Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Have you ever felt the moment when your arm or knee feels as if it needs to realign with your body?

It is that moment where one tiny little pop or crack will somehow get it back to feeling like something is ‘normal’ again as you are used to feeling.  

Finally, as you go about your day there is that ‘ahhh’ feeling when something pops/cracks back in alignment and you feel like yourself again.

Most of you will read this and completely relate, right?  

It is human, it is normal; it is something that happens to people every day.  Sometimes you never even give it a second thought, unless it is some obvious obstacle.  You may feel it is a slight annoyance and you will blow it off as something that will ‘work itself out’ during your day.  You have been down this road before and it is not a big deal.

Of course, I only presented a simple and small example of body conscious alignment here so you get the gist of it.  Larger examples of body alignment would be feeling your nerves or the blood flow through your veins, or the air fill up in your lungs, or a tick/pulsation of a muscle.

Well…now imagine your human sitting in the moment.  Your mind may be reflective, nostalgic, and thinking about a memory then slightly gear shift toward a future daydream or wish. 

You are used to this ‘gear shifting,’ and for convenience-sake, you can justify this action, as you know you are merely navigating past and present thoughts or feelings.  Maybe a song comes on the radio or you see something that reminds you of something you want to capture as an experience later and these become the triggers for that vibe.  You don’t flinch at this either… it’s normal, natural-feeling and again, you may not give it a second thought as some sort of big deal, either. 

Larger examples of this mental gear shifting would be analyzing your thoughts as you process them in the moment of formulating subjective thoughts, before you are conscious of your thoughts as “whole concepts.” Transitioning thoughts mid-process through your brain, you can amuse yourself with the flashing rapid speed of your thought connection with relating it to memory recall or compartmentalized new experiences.

What I just described for you is the slightest “alignment” link of body and mind.  Whether you related to the simple examples or the larger ones, you are formulating an understanding of that alignment as it sits with just mind-body awareness.  

Perhaps you were not conscious of these isolated movements, but for pedestrian life, this is something that happens. 

So far, so good, eh?

Okay…now for the soul and spirit… 

Now imagine how your mind or your heart feel as if it is not quite in the full consciousness pathway of your own human awareness… you are floating somewhere in-between.  No, you are not living in some fantasy world, or time warp, but rather you are in the middle of ‘downloading’ energy, literally ‘defragmenting’ within your own awareness.  Part of it feels like a premonition, other times it feels like a dream or another lifetime as you stand within this experience. 

This does not feel ‘everyday-normal’ … but it has happened more than once.  If you can recall it, perhaps you may feel slightly uncomfortable as you experience the navigation between these two places.  

Some call this a ‘weird day’ or ‘feeling out-of-sorts’ or perhaps feel like life is in slow motion and you are observing it.  All that you know as a human is that ‘something is shifting’ or not ‘feeling exactly as it once was’ – rest assured, it is normal. 

Right here in this place, you have arrived at doing mind, body, soul, and spirit alignment. 
No one talks about this last part, but it is a human experience everyone has at some point in his or her day or week.  Some of you may have it as you toss and turn feeling restless and cannot go to sleep or just before you go to sleep.  Some of you wake up and have this seven-minute zombie moment as you open your eyes from dream state before your human becomes aware of the day ahead.  Others may experience this in meditation; while others may only have this when doing some sort of long road trip, plane, or train ride. 

LINKING to our total alignment of self is necessary for everyone to do because when we feel “disconnected” for just a moment, we can find our truth within a clarity moment for stability when we gear shift back into our present consciousness. 

WHY is this important?  Everything is PURE in this moment – it is not tainted with noise, news, human treadmill action, nor is it disrupted – it is part of this ‘self-awareness’ force which exists for us to use.

For many humans who utilize the ‘crutch’ of being busy in order to avoid feeling their feelings or dealing with their thoughts – these ‘pure moments’ are like a turbo vitamin shot in the arm for your well-being.  They are a gift for you to be conscious of, if you allow yourself to receive it, but all you have to do is STOP and pay attention – for it is there for the taking.

For those souls who spend a lot of time in the introspection zone, this is old hat for you and you’re probably exercising this muscle of awareness on a higher level of consciousness making time to have it and find it enjoyable.  Some of you may even ‘prefer’ to live in this place of appreciating it to the point you proactively carve out time to have these moments.   

They are sacred, special and keep you in tune and in balance with an elevated tool to navigate your life.

When you are in total self-alignment, you find a new spot of human and soul truth to deal with, which becomes a zone for which you have to ask yourself important questions….

  • ·         Have you finally stopped kicking yourself for missed opportunities?

  • ·         Do you believe in your own possibility of doing what your heart wants to do?

  • ·         Can you come to terms with your mistakes and honor your own growth?

  • ·         Are you being kind to your human, taking the self-imposed pressure off your being?

  • ·         Is the idea of rewriting your own life from a new place embraceable or impossible?

·         Are you able to abandon old patterns, thoughts, and behaviors long enough to make life changes?

These are important questions to ask yourself to help you step into self-alignment reality.   

Your answers to these questions will provide you with a reality check as to if your being is open, willing, able and if you are truly ready to fully align with taking a step forward into a brand new direction. 

Once you come to terms with yourself fully aligned as you are, there is no more crossroads – there is only decision-making, opportunity, and an open mindset to making shifts and changes for choices which now align with who you are, why you are here, where you are going and what you want to be doing on your terms.  This forward step in full alignment can give you confidence to be at peace with whatever adventure comes next and help you embrace where you are right now.