Thursday, November 12, 2015


While most everyone has heard the cliché “When one door closes, another one opens” – identifying with what it really means isn’t rocket science.  We understand immediately that life is a series of events along our own chronological timeline of being.

However, we often associate these said events with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
What we fail to see is that the LINKED energy associated with old doors and new doors happens to be a free-flowing invitation.  Like souls who join us on the journey – some are merely quick messengers. Others are there walking along beside you.  

Sometimes we can compartmentalize the energy affiliated with something that is ‘no longer’ part of our present life.  But if we look carefully, we can see there is a thread of energy which remains or purpose. Even if the company was fleeting, the presence remains as the life lesson, the message, the teaching, the toolbox tool for life, inspiration, motivating push or even a brief consciousness connection or awaking we didn’t realize we needed. 

Quite frequently, we ‘humans’ like to put things in nice neat packages. It’s like mental and emotional scrapbooking as we identify our being within our own landscape. 

Sometimes humans hastily remove LINKS affiliated with closed doors, not realizing it is that very energy that has the ability to unlock the potential of the next one.  If we examine the LINK closer, we could see that the LINK vibration isn’t quite finished with us yet.  Some tools need to be refined and transferring to the next level is like a video game landscape – you take your points with you. 

Think about that for a second. It’s pretty trippy, eh? 

If we return to the garden landscape analogy, we will see for ourselves that some of the energy LINKED to us is seasonal and only in bloom temporarily, meant to be enjoyed fully in its time when it is in season. After that, it is no longer there to go along with us, just the beautiful remnants of what we remember in the moments which were part of the ‘journey making.’  

This energy is part of our lifeline based on cosmic connection and purpose – beit temporary or life-long committed.  It is purposeful in any form we receive it.  

Much of the energy is meant for impact and significantly part of the tools we use in comprehending life on another level.  

Some of the energy from past situations needs to remain in order to flow forward to what is new. Some of it was only meant to get us to the next adventure.

Regardless, all of it is necessary.  It is in reuniting our LINKS.

How do you know which LINKS are devoted to being part of the next phase of your journey?  
Sometimes you have to sift through the energy to find out and that requires communication as well as listening.

Listening is an important factor. It’s not just up to you to listen, but it is up to you to see whose ears you perk up and what energy resonates for where you are going next.  

You do not need to grieve what energy isn’t coming with you and if you need to leave it behind.  For all you know, it is merely going back to being seasonal or temporarily dormant and will resurface when it needs to.  So don’t be so quick to assume familiar energy is gone.  Sometimes it goes back into incubation to refortify itself into another form – it’s like an energy transformer.    

As your perception changes and shifts, so does the energy. You will soon see it in an entirely different light because you won’t be ‘attached’ to it – rather you will regard it like a vitamin bottle on yourself you only need to reach for when you deem it necessary in replenishing what is depleted.  

What matters is where you are now and the LINKS which shine a little more brightly.  You need to trust in the energy that continues to earn your trust and respect in order to know whether or not the LINKS are part of the next leg of your journey.  

At this stage of the game it is all about QUALITY – NOT QUANTITY.  You may feel a little more vulnerable to see energy leaving you falling by the wayside, but trust in your intuition and your clarity in its purpose.  You may not need that specific energy for where you are going and destined.
Allow yourself to BE PRESENT to see the energy you need right now.  If you’re not connecting to what that is, center yourself and regain balance by stopping any analytical processes.  It is in this stillness we can see how the energy LINKS itself to where it needs to and unify with our total well-being – mind, body, soul and spirit.   

Remember that all the energy has a function. Some of it is to awaken your soul. Some of it is to kick you in the behind.  Some of it is to enlighten you to toss what is no longer necessary from your everyday thought processes.  Some of it is also here to test you and your mettle to see what you are made of, to strengthen you for what is next. 

Once you are able to quiet your mind to assess how you are being served by all of these energy centers, stream what you gather into your consciousness to create your motivation to uplift and pull yourself forward.  

With daily maintenance of your soul’s purpose and direction, you are now fueled with the knowledge and the unification of the energies for your highest good. 

Feed the positive energy.  Release the negative.  Embrace the challenging.