Sunday, November 12, 2017


You, your life, your journey … you keep hearing me say that it is unique to who you are, right?

Well, it is.  If you take a deeper look at the person you are, you soon begin to understand WHERE you are and WHY you are here.

Your family, your culture/heritage, geography/neighborhood, generation, your family dynamic, lifestyle, religion, and your entire life of what you were born into is designed for your own life lessons.  The personality you have, your upbringing and your own navigation within your own journey will always present a series of things for you to learn as you become your true self.

Everyone's challenges are different. Some of you may be adopted and your journey may be about adapting to the culture or religion you were brought into.  Some of you may be in a blended family merging several different cultures or beliefs.  Maybe your own personality or temperament may clash with your traditions and you struggle to understand how this could be so as everything seems to be opposite of how you are.

Maybe you grew up in a small town, but you are the only one in your family who is a big city person.  Perhaps you grew up in a sports-oriented family, but as an adult, you see that is not who you are, and your interests are the only different ones.  Some of you could be born into a very political family, but maybe politics isn't your thing.

You get the picture. Sometimes your life lessons come from being opposite of your environment and you have to learn to step into who you are or deal with why you are there in your soul's choice for your situation.  Your human has to adapt, adjust, learn how to co-exist, or simply accept yourself as you are.

Being forced to sit in your environment as a child shapes you. It's like The Universe saying, "Here you are... what are you going to do now that you've been placed in THIS scene?"

It is here you have to figure out if you are going to go with the flow, or independently find your own way to your truth.

Life lessons could vary from communication, feeling inclusion and trying to find common ground.  Other lessons could be about what you could learn by being flexible, or being open to broadening/expanding your ideas, or simply how to own who you are and learning to share your differences. 

My soul in this lifetime decided to choose a Japanese-American vessel as her human flesh puppet.  My culture is about the art of learning patience - everything from the arts to nature, everything is slow and about becoming present in the art. I did not embrace my culture growing up and ironically neither did my family, even though many of the values transferred.  The double-edged sword of my culture is being perfectionistic, trying to master things to the pristine level of performance to be the best at it or die in shame that you didn’t or couldn’t’ be the best.  

The Universe laughs, because my personality growing up was not very patient with MYSELF. I wanted to get everything done as quickly as possible, and do everything at high speed.My energy is that pulse like vibe of a major metropolitan city (still is), but I did not grow up in city life. Once I got over the aggravation of that feeling I realized that was my life lesson, to deal with being placed in an opposite environment and working through it.

I laugh now, because I see as a child and in young adulthood how I battled my own self growing up trying to be patient with my own soul and human to try to not only learn things, but master them perfectly.  It was here I had to learn the challenging lesson and art of letting go, and learn the difference between self-imposed pressure vs. external imagined pressure to gain deeper understanding and composure in being. 

So yeah, it’s an interesting mix of lessons here… patience and mastery... Balance. I had to learn to be Zen. People assume that it was a natural thing based on my family culture, but quite frankly, it was the opposite.  I was restless and could not sit still long, when things had to be done.  Yet, I could peacefully listen to music or read for hours. Opposite extremes were the challenge for me - finding balance was the life lesson as  I had lived most of my life as high octane fuel in turbo mode and was happiest this way.

My grandmother would try to teach me the art of patience in how she would crochet something, grow flowers, or even do origami paper folding. My father tried to teach me the art of patience changing oil on the car or in woodworking, which is humorous considering that his work ethic was always high octane/turbo also.  I realized later he forced himself to be chill/Zen, too.  

Balance is a learned thing no matter what lifestyle you grow up in - and this is the same for everyone. You may be born into a fast-paced family and you may be the only laid-back one. Or you may be born into a lower-energy peaceful vibe and you may be the 'I've gotta get out of my small town' person.

When you are a child, you do not realize that your own personal ‘life lessons’ come from the generational, socioeconomic class, culture or lifestyle for which your soul decided to ‘choose’ for your time here on Earth, right?

Take a look at your life and see how your own life experiences and lessons you have to work through apply...

  • What human vessel and culture did YOUR SOUL choose? 

  • What  have learned from your own life lessons?

  • Did your human flesh puppet teach your soul something new? 

  • What differences do you have as your human/soul within your culture or family lifestyle?  For example, is your culture really traditional with huge family gatherings with expectations for things to be a certain way and maybe your own personality prefers quieter, more intimate gatherings? 

  • When you examine the generations of your family, was there a common thread theme of lessons?  (strength, endurance through illnesses, or rebuilding after disasters, family discord through differences?)

  •  How did you overcome your 'opposition' of your situation? 

  • Where did you gain your inner wisdom about your own personal similarities/differences with regard to your own cultural heritage, religious background, political views of your family?  How do you apply your self-awareness today with your truth as you live your own life? 

  • Do you understand the larger big-picture perspective of your life from where your ancestors came from? 

As you look at your own life personally and professionally, regardless of your geography, religion, politics, lifestyle or family culture, there is this thing called “unfoldment.” 

We have to wait for certain things to unfold in their own time, right? 

You hear this.  Logically, your brain understands this – yet there may be some conflict between your human and your soul existence to grapple with the reality of that as your own consciousness floats between Heaven and Earth.

Are you laughing?  Am I hitting a common nerve?  Is this resonating with your soul’s awareness and your human frustration? 

Unfoldment is like origami - EVEN IF IT APPEARS TO BE OPPOSITE ILLUSION in the practical sense of what folding and unfolding means. 

I know, this sounds strange, but bear with me - you'll see what I am talking about.

Maybe you’ve never done origami… but if you have made a paper airplane at one time or another or my personal favorite, a linen table napkin folding …then you get what I am talking about.

  • Certain movements are creases that stabilize your life, providing foundation and steady anchoring.

  • There are folds which ask you to be adaptable, flexible and change your movement for your life to be better navigated a certain way.

  • Then there is precision in an awkward placement of a crease, so that you understand the art of your own life to appreciate the difficulty and challenges you have had to either reverse or contort in order for new things in your life to take shape.

  • Finally, you will see that without all of the other creases, folds, twist, and overlap; you would not have the outcome of what your life can be when it finally begins to take shape.

Yes, smile now – because you see that whether or not it is an origami creature, a paper airplane or an ornately folded linen napkin… it is like your physical, tangible life navigation road map.   

Inside all of these intricate folds, there are roads, detours, mini side streets, cul-de-sacs, dead-ends, alternate routes and certain off-ramps and on-ramps. There is UNFOLDING in the FOLDS.

Now you see how this is possible. It's forward and backward motion and movement. It's change of direction that shows you where you fold and unfold your decision making process, your actions, your reactions and ideally how you create the shape of what your life is within every moment OF EACH MOVEMENT. 

There is history there within your journey where you change something.  You may fold something a certain way and keep it there.  You may unfold something to change a fold to get the right shape.  BUT - regardless of what action you take or changes you make, you will see how the 'meaning' of your life and the destination of your life is unfolding in those movements and moments IN REAL TIME and in the life lessons you learn when you graduate from said lesson. 


However, all that matters at the end of the day is YOUR KNOWING and YOUR APPRECIATION of your journey and what it has taken in order for this folded masterpiece to be what it has become.

We need to cherish the origami process of our life, no matter where we are at the bend or fold or what we have to do to get it to become what we see as our vision. 

Taking the time to have patience and master our own process is not just my lesson from my cultural influence, it is also the same for you, and yours – only your background may show you something unique to savoring your process that ONLY YOUR CHOSEN path can show you. 

When we honor the place from these areas of inspiration, we are able to understand the deeper meaning of what our own journey can show us in the process of enjoying daily living as it is presented to us. 

Appreciate every wrinkle of time and every line, which has shown you something greater than what you could ever imagine.  It is here you are able to create a stronger sense of knowing with more assured footing on your pathway to live your greatest life.