Thursday, March 15, 2018


So you think you have this whole wellness thing down, eh?

You eat healthy.  You exercise.  You even meditate. You get enough hydration and rest.

You wash your hands.  You may be a germophobe.  However, do you still get a cold/flu? 

Have you wondered WHY this is, even if you are extremely careful? 

While we are all conscious of our human getting the total exhaustion run-down and yes, we even are so on top of things we are in tune with pushing it or burning the candle at both ends and LISTEN, sometimes that is not enough.  First, let us check out my video first addressing the basic question of health and wellness from one of my self-proclaimed 
germophobe followers:

Now…  I am doing this blog so I can break this down even further to share a bit more detail on how to resolve this LINK connected to wellness.  

First, if you are doing all of the above, let me ask you these questions: 

  • Are you FRUSTRATED?
  • Are you WORRIED?
  • Are you ANXIOUS?


Did you know THIS be the culprit of your getting sick all the time?

What?  YES.  Hang on… let me get to this. 

It starts with one little thing, if you are not being TRUE TO YOURSELF. 

Humans PROCRASTINATE on getting this done on a daily basis.  You put off having a conversation you need to have, or resolving a conflict or problem that needs to be handled.  Maybe you have lots of things piling up that you have put off getting to because you're 'too busy' - even if you pride yourself on being the healthy person who does everything right.

Inside of your heart, maybe you wanted to speak up or say something… maybe someone said something to you and it is bothering you because it is not sitting well.

Maybe you are kicking yourself for something you wish you had done differently, even if you think you've 'moved on.'  

If you HOLD IT INSIDE and let it, FESTER….  You are breaking down your immune system little by little.  Your quality of sleep (key word here, QUALITY) can be affected… and your blood pressure can rise, causing you to not be 100%. 

Fight or flight.  Your body knows and this is the response it goes to, to help you…. but at some point, you have to release it.

This is “internal anxiety” you may be holding onto in your mind can build.  When you “logically” make peace with it, this is NOT the total picture.  We humans can rationalize, justify, and try to convince ourselves of many things, however if it is not true to what the heart/gut knows, the body WILL REBEL.

Did you know if you have not released it from your HEART over time that this ‘rebellion’ can and will manifest disease within? 

You have heard of the phrase “Walk your talk.” 

Well, your mouth can SAY one thing, because your brain has told you “you’re fine."  
You say this 100 times a day to the question "How are you?"  "I'm fine..." you say, even if you are not.  

If your heart does not match and you have not aligned your mind and your heart truths, it will nag at you and nag at you from the inside.

What builds up?  Resentment or anger, fear, worry, and REGRET because you did not choose to be true to honoring what was not quite resonating with your well-being. Maybe you were trying to be “nice” or “accommodating” or too much of a team player or NOT rock the boat… to the point where it is a detriment to your own health.

Take a deeper look.  You will see this is true. 

Around some of the busiest times of the year, we push ourselves and push ourselves – we have a hard time saying NO to social invitations, which seem to pile up one after the other and we wear ourselves down, right?

When you say YES to everything, sometimes you may also put yourself in a situation where you compromise your time management, your stress management, your self-care or something else, even if you are doing all of the healthy things you think you need to be doing.

When we do this, we cannot LISTEN as effectively to our bodies to SLOW DOWN or STOP….so our bodies shut down for us to MAKE US REST to GET WELL when we humans get stubborn.

What can happen when you are too obsessive about your health is the same thing can happen, too.  You get paranoid and “overdo” something to the point you are internally exhausted, MISSING the CUES to speak up or stand up or SAY or DO what you need to do to be healthy.

Your mind rationalizes “Well, I’m doing everything right”….but if you tap into your heart and stop to listen to it, you will see that maybe you are missing that mind-heart link connection.  

Breathe.  You can get back on track.  We cannot ignore our mind-heart connection when it comes to our health.  This is why it is called mind, body, soul, and spirit health well-being.
YES… even when it comes to the common cold and flu.  

We as a society focus on the 'quick fix” syndrome of what we think we need to do to FIX or RESOLVE something in the interim.  

Nevertheless, even the best intention with exercising every day or eating right CANNOT SOLVE ALL.  The mind and the heart are POWERFUL TOOLS when it comes to WELLNESS.  We cannot ignore ONE vital LINK that seems to be overlooked and missed more often than not, because everyone seems to be fixated on the standard quick fixes, when it is not necessarily a FIX ALL, BE ALL SOLUTION.

So… if you are getting sick often even though you are doing what seems to be “all the right things” – check in with yourself in your mind and heart.  Ask yourself if you are holding onto something like something unsaid, a grudge or perhaps even a fear or paranoia that is actually causing unrest and making you feel less at ease than you should.  Maybe you agreed with something you shouldn’t have or are kicking yourself for a decision you made that you want to change, but haven’t done it yet.

I see you nodding… it is very common.  Many of us do not like to disappoint and agree to things to the point of overextending ourselves emotionally, or mentally which then can take its toll physically, later on. 

We can change the behavior of these actions with a simple tweak by slowing down enough to ask ourselves key questions.

Humans would rather be quiet more often than their hearts, minds or voices need to be because we like to keep the peace.  But if the peace inside you is “compromised” because your truth wants or needs to let something go, then it is time to let that go so you can get to your place of optimum health for your total well-being.  It is here we have a solid foundation to springboard from so the rest of our healthy diligence can take root and grow to maximize our healthy lifestyle from the inside out.