Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Try to remember back when you were a child in school raising your hand to ask a question.

If the teacher called on you to ask, you knew you were going to get an immediate response of some kind to the question you asked.  

If the teacher did not call on you (too many others asking questions) – either your question was answered because someone else asked the same question; or your question remained a question unanswered because you were not given the courtesy of the platform to ask. 

We were conditioned as children to wait our turn.

We were conditioned as children to ask questions and know there were answers.

As an adult, do you find this still to be true? 

I live in a world space where I provide answers for a living… answers to simple questions and yes, ‘larger than life itself’ questions. 

Sometimes there are even questions people have had for decades, which they have either never dared to ask or they have searched for answers to their questions for where they started to believe there were none. 

This is not an easy place for most people to navigate – coming to terms with their own perception that there are no answers.

Some have even bothered to stop asking questions, assuming there are no answers.
Trust me – the answers are always there…available, however depending on where you sit in any given moment, you can either see the answers clearly with no fog, or you they are right in front of you, but you have blinders on.

Most days for me, this very familiar terrain floating in my DeLorean time machine.  It is easy for me in the ethers to SEE … until there is a sig-alert or traffic jam in ether space. 

What?  Does this exist?  Traffic jams ‘out there?’  YES. 

While my HUMAN understands that, the sig-alerts and traffic jams are for an even greater purpose on Earth for humans… it has recently perplexed my SOUL enough to ask…

“Why are there sig-alerts in the ethers?” 


While you humans are scratching your heads….  “What the heck is she talking about?”
You souls who have been “here at this juncture” are smiling at me saying, “I have wondered this and didn’t know this question was there to actually ask!” 

Don’t you worry humans; I will put this in human context.  

In the human Earthly world, this is called “spiritual world blockage” – i.e. you will not get the answers you are looking for until you clarify what your question is that you want the actual answer for.

YES, COMMUNICATION – CLEAR COMMUNICATION is necessary in ‘that world’ also… not just the one here on Earth.

WHY is this important?  

Answers are more specific to your question, if your question is clear. 

Of course, this is the same as it is on Earth…right. 

As a child, if you asked your parent, “May I have a snack?”  This is a vague question.

Your parent may have responded “What kind of snack?” 

Now you had to present specifics…. Sweet, salty, crunchy, hot, cold, etc. 

If in your mind’s eye, you wanted one thing, but were delivered another – you may have thought …

“Why did I receive THIS when I really wanted THAT?” 

Here, you learned communication was everything.  You received steamed broccoli, a delicious hot snack, when you wanted a Popsicle.

Lesson learned. 

When you are dealing with something bigger than yourself and bigger than your human ‘needs” and looking for the answers to life’s bigger questions, why should communication suffer at the hands of the naïve mind before you knew better than to be specific?
I see you smiling and nodding.  “AH, Of course!” 

Now, what I am about to share comes with something more complicated (doesn’t it always?) 

What if I were to tell you that sometimes the answer could not unlock itself to be presented to you…unless you were CLEAR with your communication?  

What If I were to tell you that, even if you were clear that maybe…just maybe you would not receive the answer unless you were able to handle the answer right now?

It is like being told to put your tooth under your pillow as a child before you had any teeth loose to call upon the tooth fairy.

Laughable, huh?  Well, it is reference-worthy information to stash in the back of your brain to file away for another time. 

The answers are always there, ALWAYS.  They are available in the ‘master library index of Akashic records.’ 

Now here’s the thing for light workers… if the human/soul you are asking FOR is resisting or isn’t ready, even if YOU are skilled at accessing the answers, you may be in a sig-alert in order for the divine order of their own progress to unfold as it needs to be to know what to do with said answers.  This is so the answers themselves can be received appropriately. 

IF the person you are asking questions for isn’t ‘ready to receive’ said answers or it might not be for their highest/greatest good to know RIGHT NOW because they still have work to do…to know how to properly process the answers, there will be a sig-alert in the ethers you are hitting unexpectedly.  This sig-alert has NOTHING to do with YOU and your abilities… and everything to do with whom you are trying to help.

This same context could be applied to YOU as well. 

Say you had a question about “timing” (which we have established is not real) i.e. “Why isn’t this XYZ thing happening for me right now?” 

Humans tell other humans, ‘Be patient’ – because they believe this is a human comforting thing to say to pacify the human to ‘hang in there.’  

When you live in your soul world, the soul has to fly to find out WHY.  “WHY isn’t this XYZ thing happening for me right now?” 

This is when humans meditate, go to yoga, go for a run, sit quietly in a park or curl up in front of a fire with a blanket, look out the window into the storm to ‘ponder’ this ‘space’ to get ‘answers’ to the questions their human asks in the present moment.  

Intuition, instinct, the gravitational pull will either release or resist, depending on where you are/choosing to sit in either openness, or not seeing the bigger picture.  

To bring this down to a very pedestrian elementary level – let’s go back to your time as a kid in the classroom. If you were to ask a question light years ahead of your human age:

  • ·         A teacher at this moment must discern through great wisdom, clarity, and assessment ‘exactly how much’ or what information is given… and if it violates providing information that perhaps your parents may have deliberately put the brakes on in time for you to mature.

  •  ·         HOW it is delivered in digestible bits’ for timing, maturity/awareness in the ability to understand/deal with the answer.

So… imagine as an adult if you were asking about your soul’s existence and experience, unfinished business, understanding your karmic debt, knowing what purposeful existence is, soul contracts with humans on Planet Earth right now, lessons rotating and resurfacing, déjà vu, all so you could bring about closure to a past life issue?  There is some heavy-duty stuff here, right? 

Some people either are given all of the answers all at once in a lump sum; or you are given the information in pieces, spoon-fed based on what it is you are still tweaking, refining, learning, and attaining in knowledge. 

When you ask the question WHY...  if you are clear as to WHAT the WHY is applied toward declaring it for your own processing of your personal highest/greatest good, you may SEE that the answer you receive is exactly what you need when you ask the question.

If you are unclear or foggy at the time when you ask, and no answers are coming, it means you need to hold tight and keep going.  It is not that the answers are never there, for they are always there.  You just need to be crystal clear on what it is you are getting the answer to and more importantly the idea of how it can be useful and for what context you are asking. 

No one is ‘denied’ the answers to their questions … only delayed.  However, the delays are for purpose…sometimes an even greater purpose than you realize at the time, even if your human gets impatient with your soul and you have the need to know now.  

Everyone is a student in this thing called LIFE. 

Take a deep breath.  Be patient with your being.  You will be surprised as you continue to move forward and onward along your journey’s pathway, how knowing the WHY becomes easier to understand, WHEN you are truly ready.