Friday, March 2, 2018


Are you a worrier?  What do YOU worry about?  Is there a list of certain things?  Do you worry about everything?  WHY?  Do you even know why? 

While I have talked a great deal (!) about worrying being a non-productive emotion, make no mistake that I do understand that worrying is naturally linked to the root of CARING.
Caring is not a bad thing. 

It is a fabulous thing and it is beautiful.

However, when we care to the point we stress ourselves out, make ourselves sick, raise our blood pressure, create heart palpitations, and develop anxiety, it is NOT a good thing for us physically, mentally or emotionally.  This can lead to all kinds of funky autoimmunity, back pain, neck pain, migraine headaches and digestive issues.

It CAN wreak havoc on your health, well-being, and total wellness.  It can and will create unhealthy default positions in your thinking memory bank and it can also be a trigger button in your life when things pop up initiating a floodgate of other health issues. 

Sorry, I’m not trying to give you more to worry about… but rather help give you motivation to REMOVE your worry link because …  

  1.  You don’t need it  
  2. Worrying has yet more of a domino effect on your well-being

Still not enough for you?  It should be. All of the above is enough to derail your health.

Okay, so let me appeal to your vanity…Let us talk also talk skin. 

Did you know that most skin issues are somehow related back to the root cause of worrying?  I am not just talking rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, aging and wrinkles – but everything that you are worrying about on the inside shows up on the outside.

YES, it is true.  It is why acupuncture fully aligned with a healthy diet and meditation can indeed CHANGE your skin from the inside out in addition to whatever it is you are doing as your skin care routine along with other mind-body-soul connective LINKS to your balanced wellness. 

First, from a very elementary place, let us talk about HOW to help the WORRY LINK dissipate.  I received a question about if a ‘worry link can be removed’ and I did this video to address his question about the WORRY LINK:

Okay, so being PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE is a good start to tackle your worrying.  That is a start, right?  

How can you reinforce in your mind-body ways to continue to remove elements of worrying and get a total grip to manage your worrying? 

You need to understand some other root cause links which are part of the rollercoaster ride of worrying. 

What are all of the LINKS connected to worrying?

Going with the flow is a tough thing for most people to do.  Nevertheless, this can also help you get a stronger footing on your typical worrywart pathway.


Okay… now, let us talk about HOW you can further understand worrying in the context of everyday life. 

Worrying because you care is natural.  

As I stated before it is a human thing and yes, it is a reality.  When you care about loved ones, care about causes, care about what it is you are passionate about and the things which matter most to you, WORRY naturally steps into your world at some point.

However, if we break apart the idea of worrying further, we can SEE something beyond the sum of its many parts listed above. 

Worrying is attached to our own attachment in how we DEFINE worry.

What?  YES. Can we detach from our attachment?  YES... but not the way you think.

NO, the answer is not being detached and not caring. BUT... you can detach another way.


Though there is a way to compartmentalize PRODUCTIVE energy in terms of how we process worry.  

So for instance, worrying about things that have not happened yet is pointless, right?
One of the very best quotes I have ever heard in my life about worrying comes from Michael J. Fox:

“Don’t spend a lot of time imagining the worst-case scenario.  It rarely goes down as you imagine it will, and if by some fluke it does, you will have lived it twice.”  Michael J. Fox

How brilliant is THAT quote?  He is right.  Thus, we are expending unnecessary energy in this area and we do not need to do that to ourselves. 

So how can we look at worry? 

Here is the solution….  Look at worrying as an opportunity to DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE with the same energy.  

That same energy will feed and fuel your psyche and soul to put you in a healthier place.
Make a pact with yourself…to look at worry as an increment of energy.

When you think about worry in energy increments, you can make a change because it is something you don’t want to waste. 

Depleting energy, makes you tired. So if you do not want to feel 'tired all of the time' - you can mentally compartmentalize worry as wasted energy, creating fatigue.

By labeling it this way in your 'mind's eye' you can manage it better. 

You will be amazed at how your life changes, shifts, and turns around.

Humans like to simmer in what is familiar and when you make the familiar place a positive one instead of a negative one, you can navigate your behavioral shifts with greater ease.