Tuesday, February 27, 2018


So… is this what you are looking for?  

Are you nodding?  Do not worry; your secret is safe with me… even though it is not really a secret.

Did you know that everyone else who has landed right here is also looking for the same thing?

Take comfort in that, smile, treat yourself to something delicious and take a deep breath because today, you are on the pathway to understanding what life is all about.

What?  YES, it is true.

How can that be?

You ask the question, well knowing your life has been on this quest.

This quest has kept you up many nights, hasn’t it?

Sometimes, you have had to make the conscious decision to not be so deep, because you know you will agonize in your search for the answers, analyze life for the meaning all to figure out what the real answer is to the question.

Sometimes you try to distract yourself… you get busy, at times too busy with an overloaded super-uber-packed schedule to avoid having ample time to think about the answer to the question.

Other times you distract yourself with silly nonsense, lighter stuff, entertainment and whittle your time away so that you do not have to think about the quest.

Then there are early mornings, late nights or stormy days or an even a longer than normal waiting window for the cable technician or doctor or delayed airline connection where the Universe provides time where there is nothing to do but think about your quest once again.
Let me ask you… what is it that you think you will find? 

How will you know when your quest is over? 

Where do you think you will find the answer? 

Have you thought about it? 

Do you think that there will be some magic confetti and fanfare for when this moment arrives?  

Humans take on this quest believing that this ‘scavenger hunt’ of life is something they will find, something they will SEE.

However, the truth is the meaning of life is something you do not just see, you KNOW.
In other words, the meaning is something which is “realized” and “actualized” in the self-discovery process of understanding what matters to you in your mind, your heart, your soul, and in the core of your being.  

When you get here, the search is both over and it has just begun simultaneously. 

While this may seem strange at first, you begin to understand that the meaning expands into your taking steps on the pathway to be authentic, and expand more than just a mere shell of yourself.

It is here you then realize you have been searching ‘out there’ when the real journey is in the inside, ‘in here’ where instead you have gone on this quest.

If you take a deep breath and STOP spinning for just a second, you will see as you read all of the above, THIS is what you have made your life to be and because this matters to you, the quest itself becomes the definition, because the journey is here and now, and so is the destination.

So let me ask you this now… what is your answer to your meaning of life?

How are you connected?  

What is the LINK within you that defines and sums it all up for you? 

Where do you discover the best parts of life?

When do you see it, or better… feel it? 

Do you trust in it?  Do you have faith in it?  Or do you merely have daily hope for it? 

Whatever your answer is, this is how you LINK to it… otherwise you would not be able to answer the question.  Thus, it goes back to what I have pointed out above, YOU KNOW. 

What you choose to do with what you know within is how you create the journey that has meaning. When you adhere to the meaning of what matters, it is here you will find all of your answers.  If things have meaning to you beyond the ideas themselves, it’s something you keep within you and carry with your human so that your soul can see much more than what is on the surface of what seems important.

When this happens, you soon realize that the daily quest is not about searching anymore to find the meaning of life, but to redefine it and refine it at the same time in discovery and rediscovery. This is what makes up the pathway of your human existence to carry out what it is your soul already knows, which intrinsically means application of what it knows to be true for you in your definition. 

Your character and your values matter in the big picture of who you are, how you show up, how you choose to create your meaning of life. 

Not everyone’s are the same for reason and purpose, because sometimes the quest itself is about overcoming obstacles in order to discover in the process.  

For those who have things intact, sometimes it is about having them tested and even shattered by perception in order for change to take place.   

For others, it is about understanding what is already there generationally, socioeconomically, and culturally, through the trials and tribulations of a family’s adversity.   

Moreover, for others it is about having it all and losing it all or having nothing and gaining wisdom or facing odds and not giving up. 

And yes, for others still, there is a much bigger picture of community, humanity which resides in the meaning of what matters most. Each human has a way to connect this particular LINK to all of the above, and know that every action matters no matter who you are and what you apply to your own meaning.  It all matters when it has the potential to change who you are and change another's life for the better.

This journey we call life has its own meaning for each of us.  What your LINK is in definition to your own meaning is as unique as you are.  When we see the common ground patterns of your journey it is here, you have ultimately discovered your destiny. 

Linkronicity- Where Your Journey & Destiny Link