Thursday, November 16, 2017


Life is a gift and with every breath, we must realize that our gratitude for the ways we are blessed resides in our truth from the deepest place in the heart. 

Reflection in each moment can give us the opportunity to see beauty, even in the most challenging situations.

  • When we are tested, we are asked to rise.
  • When we are given voids, we are asked to see the abundance and the bounty. 
  • When we are emotionally lacking, we must cherish what is full in our heart. 
  • When we are challenged and stretched, we are asked to be flexible.  
  • When we are given a delay or a stall, we are asked to rest in the trust of what will come when energy changes.  
  •  When we are feeling less than, we are being asked to become more.
  •  When we are overwhelmed, we are asked to appreciate the opportunity to stay calm. 
  •  When we are bored, we are being asked to create.
  •  When we are tired, we are being asked to rest peacefully.
  •  When we are sick, we are being asked to redefine self-care and wellness.
  •  When good things are happening, we are asked to celebrate the moment and be grateful for these moments.

Life is full of blessings and the contrast we sometimes see or experience is to remind us of what opportunities we have right in front of us to learn, grow, thrive, become, challenge ourselves and appreciate what we have in that moment.
Our center of our being holds many truths.

Don’t believe me?  

Look inside your heart – the truth is there. 

On your most challenging days, the gratitude in your heart keeps compounding because you know what it means to be humbled so you can appreciate everything from your most authentic place.

Gratitude is born from the challenges you face and what you endure in survival coming out the other side of everything that tests your mettle. 

Higher in your 'knowing' is that you are loved, supported and protected as you take every step on your journey.  Yes, sometimes life is hard, but you are tough and you are still here and that is what pull you through.

This is a blessing.

Your intuition nudges you to believe in the idea of optimism, because your SOUL KNOWS something deeper than the HUMAN DOES.

What is that, you ask?

If your human shifts gears to sit in the soul level, it KNOWS it has what it needs from a knowing place inside the heart. 

If your gut and soul drive your human forward … you know your own connection like no one else's since your connection is part of your own conviction that blessings are all around you and more will find you when you least expect it. 

This energy is like electricity to set your soul ablaze into the joyous harmony of comfort and being. It is inner peace which comes with being grateful... and there is no other happiness than being grateful for your blessings. 

Of course, there are days you forgive yourself for 'wondering' about blessings, because you are human.  Humans expect the tangible.  We are always wanting to ‘see proof’ – but better than merely seeing is FEELING the proof that all is well and understanding that the proof is in your TRUTH.

Smile knowing with internal recognition that you are blessed in many ways that you may not always recognize or see every day, externally.  

Our time of reflection gives us the chance to appreciate our blessings and experience life from a place of gratitude.  

Confidence is most beautiful when it resides in a place of trust that there will always be something to be grateful for.  This of course must begin with trusting ourselves with our intuitive knowing that our blessings are more bountiful than the perception of what is realized.

From here an overflowing abundance of blessings are at every turn and we can LINK to these moments with tremendous gratitude where the seeds of appreciation can continue to grow.