Thursday, October 5, 2017


The transitional breezes of summer to autumn carry an energy shift you can feel as they gently float across your face.  The sun looks and feels different as it unfolds mildly in this bridge between seasons, dovetailing from a blazing warmth to a cooler tepid temperature holding promise it will still rise and set.  The light is there, but the Universe seems to adjust the dimmer switch ever-so-slightly. 

Your senses are further hypnotized by the sensually comforting and inebriating seduction of all of autumn’s finest alluring spices of cinnamon, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom dancing in every corner of food offering with a come-hither invitation.
Warm cozy sweaters make their presence known that you ‘need them’ now as they comfort you from what will be fourth quarter’s briskness that will bite you when you least expect it.
With all of this seasonal change and romantic allure of the nesting and hibernation ahead, our minds, bodies, and energy switch gears as you can feel the purr of that engine downgrade just a smidge to a gentler hum.  

As we pay attention to mind, body, soul and spirit wellness and our health, we see there is a rhythmic flow to bring into our consciousness for our own well-being.  


We need to be mindful of our four pillars of balance in order to reduce stress, improve rest, and be mindful of our ‘creature comfort’ bad habits, which throw us into an unhealthy state.
‘No’ seems to be the hardest word for people to say.  Obligation weighs heavily on trying to do everything and be everything to everyone.  The thought and intention of this is nice, but if you are sick, “NO” is the nicest thing you can say so you don’t get others sick.
As of February 2017 according to Statista, only 53% of U.S. adults took five sick leave days and 27 percent did not take any!  People still have a hard time staying home and getting well.  
While many of you may want to be the ‘hero’ – don’t do it… get well, you’re worth it.
Honoring your internal navigation when it comes to fatigue… this is another way we can combat getting sick as the seasons change.  This is another reason for honoring the word ‘No’ when we feel stretched and pulled during a jam-packed time crunch where we’re burning the candle at both ends.  We need to keep our stress in balance. 


Now back to the autumn seduction of spices…. (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, clove)… These spices are healthy for you on their own and best added to something like your morning oatmeal or coffee, unless you make an elixir or tonic yourself.
But the problem is most of the things you will find them with during the fall-to-winter holiday season come with dairy and sugar….

Which are brutal on the respiratory system.  Stay aware of this, it’ll save you.
Avoid those refined sugary pumpkin temptations laden with dairy products like cream, cream cheese and full-fat dairy.  This creates mucus, which is your enemy and a lovely hosting station for head-colds, sinus infection, strep throat, bronchial and respiratory infections.  Dairy and sugar together work in combination to prolong your illness and symptoms.  


Sadly, most pumpkin seasonal treats carry these two unhealthy things contributing toward your seasonal transitional problem issues, which is why that ‘first’ cold or flu of the season (even if you’ve had a flu shot) will knock you down.  

Your last resort for mucus combat (don’t let it get to this state) aside from maybe an over-the-counter remedy, is zinc and lemon (which is great to start incorporating now for immune boosting before you are surrounded by a lot of sick people.  It is the only thing that has the power to cut it down (but also brutal on an empty stomach) and phlegm, which causes wet coughing.  

This is what we used throughout broadcasting as an on-air trick for clarity of resonance in vocals and singers use the same trick…many of my former PR music artists relied on zinc to assist, though they would stay far away from dairy or sugar for the most part anyway. You should be avoiding your ‘mucus hosting ground’ from the get-go, that’s your best defense.

ZINC is your friend (but not on an empty stomach).  It will clear out that phlegmy stuff and shorten your cold/flu span. Notice how a zinc losenge will seem to remove it like a warrior. Follow-up with hot tea and your voice is golden.

When I first studied holistic medicine and homeopathy, herbs and spices were part of the immunity boosting required for building the wellness pyramid.  

This vital period begins from end-of-summer to fall transition to get your system ready for shifts. Hormones also change during seasonal shifts and these affect your moods as well as your health.   

Fall-to-winter transition focused on digestive breakdown of fats and heavier meals in order to keep the Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas aligned. These doshas often get out of whack as most humans indulge in holiday foods, throwing the body off balance. 

Cumin, basil, rosemary, sage, cayenne, thyme, fenugreek, turmeric and black pepper are also your friends for sinus and respiratory – cook with them throughout the season, they are your friend.  You’ll find the they also fit in the same antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial and immunity boosting areas, and are helpful during the cold/flu season.

Making a garlic-onion-cumin broth is really good for congestion.  It purifies the blood and sinus/lung areas – don’t wait until you get sick, get a leg up on your immunity boosting and you can prevent illness all season long. Thyme clears your lungs. 

If you chew on a sprig of fresh rosemary, you'll not only notice that flu-brain fog goes away, but you'll have this sinus relief as well.


Everyone needs to honor their self-care and the start using this time to boost their immunity.
While this summer-to-autumn transition may appear to be a ‘no-brainer’ for most people, if you happen to have O.C.D. or have A.D.D., raise your hands because I am talking to you, this transitional period for you and over-achiever Type A’s is a tougher grace period.
WHY?  This is the time when you get distracted, staying in the other season’s flow. Your awareness of this ‘shift’ is essential to stay on top of for your optimum health so your sleep cycles and immune system boosting can transition accordingly.  

It’s tougher if you have a ‘busy mind’ to shut down and get into the new seasonal cycle. This can compromise your immunity more than other personality types as your imbalanced sleep cycles are where your foundation crumbles.  Add in over-extending yourself like you did during the summer when it stayed light outside into the evening and you’re setting yourself up.

While clocks will not change until November, if you start adapting now, you can get a handle on making your adjustment to coincide.
How can you transition your sleep patterns aside from going to bed earlier? 

Remove your electromagnetic stress devices, which prevent solid sleep cycles.  Cell phones on your nightstand are not your friend – neither are tablets or fit bits or anything else transmitting electronic waves of energy. If you use a traditional alarm clock, put it on the other side of the room, not by your head.  Hey, you have to get up anyway when it goes off so that’s what you’ll do – you’ll get up to go turn it off.  If you are using your cell phone’s alarm app then put it on the other side of the room. But it’s really best that you don’t have any devices next to you when you sleep.

Try to decompress at least one hour or more before you go to bed – meaning don’t check your email or connect yourself digitally, or your mind will not fully shut down the way it needs to. That’s what keeps your brain busy.  

Attempt to info-dump your brain by writing out random thoughts which apply to the next day so you don’t obsess and carry them with you and you can effectively shut off your mind.


Try meditation or simply doing some relaxation breathing and you’ll sleep better.  Lavender pillow spray is also a nice sensory relaxation (and antiviral to boot) promoting calmness, stress-reduction and tranquility. Chamomile tea is your friend, it boosts your immunity and helps promote sleep. Chamomile oil works similarly to lavender oil in helping you relax and you can combine it with lavender oil to help you get the best sleep. 

Everyone is familiar with Eucalyptus for good reason… our mothers and grandmothers were right!  While many of you may only rely upon it for when you do get sick, it’s a good antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial oil to keep around as is tea tree oil (same benefits) – both are good stimulators for awareness due to their medicinal aromas for alertness.  

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF TEA TREE.  You can create an all-natural cleaning spray with it to disinfect your home and also help yourself from reinfecting yourself with lingering surface germs.  It also works as great aromatherapy for you for sinuses so it is like multitasking.  

Use it in the spring/summer and it is like a bug repellent, too!

Breathing it in is good for your consciousness … but both also help strengthen the immune system.  Therefore, it’s a bonus benefit to keep this in your regime to boost your respiratory and circulatory system… both vital for cooler months!  This is also helpful for allergy season too, as the seasons shift. 

Staying mindful of our mind-body-soul-spirit pillars is key to wellness all year-round, but it is particularly helpful during the time of the year where stress is our evil nemesis.

This is the one time where you CAN TAKE CONTROL of something which can align with your conscious efforts of taking care of the only you that there is, so you can be your best self. 

Stay well, be well, and stay the course of positive action and honor your well-being.