Thursday, September 1, 2016


As the days and months pass and as the seasons change and time goes by change happens.

Change isn’t just a seasonal thing, it’s an everyday event.

Sometimes a day can change your plans.

Other days, a day can change your life.

There are some periods of time, where it seems that nothing is happening at all.  But it is the time of steadiness, we often forget that while we are sitting in stillness, change is still happening.

Every moment we experience something new or different, or even something the same – we are altering our own LINKRONCITY by participating, even just by showing up.

LINKS of change occur as a part of our being. For every blink of your eyes and for every breath, you are not in the exact same place as you were ten minutes ago. 

Whether you have a conversation, see or hear something different or the temperature changes outside – this ‘LINK of change’ is part of your journey.

What we often miss in our ‘busyness’ is that these little things that make up our life existence often play a role in someone else’s life existence.

You may often dismiss the fact your everyday events have an impact.  But rest assured, they do.

  • A kind word can be a positive LINK of change for a stranger.

  • An angry word can be a negative LINK of change for a loved one.

  • A gentle smile can be a positive LINK of change for everyone you meet.

  • A scowl or frown can be a negative LINK of change in a room of happy people.

  • A generous, thoughtful act or question can be a positive LINK of change toward empowerment.

  • A selfish thoughtless act can be a negative LINK of change for disconnection.

  • A moment of laughter can be a positive LINK of change for a group of weary people.

Are you getting the picture to the bigger LINKS which are part of your life? 

Being FULLY AWARE of how ONE singular act can LINK change positively or negatively, depending on what you choose - is a great responsibility. 

It is in these singular moments, a LINK of change happens. For each one that occurs, more change can transfer in a ripple.

This alone is the difference between a good day and a bad day, a breezy versus a challenging moment.  

Humans are busy people. Sometimes while being in a hurried frenzy or rush, you may not realize that one tiny event can be a LINK of change for better or a LINK of change for negative energy or impact. 

We all have the power to create little or big changes from a single moment.  Accumulation of these changes can sustain or break – both energy and people, environment and everyday existence and co-existence in our lives.

You may not think about these things until change happens within your realm or to you.

But think about how you feel when a kind word or an angry word crosses your pathway.  

How you choose to react or respond to either is also a LINK of change. 

When you are waiting in line for ______ (fill in the blank) – at that moment you can either be frustrated with the line being so long, or you can take a moment to marvel at how patient everyone is around you to be standing in line with you.

This one LINK of change in your own observance, reaction, thought, response, or feeling is actually creating change around you and within you! 

You can transform how you process little events like this in your own daily life and begin to create a smoother and more peaceful way of navigating your life in each moment. 

Think about that for a second. 

You can eliminate frustration and peace from this one tweaking of your thinking/feeling/reacting LINK.  You can reduce your stress level, blood pressure, change your health, and have one less reason to induce a headache or hardship in your emotional psyche.

Now think about how this can translate to your friendships and relationships, your work, school, your own neighborhood or community – suddenly, your LINK of change has changed other people’s LINKS of perspective. 

If this happened each day, your ratio of good days vs. bad days has now experienced such a huge LINK of change, from the tiniest thought or act seed that has blossomed into a larger picture for your life and along your own journey. 

So as a new month, season, week or day begins – know that you possess the possibility of changing your own LINKS for your daily life and can impact a power LINK of change for the better for others, too.