGING chameleon threads.

How much patience have you applied to either?  If you know the answer to this, you will see
answers to the equation of your changes adding up.

His theory that while numbers are absolute in math, people second-guess themselves because they are so focused on whether or not the numbers are interchangeable based on the subject presented.  This is why math goes awry, particularly math questions, which talk about apples and oranges, weights and measures, or trains going XYZ miles per hour in a multi-state three-day journey.

But was this ‘second guessing?’  Or was it being overly analytical?  Was there an internal ‘first thought’ link in the brain to identify the right answer to said word-driven math problem, rather than calculation? 

Most kids did not bother to do the homework in his class due to being paralyzed for fear of getting the answers wrong.  

Isn’t THIS what prevents most people from taking action in real life?  

I am not talking math here…  I am talking about stepping into living your life – REAL LIFE.  Whether it is following your heart, your dreams, your vision – whatever… what is preventing you from taking that step? 

What is your roadblock? 

Doesn’t the sound of ‘you’re wrong’ play a part in questioning the internal dialogue that goes on between your conscious mind and your higher consciousness?

He was not buying excuses for not doing homework and would say, “If you can’t do your homework or take a test, how the heck are you going to get behind the wheel and be responsible for your life and the lives of others, later on?” 

While many may think what he was doing was mean or that he was trying to embarrass or shame, he was actually trying to toughen up his class of kids for the real world.  

He was a believer in taking chances… i.e. attempt to solve the problem on the board and challenge yourself, even if you may be wrong, you can rest in knowing you tried.

The real test here is, how long will you work to make it right?
How long will you keep trying to solve what needs to be solved?

Yes, he knew what he was doing, brilliantly so and obviously he made an impact as I write this decades later to recall this as vividly as it was yesterday. 

Here was a math teacher trying to teach something beyond math itself, he was trying to truly CHANGE THE NUMBERS of kids who would be statistics in the system if they did not step up, suit up, show up, and grow up.  But above all, TRY! 

What I heard was something from someone who looked at math a different way, beyond absolute numbers.  He wanted to add something to human existence to change perception about what a math teacher could do.  

For many kids, he might be the only chance that existed to teach something that could multiply down the line rather than divide an individual from understanding what it took to navigate life in this world.  At the end of the day, that would simply add up to something more than anyone could calculate… and he knew it!  

He turned on his listening link to hear his navigation of what he needed to do.  

All I know was that had I not turned on my listening link to LINK these common threads I would have completely missed this glorious gift.  Worse, if I had not listened, I would have missed the beautiful chameleon transformation of perception woven within the tapestry presented. If I missed it, I would not be here sharing this with you.

Moreover, I would not be LINKING this link in my life chain to show YOU how there are many links in your life chain that are connected to what it is you are doing RIGHT NOW.

Every life lesson we learn, every encounter we have, every golden nugget of wisdom acquired along our life’s journey eventually links us to what we end up doing and what we end up becoming.

Your very own tapestry is EXACTLY LIKE THIS.  If you look at your life's journey, you will see where the wisdom nuggets get woven into your own life existence for functioning your own direction!  It's true - take a look and you'll see where your inspiration comes from, where you've taken action on nudges you've had from your instincts.  The ones you refuse to give up on are part of your purposeful pathway.

Yes, sit with that for a second as YOU reflect.  It is quite amazing to think about how you can unpack so much wisdom acquired in such an unconventional way.  

Therefore, I ask you to listen to your mind, your heart, your soul, your higher-self thoughts as well as your human-level conscious ones. 

How true are you being to yourself for your own happiness?

How many times do you actually hear yourself and honor what it is you need/want to do or say?  How has that aligned with your journey so far?

How many times have you held yourself back for fear of being wrong?

How many times have you attempted to try even if you did not have the patience to wait?

Then ask yourself how many times you have second-guessed yourself only to realize you were right to have thought something in the first place?

The root of our truth resides within us.  If we listen to the positive ‘knowing’ – it is usually correct and we must learn to trust that inner voice, trust that place and really listen within.
When in doubt, check the numbers – not the math ones, but the number of times within your memory you can recall that listening was on point, even if you doubted your inner voice at first. 

There is a lesson there by statistics.  Be brave enough to listen to yourself and have the courage to pay attention.  You just may discover it will add up to an easier life navigation… without question, because you have the right answer!

In the end, you will have the most colorful life’s tapestry representative of the chameleon you had to become during your entire process.