Friday, September 18, 2015


Dogs get excited to see you come home.  They share openly their joy and appreciation for your return. They are not shy about letting you know that your loyalty in returning actually validates their trust that you won’t abandon them. They will be more vulnerable in displaying their feelings in both physical and vocal behavior at will. 

People think cats play hot and cold. They will appear aloof, but in truth they are allowing you to be you, while giving off the appearance of detachment.  Their truth is that they are not detached, their love is just as unconditional as any other pet, but they do not carry out the behavior as openly or freely until your feelings are reciprocated, so that trust is built.  

Birds are vocal and have been given the gift of wings to fly and leave at will with an overview of in their perspective of life as an observer.  Communication and freedom are within their DNA to be themselves until they are caged.

We have seen recently on the news animals from the wild coming into suburbia. Imagine their shock to discover what we’ve done with their stomping grounds.  Small bear cubs were in the news recently taking over a backyard pool, starting their own frolic-filled playtime, ‘enjoying’ what that means… to play. 

This list can go on and on describing the gifts that animals bring us in their display in linking to human behavior.  Studies have been done through primates who appear to be most human-like.

However, when you stop looking at animals and humans and start examining the soul, you’ll start to see that all animals have behaviors similar to humans in various aspects of being. 

Animals are our LINK to life.  Animals are our LINK to relating and our Linkronicity is helpful in developing ourselves and improved communications with one another. 

Their behavior (unless trained) is rarely censored and is displayed as their most authentic self. 

The human censor and filter (thank goodness we have one), is what navigates our behaviors.  This is a good thing most of the time. 

Nevertheless, it can also be a barrier to authentic communication with other humans and souls when the soul is conflicting with the human.  The soul wishes to express true feelings, but the human is afraid of judgment.

When you go back up to the top of this blog looking at dogs and cats, you are sure to find similar behaviors in humans that you know in your life.

The question remains at ‘the wall’… that is put up and the ‘double-standard’ in judgment in terms of behavior.   

For example:  When a dog is loving and hyperactive and showing appreciation, it is considered gratitude.  When people do this, humans may go to the knee-jerk reaction of someone being overbearing or ‘clingy’ or ‘needy’ or too open.  

When a cat’s behavior lets you be you, it is considered acceptable because the cat is cute.  But when a human behaves like the cat, the default reaction to humans is that someone isn’t connected or emotionally intimate or engaged in your interests.  In this scenario, the human becomes the dog overcompensating thinking that more attention will trigger a more engaged reaction.  But the truth is nothing’s changed.  A cat will let you be you and for humans who are evolved to let you be you… it is the same. The engagement is no different, however humans judge other humans on this behavior.  They don’t judge animals.

When we get out of our human selves and start to examine the SOUL instead… we can take a step back and fly above like the bird while observing from above what is going on.  We ascend higher into a different state of consciousness and being.  It is here we SEE what is happening and the higher we fly to observe and learn, the less we wish to be caged.  There is freedom here. 

This freedom frees your soul to be you – your true being of who you really are. It is in this, we can thank animals for giving us life lessons in comprehending further that behavior is behavior.  Acceptance, tolerance, perception, and understanding give us tools to navigate our lives much better.  It is here we can establish peace.  It is here we can find a sense of well-balance in our being.  

Linking ourselves to the world of animals and seeing in their eyes, their souls is a good lesson for life as humans to do with one another.  It will further breed a deeper level of connection within all of us here on this planet.