Sunday, October 11, 2015


It is what it is…. OR IS IT?  Ask yourself this question and depending on where you sit on any given day, your answer will be different.

Chaos – it’s sometimes considered a bad thing for those who get overwhelmed and life becomes unmanageable and most would like to UNLINK from their lives.

For others, chaos has been a ‘positive coping mechanism’ of productivity that the brain has learned to accept and excel through despite its presence.  For this group, they consider it a LINK that helps prevent them from stagnancy in life. 

For another group, chaos is a LINK that just is and it is examined as something that is unavoidable unless they avoid it altogether through mere escapism. 

Does this have to do with different types of personalities? YES.  Which one are YOU? 

First let’s take a look at what YOU define as chaos.  Do you know?  

Take a step back and define it.  Write out a sentence that tells you YOUR personal definition of what that is.  For some, it’s a huge life altering thing.  For others it’s much smaller daily life issues or inconveniences which are only considered chaos based on the issues of controlling order in one’s life!

Ah ha!  Yes.  Is this becoming clearer to you?  Do you see how you relate to chaos and how others might and where MISCOMMUNICATION about what chaos is can create conflict?
You have to remember, not everyone views life the way you do.  We are all individuals.  How we define things and how we relate to things is going to be different, therefore the approach in how we handle it may be different.  There is not any ONE right way to solve a problem or find a solution or cope or deal with chaos. 

If you are finding that most of your key and critical arguments with another person at home or work or within your circles are based on your viewpoints – it’s time to re-examine the idea that people process circumstances, events and occurrences very differently. 

Being able to deal with chaos has both a beneficial as well as destructive pattern based on one’s method of working with it vs. working through it or detaching altogether and it is based on mere perception and application of how you choose to examine it within your own life.
For the manager types, they examine chaos as something to be ‘organized’ or ‘compartmentalized’ within a structure of daily life.  It is something specific to contain and isolate in order to effectively manage and deal with its presence.  

  • For the creative visionary types, they wish to look at the chaos in a way where they turn it into something positive like making it as a way to bring others together.

  • For the healer types, they wish to examine chaos like a disease to overcome and heal with dissolution of its negative impact on the human body and psyche.

  • For the leader types, they wish to walk through the chaos process pulling others through it by following through an example of strength.

  • For the warrior types, they wish to conquer chaos as something to survive.

  • For the analytical/philosophical types, they wish to pick apart all the pieces of chaos to understand it so they no longer fear it.

  • For the task-mastering types, they wish to examine chaos as a to-do list to tackle piece by piece instead of as a whole, to thoroughly and efficiently get through. 

Chaos is not insurmountable.  If it feels like it to you, then perhaps you are not quite sure which ‘type’ of personality you have and have been addressing it as one personality when your strengths lie in another arena! 

Eureka?  Yes. 

You were born with the ability of ‘survival’ instincts.  But sometimes because of life circumstances and how you were brought up to ‘deal’ with chaos is a transferred and learned behavior (because that’s how your family or friends dealt with it) – so you think you have to deal with it in the same way.

The truth?  You can handle it and get through it if you tap into the method that is more compatible with how you like to show up in your own life. Why chaos may seem overwhelming or impossible to cope with and why you may wish to escape it, has more to do with how your brain has been trained to look at it.

Confronting chaos may seem like a difficult thing to do. However human behavior will show you that it is not as scary as you think it is – it just may be scary to the ‘personality type’ of transferred learned behavior you’ve been used to in how you’ve coped with it.  For all you know, all this time you’ve been coping with chaos in a way that is NOT WHO YOU ARE.  

This is why it is important to connect to your own instincts … which may not always be logical to how your brain has examined the method in coping with the set of circumstances you’ve been dealt. 

Is this a LINK that can be changed?  YES, ABSOLUTELY!

You can choose how you take a look at chaos and switch how you handle it.  Sure, flipping the switch is not easy.  It most certainly won’t come over night either.  Yes, you have a choice... did you know that? Release the blockages which tell you that you don't and embrace the idea that you can change what doesn't work for you within your own life in how you cope, how you deal and how you manage every circumstance you're dealt.

Therefore, taking the time to journal for yourself daily to see how you handle situations and get through them, gives you an front and center view at what has worked and what hasn’t.

It is here you get to focus on your strengths and weaknesses in a chaotic situation. Take a look at what seemed easy versus what seemed challenging and more difficult and you will soon see over time that some of your weaknesses become strengths.   

Those weaknesses that remain are not really weaknesses at all – but rather those are the very key LINKS that can be altered in perspective and a new chosen method of how you handle chaos becomes clear and evident.

This is where your LINK to chaos is a positive LINK in how you’ve learned to adapt, adjust, change and tweak a LINK so that it works for you and LINKRONICITY can now flow freely in what used to be an obstacle you once thought was difficult to overcome.