Monday, October 9, 2017


Toward the end of every year, humans begin thinking about life 365 days ago.

Whether or not you choose to do this on your own, commercials airing at this time of year will start to show reflective and sentimental campaigns to get you ready for the holidays and New Year.  News media will start to do recap news stories of all of the ‘big stories’ and the weather will begin to shift and change as will the clock falling back.

So here you are…  

Take a deep breath.  Now is the time for a bit of reflection… there is a lot going on. 

Busy humans who multitask tend to hit this funky place right about now, when the brain, heart and soul consciousness collide, while trying to remain functioning on all cylinders.  

At times, you may feel like hibernating from the crash-n-burnout of this energy.  Other times you want to leave no stone unturned and kick it into high gear through the end of the year knowing you did everything you could before the New Year hits.  

This is a push-pull with your actions and yes, it is NORMAL, as you try to find the key to balance and not stress out. 

Beneath the surface of how you show up in the world, when you open up your mind to honor your TRUTH, you will see that you have your own ideas about what you want in your life.

During time of reflection, regrouping, and reorganizing - it is the ideal time to find your grounding in your being to see…

  • ·         You are changing through your experiences - and at times, it is exhausting.

  • ·         Your ideas are transforming about what matters.  This in turn creates a series of changes with the kind of life you want, and energy you want in your environment.

  • ·         You seek more peace.

  • ·         The mental, emotional, and spiritual triggers you have now open your eyes, mind, and heart at every turn with more awareness.  While you know this is a good thing, at times it is overwhelming to juggle and manage as you plow through your busy life.

  • ·  You may think you are open-minded – however, there is still some room for growth because you are tough on yourself when it comes to setting parameters you live within realizing your own vision.

  • ·  You sometimes have slight doubts as you climb each summit, even though you know you want to continue to rise and grow.

  • ·  Your idea of personal paradise resides in your heart… but what was once familiar in how you define ‘paradise’ has also changed with prioritization.

Does the picture at the top of this blog say it all?  You are human after all.  What a relief, right?

Yeah, I know… some days it is not so easy, but rest assured, you are right on schedule for feeling a bit fragmented.  It has been one heck of a year.  

What you can do right now is rest in the idea that you need to go through this process. Think of it like getting your air filters changed, it is something that has to be done. 

Once you relax and put all of this reflection into this compartment, you will have an easier time to navigate the deep waters of your mind, heart, and soul, as you float through your reflective terrain. 

The key is to remember to breathe through it as you discover new depths of your own change and embrace your ‘new’ self you may not recognize who is very different from this time last year.

When one has done a monumental amount of ‘inside work’ to transform their changes, it is not always evident or apparent to your outside world.  

Do not worry, it is temporary, and what I call the ‘limbo’ period of your journey navigation. 

Why not dance in it? 

Rather than ‘fight’ the tide that exists in the human sphere,(I know... your human wants what it wants... I get it) consider your internal work to be part of your treasure you reserve for your soul to bathe in for a bit as you make choices today for your future human. 

This is your necessary time to get clear on what your heart, mind and soul, want now as you embrace the changes you have just gone through. 

With the fires you have put out, the obstacles you have overcome, the purging you have done with energy, which no longer serves you, you have the opportunity to the new territory shift your perception with clarity as you swim in new waters of your own growth and evolution.

Take time to write out your newly regrouped thoughts, feelings, ideas and plans so you can see them with your own eyes and empty your brain from tossing this stuff back and forth. 

Notice that despite the depths you are now navigating, there is always light above and it calls to you to remind you that optimism, hope, faith, trust, and belief are yours.  Once you see what you are looking at in your mind's eye, you can begin to work with it in a positive light, rather than look at it as overwhelming confusion.

Keeping an open mind is necessary to allow your creative energy to flow so new energy can find its way to merge with change.  

Take time for your environment to catch up with where you are as you manage your self-care. Trust that when it does, the flow will return, as it needs in order to usher in the right spirit of quality energy your human and soul require on your pathway.