Sunday, November 1, 2015


Thanksgiving may be a date on a calendar when people “Give Thanks,” but if you take a look at that whole idea, there’s a huge problem with it… it shouldn’t be just A DAY – it should be EVERY DAY. 

While it’s nice to at least get humans to stop and be still enough to say “Thank You” on one day in a moment, the idea that gratitude is ignored the other 364 days of the year is heinous.

Other holidays which have the same problem:

Earth Day.  Again, it shouldn’t be just one day, we should be taking care of our Earth every day.  We all live here, it’s our responsibility to do so.

Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t we show love and appreciation all year round?

Veteran’s Day. It’s nice to recognize the men and women of service on a day – but these folks have fought for our freedom on more than just a day and should be celebrated for their service all year long. 

The list goes on… 

All of these holidays and others which are placed on the conventional calendar are reminders that we need to stop to recognize them.  However, the whole spirit behind it is completely lost when the rest of the year, it seems the spirit of these occasions is somehow forgotten. We need to be conscious of the meaning of the holidays the rest of the year.

Here’s a challenge for everyone:  Take a moment and reflect beyond the holiday that is on the calendar and see if you can be thankful and have gratitude every day.  

See if you can respect our planet every day. Celebrate those who serve every day.  And show love and appreciation all year-round.

These are things to be thankful for beyond the convention of the usual list of things and way beyond the date that is on the calendar, which tells you to do so.

Our harvest and bounty is abundant. If you take a step back out of your vessel and examine the long list of things to be thankful for, I assure you that list is much longer than your wish list ever could be. If it isn’t, perhaps perspective and priorities need further examination for a healthier shift in your celebration of life and what it is really all about. 

There is never a lack of things to be thankful and grateful for.  Each and every single day you wake up with the opportunity to be here and BE YOU – you have a gift that can keep on giving beyond the season of giving by offering support, your heart, your time, your love and your openness to see the blessings in front of you.  

In turn, others are thankful for you and believe you matter – if you just stop to appreciate your gift of sharing in each moment. 

Your entire life can be transformed with this tiny shift of consciousness.  With that shift you have the ability to transform the energy around you and help others, the same way.

Isn’t that what holidays should be about?  Make every day a holiday. 

With gratitude.