Sunday, January 7, 2018


It is going to rain this week.  

This one sentence for Californians is both a blessing and a curse.

Mid-Westerners, Southerners and East Coasters will laugh at me… as the severity of their conditions make West Coasters look like wimps, but yet, my fellow Cali Natives and transplants who have endured numerous earthquakes and El Ninos with me, understand that our agility at the eleventh hour is challenging in a different way.  We do not prepare as you do for what we know is a constant, thus adjustment is interesting to watch here… it sifts out a variety of survival types even during a simple rain. 

With every drop there is gold – to prevent drought, to hydrate much of the nation’s crops to feed millions, and to clear away the air pollution which give us some of the most beautiful sunsets people come out in droves to see on the California coast, giving blue skies a chance to emerge… rain is a gift.

For those who endured the massive statewide fires…I know there is much panic and worry, not just with regard to mudslide potential, but it means those precious raindrops will hydrate the ground to being a recycling rebirth of growing brush and future fire.  This is on the minds of many still in recovery mode.

For the people used to working outdoor events or those shooting TV and film, who operate and live by “It never rains in Southern California,” – there is a bit of a scramble to come up with Plan B this week.

For everyday people, the rain within a commute is both a free car wash as well as a circus sig-alert on the freeways as most folks do not know how to drive carefully when it rains.  This causes accidents, and delay, which affect everyone from food delivery trucks to UPS and everyone needing to get to work. 

The spiritualists welcome the rain, “It’s Mother Nature’s Cleanse”… washing away any remnants of last year as this only marks the second week of the New Year, providing a fresh slate and new beginning. 

As I watched the cottontail end of a rabbit scurry underneath a hedge, and smelled the aroma of onions, and garlic already stewing from neighborhood kitchens for their anticipated ‘cozy’ cold weather meals instead of hearing the whirring blenders from juice cleanse New Year’s diets… rain was a ‘transition link’ to finally have ‘winter’ arrive.

I yearn for the traditional four seasons.  That may sound weird coming from a second-generation Southern California Native…but I do. 

While I understand that along with the beauty of four seasons comes compromise, and new ritual preparations of gearing up for seasonal shifts such as safety, supplies, stock-ups, generator back-ups and such, I believe that it is those very things which provide human character agility, flexibility and journey navigational shifts which seem foreign to those experiencing weather status quo.

Laughable and head-scratching-worthy thoughts come from my circles, thinking I am crazy to want the above, when there are so many envying 70-degree weather and beaches all of the time, but I am seeking some depth and substance from my environment from a physical standpoint.   

While I have endured thousands of “storms” in my mind-body-soul-spirit life both personally and professionally and have fortunately overcome them all, perhaps it is the scribe and romanticist within my soul that continues pondering the external growth possibilities that expand the muscles of a different way of living.  My parents in the Heavens who used to tell me of 'walking a mile in snow' in the Midwest after the Japanese internment camp drop-off, just snicker and smirk in amusement for what I am thinking. But they are also aware I've walked nine miles in 116 degree heat on purpose to disrupt status quo, so... there's that.

It is in this pondering I cannot ignore what this means in terms of WEATHERING YOUR LINK OF CHANGE.  Thus, here we are talking about it for YOU to ponder in your own arena. 

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, I’ll start off by saying that all of my coaching clients who come to me either for personal one-on-one private coaching or for corporate rehab overhaul, the one thing that is a constant is the desire to stop the madness of weathering things as is…and step into the revamp journey of change.

Change for most people is scary, but my job is to educate through the storms of life, health, wellness and communications within business to help people get through the shift to step foot on a pathway toward a new way of doing things and being more content and joyful in a new arena.

When you “weather change,” there is a LINK within your psyche and your soul, which recognizes psychological behavioral gear shifting.  This in turn affects your physical body in cell change, which in turn triggers something new for your heart and soul to process to facilitate a transition. 

As you go through many ‘storms’ you begin to strengthen your emotional and mental core in both an escalated realm of survival and endurance, but you also test mettle in other arenas of your functioning as a human on Earth. 

Our life navigation starts with our ability to embrace change.  If you have mastered this in one or several components of your existence and you are still here like me to talk about it…  I am high-fiving you as we look to the ‘next-level plateau’ beyond the ethers, which is more surreal than where we currently float in our out-of-body human vessel soul existence. 

However, let us get back to the human stuff – the raw grit of weathering change.

Something I wish to bring to the forefront as the new phase of change begins is that YOU are born into this life as someone who is designed to survive, whether you weather (see what I did there?) your life storms or not.

It is true, that we talk about ‘survival of the fittest’ – but I will tell you that every person has within them, the core key ability to overcome anything… it is just the agility ability where people are ‘stuck.’

Therefore, what I would like you to do today is – I want you to think about your agility and your own gear shifting with how you have navigated your challenges.

We can start small with the baby steps you may have taken to overcome certain life obstacles, before we tackle the larger ones.

* What changes have you weathered that you thought you could never overcome?

* How have you evolved from these victories?

* What did the challenges teach you about your own endurance and spirit?

* Do you reflect upon this emergence from your own storm weathering to recognize your will and your strength? 

It is important for you to recognize your own awareness within your own daily progress of how you weather your storms of life – whether it is rain coming down on you all at once or whether it is just a drizzle. 

How you recognize your own victories, is important.  This is how you transition your life changes from one storm to the next.

It is in this process where you can begin to SEE real transformation happening as you grow and evolve in handling things from a pro-active place vs. a reactive place. 


Taking the time to recognize that we can literally ride out any storm that comes our way is part of the pre-preparation for self-recognition, validation, and reinforcement, as well as our footsteps on the road to well-being.

From here, we can choose how to embrace and celebrate every storm – both from forecast and the unexpected, simply because we know we can get through it.

I will see you on the flip side…  I will be the one dancing in the rain and invite you to jump in the puddles with me.