Wednesday, October 25, 2017


As the sun rises, a new day begins with optimism, trust, faith, hope and a clean slate for the possibility of whatever will greet you on your journey.  As your human anticipates, what is to come and what will be, your brain wraps itself around the idea that everything you imagine can come through to fruition. 

Here you are calm, your mind and body respond accordingly.

The day takes its course, busyness and chaos may ensue, your early rising morning vibe somehow morphs into getting through the day, showing up, and being present for all that, you have to do. 

Here is your choice crossroads:  You may have adrenaline rushing in a good way to drive you with positive pistons firing on all cylinders to create endorphins OR you process it differently, and allow stress to put your mind and body in a reactionary position. 

By late afternoon, you take a deep breath looking for your second wind of hope to arrive like a colorful magic carpet ride into your evening.  In the back of your brain, you stay centered and tell yourself, “Okay, final stretch… let’s go…”

Here, you can choose to breathe and visualize how you watched the sunrise in the morning, calm your inner rhythm of being to do what is in front of you.  On the other hand, you can feel taxed and choose to ride out your day as a ‘can’t wait to get home’ motivation and infuse a slight anxiety-driven plow-through position.  What happens at this point is your mind-over-body has options based on how YOU decide you wish to either act or react.
As the evening arrives, you are not sure what happened to your day, but as you see the sun begin its slow descending decompression, the hypnotic streaks of gold, vibrant orange and lavender hues decorate the sky.  You feel the last remnants of warmth meet your eyes and you are reminded, that the hope you started your morning with still exists.  However, you may be exhausted, zombie feeling, perhaps ignore this sunset moment for regrouping your ‘being.’ 

STOP.  Here you have one of the greatest opportunities so that you do not derail your health. 

Why here?  This is the moment where poor health habits occur.  People utilize the evening as a coping mechanism with overindulgence of poor food choices, alcohol, and look at the end of the day as a ‘reward’ for getting through it. What may appear to be a sanctuary of refuge ends up being a self-sabotage in self-care for a temporary bandage for your day.
When you add in the negative news noise, or violence you watch for your evening entertainment, online social media seeing commentary that is more negative and not giving yourself time to be, think or unplug, you are creating an unhealthy mind-body recipe for yourself.  

The domino effect?  Erratic sleep patterns (maybe insomnia), and no chance for your mind to decompress and your body to heal or build up what it needs in quality sleep for improved immunity and defense.

It is no secret that stress is not good for you.  However, let us look at it from Stress 101 in the way of its controlling you….Watch:

If you can understand the ‘dance’ I talk about of stress, control, and the tango that it does, you see how it is all connected to your well-being and why it is important to realize in the mind-body-soul-spirit health connection.  

Your human brain will go through these processes – sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, every single day you live.  If you pause long enough to reflect, you know this is true.  If you have blazed through life not stopping to recognize these moments your human brain may be sitting in another place as your soul contemplates change.

Do not worry… this is normal.  However, what I have tried to point out in the HIGHLIGHTED areas above is that you have moments to PAUSE.  You have moments to make YOUR CHOICES as to how you control your stress as it creeps in before you allow it or give permission to it to take over.

This is part of your process of evaluation and re-evaluating your need or desire to shift, change and transform components of your ‘being’ as you continue to show up in life as you are.

When we take time for introspection, it is normal to “scan” your brain each day like a mini soap opera of scenes to process your day.  

Think of your brain and your human being and body like a computer.  Your brain must ‘defragment.’  

That’s right…  DEFRAGMENT.  Have you ever watched your computer do a defragmenting process?  If you have, then you have an actual visual for what I am talking about.  

Throughout all of my videos and several of these blogs now, I keep saying, “You are changing every day.” 

While you hear me say it, you may blow off the idea that you are changing every day because you do not SEE yourself changing every day because you are actually too close to observe even the tiniest of shifts.  Nevertheless, YES, they are happening.

As we humans “gather” information we have to file it away somewhere, compartmentalize it, compress it, shift it, change it and sometimes what we do with it or don’t do with it becomes its very own process and has its own journey.


Yes….  It has its own journey.  

Look at your life as a series of beginnings.  Some beginnings are open-ended.  Some beginnings come full-circle.  Others will come full-circle, stay in “limbo,” and resurface until you get closure.  Others will close and be finite if that is all they are meant to be. 

What am I talking about?  Life lessons, challenges, learning tools acquired from actual life experience and an awareness of what life changes and transforms into NEXT. 

These series of LINKS are part of your life chain for you to see.  Sometimes they connect to what you need to understand so your own evolution and growth steps into its position of becoming part of your destiny.  

Whether we realize it or not, HOW we REACT or TAKE ACTION in these tiny stress moments is vital.  Either they can control our day, (or gasp, life) or they can be opportunities for us to be empowered to MANAGE how we process stress.

Everyone is busy.  Everyone has a life that runs on different cylinders.  However, you have the power to breathe, choose, and yes, control how you allow stress to enter your life OR NOT.

You do not have to surrender to the idea that stress exists for everyone and therefore you accept it and allow it to run you over.


Yes, accepting that it exists, we can CHANGE IT in better knowing how to deal with it!  We do not have to accept it as in ‘receive it’ and its process to derail where we are!
There is a difference. 

So as night falls, look outside.  The moon makes its presence glowing majestically commanding your attention, the dark sky above provides the backdrop to the whole galaxy. 
Look to the moon at this point and simply wonder if your pure intention, your purpose, your passion, your existence has somehow accomplished what the Universe has expected of you and if you’ve fulfilled today’s tasks as they were intended. Breathe, be at peace, and know that when you arrive at this place of reflection, you have already conquered your own stress boundaries.  

Yes, it is HERE we return to the process along the journey of wonderment, expansion of our mind-body being and our heart and soul’s existence and introspection can provide greater insight.   

With greater insight, we have a stronger vision for the greater good and larger purpose.  When we arrive here, stress becomes this switch to flick off so we can move onto the bigger picture of living life healthfully, more fully and with quality.  Quality living then provides more joy and fulfillment and this is how you LINK your life to the optimum health and well-being.
And it is here we can have a LOVELY DAY.