Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Every life has links.  Every link in our entire life chain is linked to awareness.   It is from here where we can link our consciousness, when we take the time to slow down and be present.

Many will argue that you have to be in meditation to have full awareness or consciousness to access your own links.  This is not completely true.

Links 'within' come in many forms.

Physical links are connected to your awareness of your physical being.
No, this does not only mean your consciousness of being outside of your own body. Physical awareness is also connected to simple things like where you are standing or sitting, how you can feel the blood flowing through your veins.

It also has to do with every breath of your being in the present moment.  You can hear your heart beat, you can feel the cells of your physical being change like when you get injured or get a paper cut or have eye strain or a migraine.

Your intuitive feelings about your physical being can even be translated to your own health.  The cravings you have to run, jump, dance, or even the "need" to work out are connected within you.  Your cravings you have for nutrients your body needs such as acidic citrus foods for Vitamin C or protein sustenance by craving certain foods or electrolytes for hydration is about physical awareness.   The links to your physical awareness are an entire Universe of their own.

When you are tired, fatigued, jet-lagged, physically drained or if you are energized, feeling hyperactive and restless - these are all signs of physical awareness.  Sometimes we may not be able to categorize the physical feeling, but our consciousness isn't always aware of all of these states if we are distracted.  When we are not fully present, we may not even be aware that we may be on the verge of getting sick.   However, when we are fully aware of our physical being, we may get a tingle in our sinuses a twinge of heaviness in our eyes and if we are physically aware enough to take pro-active efforts to catch or nip our lack of well-being instantly, we can do a lot of preventative work to protect ourselves and our health.

It is when we are too busy, too distracted, too fragmented in our multitasking, that we lose our physical awareness.  When this happens, we are not as conscious and perhaps may scatter our energies or spread ourselves too thin, pushing our beings when we shouldn't.

Understanding awareness from our core gives us the platform to branch out into other levels of awareness. 

Awareness expansion to mental/psychological/cerebral wellness,  higher levels of consciousness, emotional authenticity, spiritual and soulful connections to our higher selves in ascension are other levels of awareness linking which take deeper commitment to slowing down to listen to ourselves on these levels.

When our awareness is synchronized from the base of our physical awareness first, we can ground ourselves and center to expand further in our awareness in our other levels of being.