Tuesday, November 7, 2017


You hear me say often in these blogs and my videos to connect your mind and the heart as a part of mind, body, soul, and spirit wellness.

Your heart is your soul’s engine.  When in doubt, check with your heart – as your mind is sometimes conditioned to tell you logically things that may not be rational.


You heard me. I said it.  Your mind is sometimes not rational because you have not addressed some of your default behaviors or issues.  You may often systematically talk yourself out of things or into things based on past trauma, habits or behavior, and where you lie in your comfort zone. 

You have lived your life, this journey, this pathway with the idea that human intelligence is centralized in the brain.  There has been this whole societal focus on I.Q.  

I have admiration for people with super uber high I.Q.’s --- Mensa level intelligence folks have always inspired me to be a lifelong student in learning and growing to expand my brain's muscle.

However, being a student of life and subscribing more to the street-smart theory has always resonated in my heart more deeply than isolated book smarts. I had the great honor many years ago working the State of California's Sesquicentennial where many 100 year-olds gathered.  Let me tell you, the accumulated life experience human emotional intelligence wisdom collected in one space had me rethinking transferred and conditioned ideals about how we isolate brain vs. heart logic.

That is my truth, because it is HERE I have learned more than in my collective time in the classroom.  This actually speaks volumes coming from me since I had some of the most inspiring teachers.  However, they were most inspiring because they were non-traditional and unconventional and they never contained the way they taught isolated to any teaching agenda. 

With that said, I wanted to write this blog to talk about emotional intelligence, my home turf of daily operations, otherwise known as E.Q.  

The heart is a muscle.  If we take our brain out of the way for just a moment, sometimes we can hear our heart and what its truth is telling us.  

It is here the brain likes to intercept the heart – much like in a basketball game stopping the ball in action and running back down the court the other direction.  

Can you see it?  Yeah… it happens.  The brain likes to do layups like a show off thinking it always knows best, that is until during one game the heart says, “One day, I’m going to trick you and show you what this heart can do and I will full-court shoot in the last second rundown of the clock, and I will win.”

What humans do not realize is that in the end, if something is resonating strong enough at split second, a decision that is heart-driven will be in greater emotional intelligence alignment with the SOUL’S TRUTH.

That’s right.  THE SOUL’S TRUTH. 

If you are caught in a dilemma or a choice battle – it is often that your brain and your heart are in combat. 

In the 2015 blog, True To Your Heart, I address the higher level of consciousness in heart consultation: https://linkronicity.blogspot.com/2015/09/being-true-to-your-heart.html
The brain likes to sit in fact and absolute information to ‘make sense’ and be certain decisions are made logically, from a smart place.  Most of the time, this is a good thing.
However many people end up unhappy in life making decisions solely from this place and quite often the place of regret will come from the realization with “Oh, but I really wanted to do XYZ or choose XYZ and I didn’t because I thought it was smarter to do what made more sense at the time.” 

I see you nodding.  You have been here, huh?  Of course, you have if you are human.  At some point, you have been at this place. 

Why I am writing this is so that you do not waste any additional time sitting in the pool of regret.  First, start with an emotional intelligence move and forgive everyone you blame including yourself.

Next, choose to check in with your heart.  That in itself is always the smartest to do, so you can be certain of where your truth is sitting.

Deep down, the things that resonate with your feelings provide a gateway to connecting with what moves you. When I say ‘moves you’ – that means it connects on a soul level to what you know you need to do as far as your happiness, your inner wisdom and where you feel most peaceful.  The most peaceful decision-making and choices come from this place, because they reside with the REAL YOU, not what the brain defaults to in addressing statistics or even past experiences (good or challenging). 

When you get comfortable in owning who you are from the heart space, you begin to see how you can exercise your own awareness of your joyful existence, not just the logical one.
Do not get me wrong, the brain is a brilliant engine all its own… but it is NOT the only engine that exists within your human being.  

If you consult with your own emotional intelligence, based on what you feel you will find more times than not, your heart knows what it knows from the place of your authentic core truth of what it is you know you need to do for yourself better than anyone else. 

Heart conditioning.  Yeah, it is a real thing.  Moreover, we need to start having a real conversation about this. 

Acceptance, love, and inclusion all reside in the heart conditioning space of truth. Without honoring truth as in internal-to-external authenticity, we collapse in isolation in a graveyard bubble of darkness unable to have meaningful connection, which drives the engine of our being.

Our soul operates at its optimum level when we function from the place of self-acceptance, self-worth, and awareness of our own authentic choices.  If faux-functioning, then true joy and happiness cannot be found from an organic place and it is replaced with void filling of various other unhealthy vices, crutches and replacements of addiction (hoarding, shopping, eating, video game playing, etc.) as false sense of security.

The human’s biggest fear is loss, rejection, shame, embarrassment and a long list of things that do not need to be real if one takes the biggest, boldest, most courageous step of honoring their heart link. 

In honoring the human soul by this one act of truth from the heart link, our life’s journey can avoid many unnecessary and time wasting speed bumps.  

All humans eventually get from point A to point Z, as The Universe always has everyone’s greatest and highest good at hand… there just may be more life lessons to get there until one gets their wake up call.  

However, the trek is more direct with heart authenticity and the bravery to confront one’s truth and honor one’s soul without censorship of negativity and self-destruction.  When you operate from the place of basking in realness and find comfort in this space, you will see it is one of the greatest links to cherish in your life.