Thursday, October 29, 2015


The seasonal time change of moving clocks an hour back during the Autumn season is more than just changing something digitally or on a dial.  

In the springtime, the time change triggers an emotional response in the brain.  The mind easily shifts toward embracing warmer weather, shorter days and looking forward to the optimism the time shift represents when people say ‘spring forward.’

However, this weekend’s time change of ‘falling back’ an hour brings a different set of emotions and links to what the time shift represents. 

For many, the time shift is symbolic of tradition, emotional reconnection, or nostalgic revisitation for the soul, not just an extra hour of perceived sleep. 

Standard time was not enacted in U.S. Law until 1918. Was this predestined as a Universal message?  

It is the LINK that no one really talks about on this paranormal level of irony, but there is no accident that 1918 is a year of a 1 numeric vibration –although technically a 10 vibration condensed?   Humanity and peace both symbolized in the male/female energies of this forceful resonance is why seasons of love exist.  Love and light emerge from this vibration and from this hope is birthed into a rhythm of manifestation with this seasonal shift. 

If 1918 is the year in which time was put into law for both standard and daylight, the 1 numeric vibration technically resonates all year long with both time changes.   Time changes more than just on a clock – there is a shift of consciousness when the hands on the clock move in forward motion for progress or moves backward for reflection. 
While chronological time itself is isolated and compartmentalized from the idea of it being completely perceived as a concept of actually being non-existent - the notion of moving a clock either forward or backward becomes a mere act of convention depending on where you stand on the subject of time itself. 

In other words, the seasonal shift translates to a spirit of independence whereby leadership between the shifts of these two seasons takes place to create movement.  Is it an accident that the standard time shift happens when things fall away, die or go into dormancy or that daylight savings time happens to be linked to the time of resurrection?  

Nature shifts. The Earth shifts. Consciousness shifts.  The spirit vibration adjusts and adapts to this larger shift of being. 

So as we change our clocks and fall back, the question which begs to be asked becomes apparent:
Are you falling back on your default links? 

What’s a default link?  It’s a retreating or cocooning behavior synchronized with a re-evaluation period of your conscious wish for all of humanity and LINKED to your mind state of being. From here this is adapting to your human instincts from the deep roots where they are driven to conform and adapt to by way of Mother Nature in a single breath of peaceful being, one with yourself and one with all respectively.  

The time change is linked to this instinct, therefore your default emerges as a result of this link being tugged at or triggered into the shift with the rest of the vibration. 

When we take the fall-back position of reflection by embracing what nature naturally enforces, by the time change and the season, we get an opportunity to step into our own self-acceptance in adapting with the vibration of the Universe.   The same can be said for when you spring forward into resurrection after first quarter finishes and you examine your self-imposed resolutions kept or broken.  You are then forced to re-evaluate something larger than yourself, as you consciously shift the clock internally in your being toward providing service beyond the scope of your human. 

Our default links are part of our life line, part of our chain reaction.  They are necessary for our own recognition of both consciousness and cell regeneration when taking to cocooning and retreating in the physical falling back which allows us to recover exhausted resources to refuel the energy of escalating our minds, spirit and souls in the name of what our highest good can bring forward. 

As you ‘fall-back’ this weekend, remember that your ability to move beyond the clock can take a peaceful position as you recognize the season of love and light.