Thursday, March 22, 2018


Everyone is a critic.  The world is filled with them.  I have a question for you…

Are you one of them?

Did you not your head, YES?   

You should, because even if you have worked very hard at not being critical of others, “live and let live,”  “be and let be,” and you have done all of your wonderful footwork at being loving, giving, kind, respectful, and spiritual – you may have ignored one LINK of judgment.
What am I talking about?  The LINK of judgment you have toward yourself.

YOU are your own worst critic, probably more critical of yourself than you could ever find anywhere else.

Do any of these look familiar to you? 

  • ·         Self-deprecating humor
  • ·         Calling yourself “dumb” or “stupid”
  • ·         Floundering in a pool of self-doubt
  • ·         Nit-pick your flaws
  • ·         Kick yourself for past mistakes and regrets
  • ·         Perfectionistic tendencies
  • ·         Overcompensation to your own detriment
  • ·         Self-sabotage because you over-judge yourself.

Aren’t your own judgmental statements a mirror reflection for what you really feel about yourself internally? 

If none of these look glaring to you… could it be that you are too busy judging others to notice your own self-judgment or are you in denial?

Have you forgotten the loving gestures and sentiments you have received to self-apply?

Worse, have you forgotten the loving gestures and sentiments you can pay forward or are you too numb to even recognize you have the power to do this? 

If you have complained about anything or anyone in the last hour, day, or week... then you are still somehow sitting in judgment mode in some capacity.

While it is 'human' to have occasional gripes, it is important for humans to examine the core of where all "repetitive gripes" come from (particularly if they are in an endless loop). 

  • Inability to cope/deal or dissect a problem to find a solution
  • Frustration from only seeing things from one's own perception
  • Lack of trust in possibility and opportunity for change (by one's own initiative)
  • Fear of what is comfortable and known vs. taking the risk to change 
This usually applies when someone complains about their environment, their health, family, friends and co-workers.

Yet all of these things can be solved and have solutions for resolving conflict and change and would be better served without incessant judgment, and instead have the replacement of action and proactive efforts to create and initiate change. 

If you have judgment in your life, toward either yourself or others – you are bound to be entangled in a web of self-destruction rather than positive reinforcement construction.

If left untreated over time, self-judgment can be psychologically life crippling where you are unable to make decisions for yourself.   

Fear of judgment becomes the threat, paralyzing you from doing things because you are afraid to be judged by the very people you were judging.

Think about this for a moment, and you will begin to understand how this LINKS to procrastination.  

This is the difference between growing exponentially and remaining stuck.

Humans are somehow conditioned to believe there are limits within the parameters of their thinking. 

However, this is where I will show you how this belief alone can actually limit YOU from your own potential to expand and become open minded to the idea you can change your thoughts and your reality by subscribing to positivity.

When you eliminate judgment of others, this is the first step.

When you then eliminate your self-judgment, you are now daring to step into the arena of unlimited possibility for seeing how you can grow, change and then be a catalyst for change yourself… basically it is here you get out of your own way. 

So what can you do today to remove the LINK of judgment?  

One thing (more if you are so inclined)… it starts with one thing daily. 

Be aware, mindful, and conscious of your thoughts.  More so, be aware, mindful, and conscious with your actions toward others as much as you are to what you say to yourself on a daily basis.

Positive energy begins with you.  If wake up determined to have a good day and find the positivity within every day (even if it challenges you)…you can be grateful for getting through it.   

You can also look at every mini-milestone you have breaking bad habits, celebrating them bits at a time.

The more you do this; you are on your way toward eliminating cycles, which no longer serve you.  

Write something positive and tape it to the mirror where you have to look at it.  

Begin and end each day with this positive thought.  Soon you will change how you approach your day and how you conclude it with this energy transforming your own perception.

With changed perception, there is a shift in your being and no longer room for judgment to exist the more you do this.

Here you can begin living with positive vibrations to support your actions going forward and feel less burdened by the LINK of self-judgment or judgment of others.  You are now making room for better energy to serve your pure intentions to propel your energy into a positive direction.