Thursday, October 12, 2017


Nothing is temporary.

Nothing is permanent.

This is called change.

When Mother Nature calls, sometimes she calls to draw us in… a gentle breeze, the hypnotic crash of the ocean, birds and crickets singing a symphony or leaves rustling in the wind. 

We are awakened by the curiosity of a wide-eyed doe, an inquisitive squirrel, and the squawk of a seagull, the flight of a butterfly or hoot of an owl when she wants us to listen. 

We are shown lush valleys of green, majestic mountains, monumental trees, rustic desert, turquoise waters, warm golden sunsets and airy puffy clouds in soft blue skies, when she wants us to see. If we are conscious enough to be in a peaceful place, we can even….SHH.. listen and hear the grass grow!

But when we get the bite of a mosquito, get burned by the sun or wind, get sick from being chilled in nature’s frigid night air or are prevented from sleeping because of nature’s dark thundering howl – nature wants us to feel something. 

Suddenly we are shown change… and what was taken for granted has shifted unexpectedly.

Sometimes we are given the wake-up call of a nudge of pain, discomfort, and inconvenience on purpose….  Mother Nature is asking us to remember to respect her at every turn and not take her or life for granted.

This year, like most years in this last decade, there have been countless hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, vast wildfires, floods, severe drought, volcanic eruptions, and endless natural disasters.

Life sometimes throws us unexpected things…  All obstacles are for purpose, for reason, just like the storm.

The storm is like screaming.  The lightning and thunder intertwine in a dance and it is powerful.  It is for purpose – to wake us up and make us hear, feel, see. 

Our human awareness and consciousness are given an opportunity to receive messages and life lessons within the context of what we experience where and when.  This has to do either with timing… placement….our location – chosen or by chance and our whereabouts within Mother Nature’s pathway. 

There is a 'test' in human strength, survival, and will, along with testing our unity in all of humanity - helping each other overcome said obstacle.  Moreover, it is not out of cruelty, that she does this.  She reminds us of something greater than ourselves, and it is about gratitude, respect and stepping up to help others.

This same 'test' is to show us what we are made of, celebrate what we overcome and most of all, inspire others to do the same.

This is pretty powerful to think about in context to our human existence on this planet we call Earth… and our being within nature.

You can live in a concrete jungle and still get daily messages just at the right moment – as nothing is an accident…that gust of wind, or that glaring sun or the clouds that move in as they do when you are not expecting them to.

You can live in a rural area and get the same message.

Regardless of where you live or how you live, Mother Nature does not discriminate when it comes to humans - everyone faces something at some time to be challenged in a similar context. 

That is the whole point… dealing with the unexpected.  We do not often talk about ‘the unexpected’ but rather we go with the flow of what life IS or IS NOT.  

For those living in status quo land … it may seem like nothing is happening until ….  BOOM… suddenly something shifts, changes, energy moves about and you are left with the idea that exactly one week ago, things were different.

Change is all around us, every single day.  Whether or not you subscribe to the idea that you are changing every day, eventually you will trust that you do!

From your energy levels, sleep patterns, cell system, hair follicles, skin, even the way you breathe depending on where you are, the conditions and environment you face daily and your activity, diet, and hydration levels. 

This is physical change, as you know it. 

Your mental and emotional changes evolve, too.  As you well know, your mind and your heart are not immune to change.  How you react, process, make choices, adapt, learn, adjust, relate, engage, challenge, create, concentrate and focus, respond, think, feel, construct, problem-solve, and apply yourself in all you do is never exactly the same each day. 

Most of the time, humans process ‘the idea’ of change when major change occurs to disrupt the status quo of what I call ‘the habitual ritual’ of routine.  Those who are attached to the ‘familiar’ and invest in it as a creature comfort zone are usually the most disrupted, and often annoyed or feel inconvenienced from change.

Those who are more free-spirited and less attached to same old complacency dive more freely into change with ease, shifting gears between the familiar and unfamiliar.

The only time both groups are seriously challenged is when the change is catastrophic, tragic, and trauma-related or life upheaval altering in the state where the unconscious mind and subconscious mind are rattled to the point of fragmented states with the conscious mind.

This is usually where most humans struggle with change trying to ‘make sense’ of it or deal with it in a compartmentalized way to process, understand and come to terms with change as a whole and what it means for the unknown. 

How we deal with change actually changes us.  Think about that for a moment.

If you reflect back upon the first time you had to deal with change to present day, you will be able to understand the process of progress and your own coping capabilities within handling change. 

When I think back to my first fire evacuation, El Nino, the ’94 quakes, and so forth as an example, I can LINK together the process of progress in growth in reaction vs. action. 

At some point, you tell yourself you can only be as prepared as you can be and you remain cautiously optimistic to hope for the best as you ride out whatever the situation is and deal with what is left to deal with and tend to in your handling of each situation.

The same is said for life and death events and other losses along your life chain – You learn to appreciate what remains that you get to ‘keep’ within your psyche and soul, and your being.  

The jewels within the experiences are those we keep - all the positivity which comes from it, the strength earn because of it, and the gratitude in our hearts we take with every breath from it!

From here you get to apply it to ‘your becoming’ as you transform and understand things in a way where you comprehend that there is a bigger picture and events in your life are a catalyst for change, so you can transform and evolve.  

Growth and evolution are born from both small and large changes magnified ten-fold.

Who we are in the process as we deal with change is what build our character and our strength from within.   

We are challenged to rise or fall.  However, sometimes ‘falling’ is not a bad thing either.

Like autumn leaves, sometimes what needs to fall away – even if it is old versions of how we would have reacted or dealt with our hand, can be transformational. 

We no longer need behaviors, which do not serve us.  This is particularly true if it involves behavior, which incorporates useless thoughts that are counterproductive to the situation. 

If we were to take this concept and apply it to whatever that is familiar, that is falling away in our lives, and choose to let go, we will also see that what no longer has a place can be an opportunity to embrace something that can assist in upward spiraling growth.  

It is here we see CHANGE is for purpose.  What we get to keep from every change we experience, endure and escalate our being into becoming more aware, we get to see what we are made of in every challenge.  Change challenges us or change can defeat us.  What we choose to allow change to do is up to us.  

How we give permission to let it define us is also up to us.  If we take the positive aspects of every challenge as change meets us, we will see that sometimes, while it may not feel like it in that exact moment, there will be a light that will shine brightly to help us see where change can create something meaningful for us to do and how it shapes us to be.

With that, let us go back to the very elementary Change 101 lesson, courtesy of The Brady Bunch.  When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange, who you are and what you're gonna be.  Sha na na na na na na na na….”