Sunday, March 25, 2018


THANK YOU, Lovely Souls.  It is with deep gratitude I say these two words for allowing me into your frontal lobe cortex, and parietal lobe of your brain.

While this may sound super freaky geeky, my gushy Zen heart is truly grateful for the privilege to share this personal space of tapping into your psyche, and problem-solving arena.  The fact we can share this sacred blogosphere space is something I do not take for granted.  It is my pleasure to assist you in resolving your internal conflicts so that you can get the most out of enjoying your life here.

Today, I have much to share after conducting a private life-coaching workshop for some clients.  I had asked them what they wanted to see in my next blog and while many thoughts were tossed around, there was a glaring one, which I feel compelled to write.

“Being enough” seems to be a common topic that pops frequently in the vast stretch between business and personal life crossover.  Therefore, it is time to address it.

Let us start with YOU.  You are complex.  You have a busy life, which pulls you into so many areas of being the ‘perfect’ __________ (daughter, son, sibling, parent, neighbor, co-worker/colleague, friend, etc.)

In the most basic, fundamental place of being YOU… sometimes, you may not feel like you are doing a good job with all of the many hats you wear. 

Sometimes you have too many hats to wear at times when life throws you curveballs of having everything happen in one short span of time.  It is here there seems like there is not “enough of you” to go around.

Other times you may hear crickets, not quite in demand and then your analytical mind will tug and have you question, “Am I doing enough?”…  “Am I being enough?” or simply “Am I enough?”  This may be when your self-evaluation creates doubt or triggers overcompensation of your efforts to fill in some sort of perceived void. 

  • For the students who keep going beyond the grade, the extra credit, the extracurricular…  

  • For the workaholics who keep burning the midnight oil or the candle at both ends, while sacrificing sleep, social time, or ‘me time’ …  

  • For the families who ‘keep putting off’ the reunion, the vacation, the _________...

  • For the philanthropists and humanitarians to work tirelessly leap frogging charity to charity…  

  • For the ones who have a mission, goal, life purpose, dream, and bucket list …

“Being enough” … is a commonplace for humans to continuously navigate day-to-day, in one life area or all of the above and for the soul to contemplate and search endlessly. 

Perhaps this is why it came up so frequently (though in a blend of varied contexts) when I asked my workshop group what they wanted to see here in this space.  

So let me ask you….  WHERE DO YOU fall in this “being enough,” equation? 

What do you question, and more importantly – HOW do you answer?  What terms have you come to with yourself and how do you compartmentalize this place of being enough? 

What we need to understand about the human brain, is that our thought processes vary depending on how we are feeling the most fulfilled, the most accomplished and the most satisfied.

Clinically, we can look at the brain.  Here is how this is broken apart:

  • Our frontal lobe will try to problem-solve our way through the idea of ‘being enough’ and make a decision as to if this is so.
  •   The parietal lobe is where we hold perception – which of course can change if we open ourselves up to how we see ‘being enough.’

  •  Our temporal lobe holds memory and controls our vision, our hearing, speech, and …emotion with regard to being enough.

  •  The temporal lobe is what we sometimes try to wrestle with because of our “environment.”  If we hear and feel “being enough” ….  Well, isn’t  - this can create a bit of a war with the rest of how you deal with the very idea of understanding (thinking/feeling) if your ‘enough’ is just that. 

Emotionally, here is where you may struggle with commitments, obligations, your boundaries, your terms, your own logic of what that means, including your own questioning of the subject, and how you process what “enough” really means.

Take a deep breath, Lovely Souls.  I know it is a lot at times for you to be you.  It is not an easy task to juggle all of the pieces of who you are, what you seek, how you want to show up, and how you navigate the space of ‘being enough’ to everyone, and yourself. 

Defining ‘being enough’ is a tough job.  However, it is your responsibility to be comfortable with what that means for you, because IT IS YOUR LIFE.  

No two people may agree on exactly the same definition of it, based on who they are and how they apply meaning and mattering in the context of that idea. 

For those of you who deal with self-worth and self-esteem issues, I want to comfort you in saying “you are enough as you are.”  How you decide to ‘own that,’ is something you need to proactively choose for yourself and not really for anyone else to say.  

Remember that your own uniqueness continues to fuel your pathway, your life, your choices, and your well-being.  No one should be granted the permission to tear you down.  Trust that ‘being enough,’ is enough to combat that energy - and YOU HAVE THIS ALREADY. 

It is here we can celebrate all that you are as is, and propel your ‘being’ onward and upward into uplifting energy to sustain what ‘enough’ means to you, your psyche and your soul in a positive life-affirming light.

Moreover, that… can be ‘enough’ to help you see just how being who you are is enough.

Blessings to you!