Thursday, September 17, 2015


Radiating out like the spokes of a wheel, our 'center' is like the hub of our being.  Inside of that 'center' is a well.  Much like the California desert in an emergency drought situation, at some point the well will run dry.

Now maybe you haven't stopped to think about your being like a wheel or a well... but these analogies are being shared with you to recognize your human.   Hi Human!  :)  Nice to meet you.  

With that said, it is time to honor the human with a friendly reminder - to honor your center.  Sorry to remind you, but you always have a 'busy' season with work, family, friends, holidays and special occasions with schedule-overload and that 'center' and that 'well' of yours may feel off-center and not at all well, if not careful running yourself ragged.

Beyond flu-prevention  - there is something we as a culture dismiss a bit in conversation.  So I'm going to get real here and take the time to open up a discussion....

When was the last time you valued the complexity of your layers within?  Say what?!  You heard me... your layers within your being?  Still foggy on what what is being asked?  Maybe you need a visual.

See this flower? Notice its center and how complex it is.  If you squint your eyes, it may look like a mushroom mound.  But if you look closely, you'll see tiny little layers.   Now imagine how these layers will dry up and flake off if your well is dry... the petals die and the center rots away and there isn't much left.

Okay, so now think about your being and how intricately layered your giving factor is.  Beit generosity, or taxing yourself as you give your energy outward to everyone, being everything to everybody, you may believe there is an endless supply of this to give.  It's certainly nice when there is. Most of the time, you may be able to.

Like this flower strong and mighty, bold and colorful, proudly open to greet the sun upon rising and taking on a new day - it's just like you.   Yet, underneath, this majestic daily presence, there is something deeper, often which goes unrecognized as the center of the well which contributes to your overall wellness and well-being.

Stress, guilt, fear, worry, anxiety, and mind/body/soul taxation lie underneath.  No one has taken the time to look deeply in all those intricate layers to see it.  But let's be honest - you do a really super Oscar winning acting job at hiding it behind the exterior, juggling all that you do.  You've become really great at it. 

When work, school and home tug at you; family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors all want a piece of you wanting to pluck out each of those individual intricate pieces of your 'center' and keep taking from your 'well' and the well runneth dry....  what then?   Do you carry out obligations limping along hoping your last Power Bar will get you to the finish line? Do you hold resentment toward all that calls upon you?   Point fingers of blame for your being where you are?

It's easy to look at all of these angles.  But how often have you set boundaries for yourself to say 'no' or 'stop' or try to say "I can't" instead of "I won't?"  If you have.. do you feel guilty?  Why?

Boundaries are okay.  Everyone needs them.  Honoring yourself sometimes needs to be a priority.  It is not selfish to ask for the time you need to fill your well, or reconnect and link back to your center.

This is often the missing link in life.  We need to incorporate honoring this link.  There are things you do every day just for you.  Maybe you take time to read or work out or maybe you make sure have a good breakfast everyday.  These are normal everyday things that we make time for and plan for and even that is tough enough.  We think we're doing something good for ourselves, and we are.

But that's just taking your car to the car wash.  You're not actually getting inside the engine.  Much like this flower, you're just looking at it from the exterior, you're not peeling back the tiny layers to make sure there's not a nest of aphids inside eating away at things you've neglected emotionally.  If you keep putting yourself last on the list and on the back shelf (everyone is sooo busy) without filling the well or the vase and assume the brave, strong flower is just going to always be healthy, think again.

Repeat this line:  "I need to go deep within myself and check in to make sure I am okay and my emotional center is taken care of. I am a human not a robot."

What does 'checking in' actually mean?

* When was the last time you journaled?

* When someone asks "How are you?"  - how do you actually respond to that question?  The canned answer of "I'm fine?"  Or are you able to say what's really going on?

* Have you put off addressing some of your feelings to avoid an argument or conflict?

* Are you afraid of admitting things are not perfect for fear of being judged?

* Are you tired of 'pretending' things are okay when they are not?

Linking your center and linking your inner-well is necessary.  The last blog we talked about honoring your heart and prior to that we talked about your physical awareness. Linkronicity with your emotional health is necessary for your whole being to actually be whole.

Emotional health is your engine.  We are human, we have feelings.  It's a-okay and encouraged to honor yours.  It takes courage and bravery to do so.  It's not easy, but then neither is driving in traffic or trying something new and you've successfully managed to do that at some point in your life, perhaps even every single day.

Being authentic and truthful with what is really going on inside may be a scary step, but it is a necessary step for every human soul to explore at every stage of their life.

Take time to ask someone, "How are you?" and really mean it, wanting to hear the answer.  But don't forget to ask yourself the same question and take inventory of your center and how empty your well might be.

You can live your best life by starting at this place and taking care of what's inside will give you more blooming power throughout the stressful season and an even bigger opportunity to blossom even greater come spring.

No matter where you live or what seasons you live through, seasonal change happens.  That in itself takes away extra time from your already overloaded agenda to take on that internal conversation with yourself.  There is always an excuse or justification for not honoring yourself.  It's time to RE-CENTER that LINK so you can regain the balance in your life that you need.

You are worth every thought and feeling.  You will be all the stronger for it, honoring the center of who you are, with more energy and beauty to radiate outward to the world  with all... being WELL.