Sunday, October 29, 2017


Déjà vu in French means, “already seen.” 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s Definition of déjà vu:

1 a :the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time
b :a feeling that one has seen or heard something before

Have you experienced déjà vu?   

For those of you who have ever ‘felt’ strangely familiar with an unfamiliar scene in your life more than once or twice, you may understand what it is like to experience déjà vu.

However, if you have experienced this ten or more times, you may have concluded there are reasons for having the experience beyond the experience itself. 

Psychologists, therapists, and neuroscientists have referred to this as ‘source memory’ or cryptomnesia.
Some philosophers, astrophysicists, and metaphysical healers who have looked into the cosmos, believe this is a form of ‘time travel.’

Hypnotists, and many Eastern spiritualists believe in past life soul contracts repeating in lifetimes.
Most people may look at déjà vu as coincidences.

Others who understand it’s not just a coincidence, may describe these scenarios as ‘surreal events.’ 

If the event is dream-like, these surreal events can be ethereal. 

If they are haunting, some may think it is a karmic debt event. 

Some mediums and empaths believe in all of the above as a cohesive combination for one giant recipe of Universal life lessons put in a Vitamix of cosmic proportions depending on what is happening.

Where do you stand on all of the above?  

Perhaps it all depends on how many times you’ve actually experienced déjà vu, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as, it does vary for everyone.  It also depends on how many times these ‘flashes’ have happened and the level at which YOU are plugged into the energies of The Universe.

What if I were to tell you that regardless of how you choose to categorize déjà vu, that it can actually be an alliance tool for you to use in your life? 

What?  YES. 

It’s not something to be freaked out about, but rather tap into your gifts (yes, everyone has them to some degree) that you have to follow your own vibration of inner guidance.  

My job as a life coach is to bring your mind-body awareness to the key fact that if it is happening, it is designed to help you understand there are reasons you are experiencing déjà vu. 

The big question is, “Why have you returned here?”
How can we use this to help you along your journey RIGHT NOW?

Similar to ‘life lessons’ delivered by The Universe, when we don’t get lessons the first time, things come back around again to tap you on the shoulder to nudge you to become aware of what messages are being sent your way. 

When you experience déjà vu, sometimes the familiarity in a new situation can symbolize old energy and new energy merging, with the ‘wake-up call’ to get your attention. As this happens, you may simply just hold your breath at that very instant to try to digest what is going on or not actually happening as movement in your own journey.

Yes, this is a good move!  Be present to pay attention to SEE what is happening.

Also be aware of what you are resonating:

If you are being brought back to an old place repeatedly, perhaps there are loose ends of emotional baggage you need to address and confront in your mind, in order to ‘let it go.’ 

Sometimes déjà vu transport can also mean that you are returning to familiar ground to comfort other disturbances going on around you, and this ‘familiar place’ is where you re-center and stabilize to find clarity.

Another potential purpose is for you to create NEW energy. If you have specific desired results you’d like to manifest (which are not happening), but keep ‘returning’ to the old familiar energy, you could be asked to try something different for a different result in order to avoid returning to the same place. 

There is another purpose for déjà vu… you could be seeing your own life purpose within the flash back. If you are a believer of past soul contracts of unfinished business, déjà vu could be reminding you of what needs to be corrected in this lifetime to clear this from your pathway.

Regardless, déjà vu is purposeful for reflection for action for your highest good.

If you are self-aware, you may understand the logistics and sequence enough to know you are being shown a direction or a matter requiring your cognizant awareness where you need to process the event to take an appropriate sense-making response.

If you get stuck in the crossroads of your experience, you may either blow off the event as something ‘weird’ or choose to not understand it… that is until it comes back around in your world again. 

Premonitions take on a new kind of energy.

But are they related to the same thing?  

Because I happen to be of the Vitamix mindset when it comes to all of the above, because I’ve seen things that cannot be unseen, and have experienced things that will take fifty plus blogs to actually get into to explain – I say YES.  I’ve tried to “humanize” most of this in pedestrian utilitarian language through my blogs in August and September of this year, that cannot begin to scratch the surface of explaining why Linkronicity – Where Your Journey & Destiny Link exists in a unique way that expands beyond my intuitive empath lightworker abilities. 
For that reason alone (plus there are not enough words in Merriam-Webster), déjà vu is merely a blip of a description and premonition is related – however, not in the context you may think.

Our destiny is evolving every second, this is why it is not necessarily a destination, but merely a fusion within your own journey as it is happening. So if life events are happening for you to LINK back to in order to make sense of your journey, couldn’t we agree to say The Universe gave you a sampling of a premonition for your life purpose, leading you toward your destiny? 

Hmm… perhaps the premonition and déjà vu have a three hundred sixty degree effect within your life for you to understand your life as it is happening right now. 

From here it is leading you back to the core of why you are here so you can stop being dizzy with a direct road, but rather a circular motion to send you in momentum into the stratosphere of your life’s bigger picture! 

Will it go round in circles or will it fly high like a bird up in the sky to take you to new heights?  The choice is if you apply déjà vu in a productive way for you to get the most out of living your life.