Monday, November 2, 2015




They say patience is a virtue.  At one point in your life, you might have actually said that sentence aloud to someone who was impatient.  

But do you actually know what it means to be patient?   

Patience is more than just an action you take.  Patience is more than just a practice.

Patience itself is Divine.


Because patience requires you to walk your talk.  When you actually exercise the art of patience yourself, you are an example of patience to others.

When you teach others to be patient simply by being patient, they become patient.

When others become patient, the energy transfers back to you – and you in turn become even more patient by the example you first set which affected others and you are shown the respect of patience in return.

See how that works?  It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?  It’s like a full-circle loop.

So why is it that this particular LINK in your life always gets tested? 

Why is your patience something that you need to put into action to prove to yourself that you are living, breathing and becoming more patient?

Patience isn’t perfect because it is often attached to humans and human behavior.

While you were born perfect, as your soul began to live in your vessel, the human took over and imposed deadlines.  
Deadlines are not needed by a soul.  The soul is eternal.  The human is the one emphasizing the rush, the hurriedness of life to push and speed along.  This itself only causes the human to become MORE IMPATIENT rather than patient. 

This is WHY your patience gets tested more and more.

In essence what is happening is you are being tested not so much as to whether or not you are patient, but rather are you allowing your human to rule and control your soul, since your soul doesn’t technically know deadlines or have a need to rush things.  The soul accepts the Divine and knows that things just are what they are.

When you live in the space and place of self-acceptance, patience becomes intertwined with who you truly are, your authentic self, your true soul.  

You will then become more patient with everyone and understand that if something is not happening by your perceived timeline, it’s not that you’re being gypped of anything.  It’s nothing personal about you, but rather it is more about the other person’s perception of what patience is within who they are and how they perceive time based on where they are acting from.

No one is wrong in this scenario.  Timing is what it is.

You can accept it or reject it – it depends on the conversation your human has with your soul.

Once you begin to understand the concept of this, you won’t be struggling if you remain positioned from the place of patience rather than deadline. 

The best example of this is flashing back to when you were a child waiting for __________ (school to be out for the summer; a birthday or holiday to come; a tooth to fall out or grow in) and now looking to present day as an adult waiting for _______(the grocery checkout line to move faster; traffic to move at a higher speed; getting the results of your blood tests or finding out if your kid got into college). 

The above examples are different levels of ‘waiting’ and your patience that is affiliated with it.  Is it different?  Or is it all the same?

The answer?  It’s all the same, depending on the level of importance you place on knowing the time frame of each one of those things.  The more importance you place on it, the lower the level of patience you may have in waiting for the answer or for the result to unfold. 

The truth is that the time is the same for all of these things, but your personal anxiety level (and probably blood pressure) is raised along with any stress levels, the more emotional attachment to the outcome you have to knowing the end-result, which tests your patience. 

Patience is a virtue. It is a blessing.  Don’t make it your curse by allowing your human to impose stress and pressure to what patience actually is.

If something is missed like an opportunity attached to the human imposed deadline, you have to ask yourself what is more important:  Your realization of time and patience or your own self-realization of what you define that to be?
Only when you resolve this within yourself, can you truly become patient.