Tuesday, October 10, 2017


You are a complex person.  You have many layers to who you are.  

What is the best part?  There is a reason for your being you – beyond a life purpose, beyond your connection to all those around you… and yes, even beyond your goals, dreams and aspirations.

You are not here on this planet to just “do” things on your ‘to do list.’  You are here beyond the idea of doing a job, clocking in, selling stuff, sharing ideas, thoughts, and feelings and YES, you are here beyond the passion or purpose of your life’s meaning.

You are also here for more than just being here for family, friends and loved ones.   

You are here for more than changing the world and the planet and you are here for more than just achieving things or having a career or even just here to have experiences, adventures and fun– rather you have another reason for taking up space, breathing air and yes, being here. 

We do not often talk about the other “reasons.”  

WHY?  I will let you answer that question as to ‘why’ we do not talk about it.  Why don’t we talk about it?  

Rather, the “WHY” that I often hear daily from clients, colleagues, family, and friends has absolutely nothing to do with the context of not talking about it.  No one wants ‘to talk about it’ … the WHY that has to do with being here in the greater, bigger picture context of things.

However, I will tell you that I get SO MANY questions about the “WHY” in doing what I do as a coach from individuals asking about themselves as to WHY they are here… specifically looking for an answer beyond the question.  

Oh yes, everyone is also looking for an answer beyond the answer that is given.  

Usually people want to know the “WHY” as in individual life purpose as it relates to a job, career, or meaningful work – and it stops there in terms of their interest for having that question answered.

My question is WHY does it have to stop there?
Can anyone tell me THAT?    

The thing you keep hearing me bring up repeatedly called raison d'être (reason for being) has a deeper level of meaning added to your life than you realize. 

You could just simply be taking on your day, paying no mind to how you show up – but even your daily actions, choices, and decisions have impact whether you realize it or not.

THIS my friend is part of the WHY… part of the reason for being. 

As you pull back from your life and look at it from above to SEE, you will see that you are more than a ‘place holder’ or a ‘chess piece’ in the bigger picture of collective consciousness, you are more than just energy, you are more than just soul residing in a flesh puppet on Planet Earth. 

Humans like to logically understand WHY and have it put in digestible and tangible form in order to comprehend the meaning of life.

However, what if I were to tell you that if you have true self-acceptance (from a real place that the soul knows), you don’t have to understand what it is you don’t understand – rather… you will already arrive at the comprehension level of ‘knowing’ your WHY beyond tangible reason?

Our concept of existing applies to our soul work.  Our concept of living applies to the human work our souls must do within our human context to be here, however, most get this reversed and therefore the question returns to WHY so the human can compartmentalize it to be at peace with it.

What if… we allowed both the human and soul to choose being peaceful with the idea that what is, simply IS?  

This is frustrating for your human as part of this is human control… and if you are human, you get this part and it is probably where you sit. 

When we let go and surrender to the idea of trust and begin to sit in the pocket of self-acceptance with our place in the Universe as more than just a concept or a position, which exists beyond ‘labeling’ – we can find peace in this reason for being and know WHY we’re here is for something greater.  

When our humans can begin THIS level of soul acceptance, we can see things beyond the beyond… in the human sphere of just human self-acceptance, and it is here we find true peace. We are here... and that is a beautiful thing.