Monday, January 1, 2018


Goals, resolutions, and plans for personal change - Whether it is a Monday, which launches a new week, or the beginning of a new quarter or month, or even New Year’s Day declaring the start of a new year… a magical new link of promise appears.

However, no one talks about the new week, quarter, or month. The majority of humans usually only find new hope and promise when it is New Year’s Eve looking at the new year ahead which symbolizes a clean slate to begin anew or an opportunity to make changes that have somehow lost direction over time during other times during the year.

There is a promise of what a new year can bring:  

Mentally, you look at the first day of the New Year as a fresh start.  You tell yourself “This is it… this year is going to be a year of change.”

Physically, you look at the calendar and it somehow holds promise to merge with your mental declaration to meet your tangible ‘to do list’ goals or resolutions if you choose to label them as such, as you make way to tackling this list.

Emotionally, you have made your peace with whatever you needed to let go of with the previous year of false starts and failures, or have reconciled in some way that mentally and physically you are going to begin anew and do what you need to do.

Spiritually, you have done your own forgiveness clearing to find an open field of possibility for upward spiraling growth and enlightenment.

New hope, new peace, new promise is part of a plan you have set in motion, right?

Whether you realize it or not – you spent the entire holiday season doing this through your stressful chaos of perfection-seeking tasks of merriment, socializing, observing others as well as cursing yourself at times for things that either did not go right or as you planned and at the same time, started making your skeletal list for the New Year.  

THIS IS GOOD.  This is where you need to start. 

Since change begins with everyone as the starting point, this is good to note.  In our collective consciousness we can create change, movement and promise for something healthier, better and stronger. 

Making your own assessment of how you want to create changes in your life from the most chaotic, busy times is how you were able to sift out what no longer served you.

Read that again. 

How is this so? 

We have 24 hours in a day and when you are pressed for time (no matter how refined your time management skills are) – you choose how you are going to navigate those twenty-four hours.

You choose whether or not you are going to push the envelope so far to burn the candle at both ends to either dishonor yourself to where you get sick, feel depleted, and/or don’t tackle what is on your ‘to do list.’  You also choose whether or not you’re going to stress out or be tough on yourself or inflict self-sabotage set-up or yes, even derail from your own “plan” you claim you are going to adhere to.

I see you nodding.  You may have started out the holiday season with a bunch of things you told yourself you were going to do… and maybe you didn’t get to finish.

By taking stock of what you did or did not do when you were busy and crazed will give you an idea of how you manage your time, your mind, body, soul, spirit, and your health to achieve/do/be as you are.

This will give you an idea of how your New Year (week, quarter, or month) will go, too.  The actual chunk of time here where you are not “pressed” to make choices, and where you are forced to prioritize, will become extremely revealing to your own old habits.

Did you just smile and say “Ah ha?” 

Look at your life through this lens.  It is very insightful.  

Here you will see WHY you continue to end up in the same ‘stuck places’ and the ‘loop’ of the endless merry-go-round that makes your life ‘not so merry.’ 

Do not worry, it takes years of practice.  Every human is a work in progress, but once you master it, your new links of promise and peace will find you very easily, when you develop your own parameters of what is possible, feasible, and attainable with the 24 hours you are given without compromising your own well-being.

When you are able to sit in this place, you will have less failure and those resolutions/goals you set for yourself will actually become realized, and achieved!

Take a deep breath.  Cut yourself a little slack by not having any expectation of what you expect of yourself – because it is in the ‘expectation’ where you set yourself up for failure of your New Year’s goals.

Instead, start looking at each week and each Monday as a chance to improve upon what you did not prioritize correctly from the previous week and hold yourself accountable as you go.  

This method will give you greater appreciation for what you did accomplish – helping you focus on the positive.  It will also provide a way to acknowledge what progress you have made for yourself in a very realistic way, with improved vision and insight for where you are slacking. 

Listen to your body when it tells you that you need to rest – here you will find deeper clarity for your own mind to ‘regroup’ and ‘re-evaluate’ your prioritization without burning out.  

Be sure to give yourself proper time to unplug and provide your whole being a way to recharge, refuel, and refortify your own purposeful way of life.  Here you will find better balance and footing for what it is that you want to do and how you want to tackle what is in front of you for the new week, month, quarter, and year.

Remember, peace and promise resides within you.  First, you have to make peace with yourself and promise yourself to stay true to your pathway of letting go of the frustration, which derails your own progress and your prioritization!  

Wishing you blessings and light for a New Year filled with peace and promise with new footing as you begin your trek with all of your new goals ahead.