Monday, November 27, 2017


I know … you are reading the title of this blog and you are probably wondering, “What does a contract have to do with my soul?” 

Well, you know this thing where your human resides and lives called EARTH, right?  

You also know when you float in higher-consciousness (which we humans do not often talk about) – there is this ‘in-between space’ to where your soul floats from time to time as you look at your life’s bigger picture.  

This usually happens when you get introspective.  It happens when you choose to escape living in your head to dare to dream outside of it to honor why you are here to understand what your life is all about… and this is why you need a floatation device. 

Thank you for sighing with me, lovely soul.  I know that you ‘get’ what I am saying.
Humans will not discuss this… but count on me, because I WILL be the brave one to do this. 

I do not care about criticism for doing so, as I am here to help those of you who are seeking reinforcement, connection, and validation for where you are to provide something that maybe you cannot get anywhere else.  It is not an easy place for me to sit among my peers, but to me, it is worth the challenge to step outside the boundaries of certain perceived comfort zones, in order to start transforming lives, creating change and helping anyone I can. 

That is why I am here.  If I help one or many, I am helping - that’s what matters to my heart and soul the most.  So let us talk about this floatation device and the soul contract.

If you have had any ‘slowing down’ time to think recently, I know you have probably been stuck in this place at one time or another with your “WHY” place as much as you have your “WHAT” place.

You may stand confident in what you believe and who you are and most of the time you know where you are, but it is the ‘why’ and that ‘what’ which may plague you, even if you have already found your soul’s purpose for being here. 

Hey, you are human (most times) and this is normal for a human to contemplate.

However, when it comes to your soul’s function – most keep a narrowed focus of their immediate goals, dreams, and life’s work. 

This is great.  I do not want to derail any of this if it is working and you are beyond ecstatic and happy with where you are and who you are.  Let’s keep this….  It is beautiful.

Though, let us take a moment to examine purpose in a different context – because this is the KEY REASON WHY you float between “Earthly existence” and your “Soul’s greater purpose.” 

This is WHERE people believe they are still seeking ‘happiness.’ 

The word “purpose” is a powerful word.  Too bad it did not get in line fast enough when the word “powerful” was looking to define itself with its job application before applying to be in Webster’s Dictionary.  

Purpose holds true to its own power as humans are continuously on the mad hunt for their “purpose.”  Though you will rarely see, humans hunt for it with the same vigor as camping out for Thanksgiving weekend Black Friday bargains, do not underestimate its allure.
If you ask the question “WHY” frequently… then you will understand your deeper need to understand what you do not understand.  

Our quest for learning is a human one.

Our quest for growing links directly to the quest for learning.

Our quest for learning expands beyond just learning, where it has to do with understanding.  

That in itself just may have more to do with a soul contract than you may realize. 

We are here to learn, grow, and yes, understand – but it is within that understanding we can see something beyond the surface. 

If you have not found your purpose, what do you hope to find once you discover it? 

If you have already found your purpose, but you are still searching for a purpose beyond what it is you know that you have to do and you are already doing, what are you searching for? 

Truth?  Meaning?  Mattering?  Inclusion/belonging? 

Isn’t this what all humans search for?  Don’t all humans want to belong, feel loved, need security, truth, trust, honesty, and the bigger idea of ‘I matter’ for their reason for being here on Earth? 

YES.  While the human has its long list of ‘human needs’ beyond food, shelter and clothing, there is the emotional, cerebral/intellectual, spiritual, and yes, soulful type of connection, beyond realizing it fully within ourselves. Moreover, if you are human, like I am, you will admit to being on an exhaustive search for ‘like-mindedness’ as you continue to escalate beyond your former self.  

Though, what I have learned is that we are constantly validated for what we seek externally, when we are internally fed from what energy the Universe provides. 

We are all works in progress…  EVERYONE.  Our needs technically ‘lessen’ on many fronts the older we get, because we’ve attained and self-sustained in certain efficiencies, along the way for survival, existence and progression with moving forward, onward, and upward.

However, if you know your soul is here for something beyond what the human is searching for, could it be that your soul is looking to rectify/complete/follow-through on agreement/change or challenge in this lifetime what you did not finish elsewhere?

Interesting thought?  This is a soul contract.  You're probably thinking soul contracts only are about having them with other souls, like our parents to raise us and our friends to be with us and even enemies to reconcile with/heal/repair and even what we choose to do or see through.

And while we all 'agree' to be where we are when we are as who we are, did you realize that YOU made a pinky-swear pact with YOURSELF? 

What?  (laughing)... YES.  It's true. You wouldn't be here to do what your doing to learn what you are learning and seek what you are seeking if you didn't agree to be you in the first place, but we 'humans' often MISS THIS key ingredient and believe happiness is something to search for when it is within us the entire time.

Here we are, right here, right now… together.  You are reading this blog and the idea of purpose as a soul contract might have lured you here to understand it.  Either that or there is really nothing on 2000+ cable channels and you have already binge-watched Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. 

We believe in the idea that there is ‘reason’ for being here beyond just existing, taking up space on the planet, being a consumer of goods and services and to do what it is we are destined to be here to do. 

This ‘energy’ is what makes our world revolve.  Our human need for compassion and connection is one thing, but the human also pokes the soul to say…  “Um, why am I here again?” 

I want you to know, this is normal.  Nevertheless, beyond that, the more evolved you become in your own “change” – you will have this pop up more frequently as you navigate your life and its bigger meaning.

What we need to see as souls, is that sometimes with blinders on, we narrow our focus as to what we are doing to matter.  

Now, I am going to ask you a bigger question – what about all the lives you’ve affected that your human isn’t even aware of? 

I ask you this question because you may never know the answer.  Sure, you may receive feedback about the lives you help, change, assist, shift, inspire, educate, inform, motivate, and create happiness for – but there are more than you realize who may never come forward.

Why I share this, is so you can understand your “WHY” better.  It is not about the tangible numbers you see with your eyes – it has more to do with the energy you feel in your energy field. 

Your human may struggle with its own ego for trying to justify and find ‘peace’ because the human needs tangible results.  Though, I will tell you first- hand… you don’t know what you don’t know.

Proof of that may come in unexpected ways later for the human to reconcile with the soul. But what if I were to tell you that YOU CAN HAVE THIS RIGHT NOW?

Mmm hmm, it is there.  Keep your eyes open, but keep your heart open even wider.  You will feel it in energy IF you stop struggling with your flotation device between Earth and the higher levels of your consciousness… and yes, just float in this space to enjoy it. 

Sure, this sounds trippy to you – but it is there for you to enjoy right now with your trust in the divine energy that swirls above you all the time. 

As humans doing, it is easily missed.  As humans being, we see/feel it to a greater extent outside of our own awareness that we are CATALYSTS for change sometimes in just being ourselves through a normal existence without doing deliberate conscious acts with the mission/purpose to do that in human terms.

Inspiration is powerful.  Sometimes in your just being YOU, with how you show up is magical all its own.

We humans forget that, because we are so used to the rat race of numbers, tangible results, and what we believe we can see.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Something should remind us once more that the great things in the Universe are things that we never see.” 

IT IS HERE we find that our soul contract is doing its own work.  We agree to just be or just show up or simply BE, we can sit in the energy that a word or smile or a nod to validate existence can move more mountains in a heart sometimes than calculated gestures or expressed thoughts.

If the soul is sitting in its intuitive pool – IT KNOWS IT MATTERS.

Read that again.  This is we get out of our head and into our heart and our “soul space” with the contract we make with ourselves for being here as much as it is how we are with every energy matter that floats around us, even at a distance. 

I know, your HUMAN always needs proof though, right? 

What if I were to tell you that if you pay attention, you‘d see your own resonance in the ripple? 

Certain energies are around you, whether or not you choose to interact with them. 

There are days you will hear the right word or see the right sign or feel the right vibe just exactly WHEN YOU NEED IT.  This is also part of your own soul contract as you carry onward in your being here.  This is where harmony works WITH YOU, rather than against you.

On days, you may feel the energy is against you ….  That is just your human HEAD/MIND talking.  If you go back to that intuitive pool, you know better.  This is why it is best to allow that place to DRIVE YOU, rather than your mind getting in the way of saying negative things to be self-destructive or make you second guess your being.

People float in and out of our lives whether we know them or not for ‘purpose’ of their contracts, too. 

If you don’t believe me, maybe when you get a long break here, you may want to binge-read my blogs or binge-watch my videos and see that something will hit a chord within your being that you’ve been needing to have as human proof there are no accidents.  Every message can be just the ticket in helping us to navigate any soul contract we have made with ourselves or with others in our life navigation here on Earth.

Sometimes it is not just in the lessons we learn ourselves as we continue on this journey as works in progress but the impact we sometimes unknowingly make to help others with their own lessons, which validate our “purpose” and our reason of our WHY and the “WHAT” it is we are here for. 

This is WHY you will have the moments you do, the thoughts, ideas and feelings you have and your own questioning of WHAT it is that our soul is seeking.

The human and the soul are partners.  Sometimes they get along.  Other times they may battle each other.  But it is when they are both in harmony and let each other be, we see that the collision is beautiful.