Thursday, November 19, 2015


The harvest, the bounty… ABUNDANCE is within you ALL YEAR LONG.

Did you know that?  

So the question is… WHY are humans obsessed with ‘needing more?’ 

Answer:  They haven’t bothered to examine their LINKS of ABUNDANCE they already have.
It is all there.  Everything you need in your life you are seeking is already there. 

So what is it that you are seeking… REALLY?

You were born with everything you ‘need’ WITHIN.

But first, you have to look inside of yourself to see it. 

Herein lies the issue of ‘wanting’ more to fill voids as a form of trying to compensate for what you think you are seeking.  The truth is that materialism is a mask and cover-up for what's going on inside of you that you have not addressed.

Ouch.  Yes, that hurts. However, it is the root to the truth of why there is a need to continue to seek abundance elsewhere rather than your own backyard of it being in your core of your existence as a human soul on this Earth.

Think about that.

Void filling is pointless because you will always feel ‘lack’ and like you are missing something because of not appreciating what is already there, expressing gratitude for what you already have and examining the fact that ABUNDANCE IS ALREADY LINKED TO YOU.

Click and Watch....................................

That’s right – ABUNDANCE IS LINKED TO YOU within your own chain of your lifeline.

Every single day of your life, you have ‘gathered.’ 

  • Experience

  • Life lessons

  • Tools

  • Information

  • Education

Also along the way you have ‘gathered’ …

  • Friendship

  • Support

  • Laughter

  • Love

  • Moments

  • Memories

  • Understanding

With all of that you’ve gathered something else…


Don’t underestimate the power of your own personal life. YOUR LIFE is meant to be YOUR JOURNEY.  You are not to emulate others because YOU ARE NOT THEM – YOU ARE YOU.

You were born as a unique individual. 

There is no one else like you.

When you choose to ‘copy’ – you are being dishonest with yourself.  

You are spitting in the face of the Universe when you dishonor your own individuality, because you are continuing to DENY your true self inside your mind and heart of being ACCEPTING of yourself. 

TRUST that you were created for the sole purpose to offer the world what is unique to who you are. You are special because YOU'RE YOU.  No one else can be YOU.

EVERYONE has their own talents and gifts. EVERYONE.  It is more than just skills, sportsmanship, community, organizing, and artistic - your consciousness, your compassion - it all matters.

What you choose to represent as a voice and as an activist fighting for the rights of humans (children, elderly, disabled, diversity) or animals or the environment/planet or assisting those in your own community, your own state or country and other countries or being the voice for disease prevention, cure-finding, safety, justice and the list goes on --- you have a place to make a difference with your own ABUNDANCE.

Think about that.  If every single person on this planet tapped into their own abundance what that would mean for our world.   

Your personal LIFE LINK to DOING SOMETHING is within you.  Your abundance and purpose is part of you and every fiber of your being.

At the end of the day - This boils down to self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-respect. Without it - it's challenging to SEE the abundance to do anything with.


These are the four ingredients which are essential to LINK TO YOUR OWN LIFELINE in order for your journey to unfold into its destiny of WHY you are here.

The longer you deny yourself, you push away who you are supposed to be.

The ABUNDANCE within you is there if you just unlock it from your being.

The ABUNDANCE of what you think you need or want outside of you is inside of where you live.
Once you begin the process to deeper comprehension of the fact that YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH – you will start to see that ABUNDANCE is your companion from Day One.

How is it possible human psyche traveled so far away from this TRUTH?

How is it possible that you started to believe you didn’t have enough or weren’t enough or that your mission was to ‘have more’ when you already have what it is you need? 

Trusting in the process of being where you are and creating what you can with what you have and being resourceful from the place of internal being is the place that can be cultivated with eternal gratitude. 

We already discussed what the LINK of GRATITUDE is… 

What we can further gather in our LINK of ABUNDANCE is to see that if we live life from the place of knowing that we are where we are supposed to be at this moment within our journey and we can be thankful for knowing we are here, the ABUNDANCE will continue to expand.

As our own awareness expands into higher levels of consciousness, we can live from a place of KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING ourselves better.  We then as humans become responsible for every single thing we ‘think’ we need or ‘think’ we want and then we no longer have any need or want to gather anymore.  We already ‘become’ this in our acknowledgment from WITHIN.  

Living from this state of our psyche and emotional core center, gives us BALANCE.  When we are balanced, we no longer live with the intention of requiring anything.  Watch and see that your own need for greed will start to dissipate.

When this actually happens and you are living from the place of your true self, nothing else matters in ‘needing’ or ‘wanting’ – everything just is.  When everyday life is lived from the place of where everything is, we are simply BEING.  

BEING then becomes part of who we are without any desire to be DOING in terms of having to ‘gather’ abundance as it is already part of who we are and we live gratefully with full appreciation of this KNOWING we are already ABUNDANT.