Friday, December 1, 2017


As you take a step forward, your big toe can feel the slight level change in the sidewalk through the bottom of your shoe.  

Five or ten years ago, that feeling would be fleeting, unsuccessful in grabbing your attention.  

But today, you are conscious of it, and do not even find it annoying but rather welcome it like reflexology as you walk.  As you smile at your own ability to be present in the moment to experience it, there is gratitude for not tripping to take a face plant.  You are just happy to enjoy the walk today.

The little things, which seem like ‘no big deal’ to the masses, get your attention to remind you just how far you have come in your own acknowledgment of where you are. 

Awareness is like a kindred spirit and it is with you all of the time… heightened on yet another level of your ‘being.

You have worked hard for this… so go ahead… bask in it, you have earned the joy from this simple moment, and it is yours.

You recognize how lucky you are feeling content at this moment.  It is here you are aware hundreds and thousands of others are not having this moment that you are having, because they are completely missing it.  

It is here you begin to wonder if there is someone out there in our big world who is having the same exact moment you are having right now.  For now, you only see human zombies walking around unaware – that you know cannot appreciate this moment exactly the way that you do.  Maybe someday they will.

What you have just experienced is the simple joy of utilizing the perceived measurement of time, awareness, space, and being with your own recognition of “what is” so that you can appreciate where you are.

Isn’t it nice?  It is powerful in its own right just as it is.  These moments can exist in your life, no matter what it is you are experiencing.

What is this exactly, besides being present?  

It is called stopping in your tracks and noting noteworthy progress.

Noteworthy progress you measure for yourself is important to acknowledge YOUR OWN APPRECIATION OF YOUR LIFE. 

Society conditions humans to only celebrate ‘big, monumental occasions’ – but rarely do humans note their own changes.

Change is, as I keep saying inevitable, but HUMANS STAY FIXATED on only ‘big changes’ instead of the smaller victories which actually add up to their bigger sum in the long run. 

People are hung up on going to other people to validate their existence – they are in need of the “tell me how I am doing” rather than sitting still to say…  “Wow, look how I am doing; I am going to celebrate this.” 

When you recognize your own growth as it happens, it is a life-affirming thing.
Can this reinforce cell memory repair in your mind and body?  

Yes.  It is similar to meditation in that you are giving yourself ‘affirmation’ on a human level. 
The difference is that you are doing this in a more conscious state of being without transcending into higher or deeper realms of consciousness or floating as you do in meditation.

Celebrating positive changes, affects the body with uplifting, healthy endorphins. These endorphins help you stay 'upright' in so many ways including reducing your stress levels and mood swings.  When you create 'good feelings' within your psyche and your soul, there can be a ripple effect to help you be happy and more peaceful, and keep you calm to lower your blood pressure, while you replace old negative tapes with positive thoughts and feelings, validation and reinforcement. 

It is the ultimate balance support for mind-body-soul-spirit health…and that is worth doing the footwork for as you walk beyond that level change in the sidewalk. 

Take a step forward today in celebrating your own progress, you will be glad for your own footing.