Thursday, November 19, 2015


Life is precious.  Many take it for granted while they are living it.

Death is precious.  Many miss the fact that death is a person’s life which requires reflection for appreciation of what it left behind here and the difference it made no matter how short or long its stay.

To sum up either in a short explanation is futile. 

However if there is any explanation, it is that both life and death are LINKED together for both the living and the dead to unify both of their meanings. 

They say that most people will never know the true meaning of life until having experienced the loss of a loved one.  It is here that a life (and how short it is), is magnified and a reminder that all the rest of the stuff is well, just stuff.  Once you leave here, the things you placed importance on are magnified for the living to see what really mattered during that duration.

It is here, the living can begin actually living authentically if they are willing to examine the gift of the life that is now passed and re-examine what truly matters for the duration of their own lives lived.
Those who ‘get it’ are those who understand that the person who is gone had a bigger purpose when they were here that they were trying to communicate to you when they were alive.

Did you listen?  Truly, listen?  Did you hear the valuable life message they gave to you?  

More importantly, do you hear it now that they are gone?

One of the greatest tributes we living can give to those we have lost is to recognize what their life meant and what they were trying to communicate the entire time they were living.

These LINKS are the LINK to YOUR LIFE.  This is why they were in your life – to give you a gift that you could not muster up for yourself.  They gave you a golden nugget gift of life you could not get anywhere else or from anyone else, which is why they decided to LINK to your LIFE in the first place. Think of the millions of others who did not know them.  Is this an accident?  No.

Whether it was a friend, a relative or anyone you developed a relationship, close or not – the message and the meaning and what matters is the LINK you cherish from the initial connection.

The IMPACT of that LIFE is a LINK all its own.

Think about that… you will not forget the impact, you will not forget that the life mattered and above all, you will not forget how you feel about the life that the life gave you and the life of the memory that remains with you for all the days that are left in your life.

This LINK is in your LIFE CHAIN.  YOUR LIFE CHAIN.  There is PURPOSE in that, all on its own.  That ‘specific’ life that crossed YOUR path was for PURPOSE.  

Read that entire bold section again. Let it sink in.  Understand what that really means. 

Every life affects another life.
Every death affects another life.

Whatever you experience, moved by another life lived or moved by what you learned in their leaving you with moments, memories and events that are forever life-changing – you begin to see that they have not left you….  THEY ARE STILL WITH YOU.

Their impact and their imprint and their life mattered and still do because what is left is what remains with you.

What you choose to do with this valuable gift is up to you, and what you do with your life.
Daily gratitude for their being part of your journey is the place of recognition with how your life is LINKED ultimately to the bigger picture of who they were and who you are.

It is here where life can ‘continue onward’ through you and how you honor the memory of those who have passed.

When dealing with someone dying, we need to examine the grief process and what that really is in terms of being LINKED to our own lives. 

As we examine death, let us take a moment to honor how one has lived their life.  Every life on Earth is here for the purpose of us re-evaluating our own.

Quite often, we can see a mirror in those who have passed.  They have literally passed on a baton to us to carry forward to work out our internal conflicts, overcome obstacles and see within our own lives what we can work through and change.  We are given the awakening of re-evaluating what MATTERS. 

The person who has passed set an example or influence and that has its own impact for changing life.
Each person sets an example that is life changing no matter how YOU choose to view it.  

Each person leaves behind something that can make you think differently, feel differently and act differently based on what you are learning from their life left behind.  When you examine it and look at your own, you start to see what the connection was trying to reveal to you about your own life. 

Change is part of life.  Change is part of the process. 

Every single life on this Earth is entangled in the process of change.

Change occurs whether or not we take action.

But life itself reveals to each of us how we can be part of a change for the positive by what we choose after we ‘learn’ and ‘take in’ what is happening within life and what we learned from someone else’s life when it was here and after it is gone. 

If we take a moment to honor the message left for us, we can then allow change to work through us and in turn make our own changes for impact.  

VALUE comes from re-evaluating.  

We have choices.  In those choices, our LINKS are ours to connect, tweak or change and ultimately solidify what we choose as part of our journey.

If we believe in faith and trust in our highest good, we begin to see that in the grief process of a life passed, we are shown the light to see lessons revealed in every life that exists.   

What is left behind is knowledge and we can cherish those gifts for how they can shape us in who we become thereafter.

We are energy.  How we choose to align that energy has a lot to do with our LINKING to the meaning of what that energy itself can bring to light.

Birth and death are both beginnings of understanding.   

It is in that understanding we can value what we learn, how we grow, what we apply, what we appreciate and value, what we choose to change for the positive and how we develop methods for comprehending the lives which surround us on Earth in the present.