Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Thank you.  These are two words utilized in the English language to express gratitude. When you live your life as a human in the mainstream world, these words are taught to you as a child by your parents.  You were told to use these words when someone does something nice or gives you something. You were told to use these words in your prayers for what you are grateful for.  You were told to say “Thank you” in a life lesson of also learning the words “Please,” “Excuse me or Pardon me,” “I’m sorry,” and so forth.

These became LINKS in your life and part of your life chain.  

If you are an older sibling or a parent, you passed this onward to your younger siblings or your children.

This is a ripple effect of gratitude.  This is a LINK that you hope will continue to keep moving forward with each future generation, building even more LINKS in your life with more gratitude ripples.

This is a good LINK.

Now let’s focus our attention on a LINK we don’t often focus on – gratitude for negative experiences.  

Chances are, you were NOT taught to say “Thank you” for negative experiences.  You were taught to believe that negative experiences were considered “bad” things.  You were not taught to be grateful for them.

But what if… you said “Thank you” each time you had something ‘not go your way’ or for any ‘inconvenience’ or an experience which brought you pain or heartache?   

What if you said THANK YOU for every single one of those life experiences because they:

  • Made you stronger

  • Gave you wisdom and insight

  • Provided education for knowing what to change to make your life better

  • Empowered you to see things from a new perspective

  • Woke up your consciousness to behaviors which no longer served your purpose

  • Invited you to entertain the idea of changing your life

  • Showed you what the true meaning of forgiveness actually means

  • Helped you mature

  • Educated you about yourself and others

  • Opened the doorway to meeting people or experiencing things you would not have otherwise

Would you say THANK YOU then? 

Every single event in your life is LINKED to all of the above.  So why not start today looking at every experience with the eyes of saying THANK YOU?   

Instead of wasting our precious energy feeding into worry, anger, frustration, regret, or martyrdom, what if we take the time to say THANK YOU for what shapes us, strengthens us, gives us the ability to become an improved version of who we were the day before because of it, isn’t it time we express an entirely new attitude of gratitude than the one we were taught? 

Giving ourselves the place to examine the LINKS that work for us in the positive can also turn any negative LINK into a positive one applying the same intention. 

It is with this intention we can grow into a place of appreciating life on a different level than we did before and come to an understanding of what gratitude truly is when it comes to healing and developing peace. 

When we develop this healing and peace within our own daily lives and our personal world, we have more to pay forward into making this a reality in the Universe for others.  

Imagine what the ripple effect of gratitude will have when that happens? 

When we take responsibility for transforming ourselves, we can make a greater difference in transforming our communities. When we transform our communities, we can then continue to ripple the new definition of what gratitude means through our thoughts and our actions in being and becoming simultaneously.  

It is with that, there is even more to be thankful for.