Sunday, September 20, 2015


Are you the busy, hardworking professional, who works so many hours, there is no time to explore the world of woodworking or crafting? 

Perhaps you are the husband or boyfriend who has given up making model airplanes because you’ve been told you’re an adult and you need to grow up?

Or maybe you’re the busy mom who spends more time cleaning up your children’s painting messes, but you’ve neglected pulling out your canvas and oil paints to create your own masterpiece? 

Believe it or not, most people have given up their hobbies and their joy of creating due to work, responsibilities, relationships and perception that there is lack of time.


When was the last time you played or had fun creating?  Can’t remember?  Has it been a long time? 
Our happiness factor is LINKED to the ownership of creating.  

Creativity is the activity our right-brain needs to feel alive.  If you’re in a left-brain centric occupation, chances are you have put your right-brain on the back shelf of your life.

Linking your left-brain and right-brain together can actually improve your productivity, sense of joy, happiness and fulfillment and well-being. 

This vital link of ‘creating’ is necessary for driving our life’s journey and ‘purpose’ forward as we take ownership of our pathway and gain clarity in daily life. 

Zoning out in front of video games, TV or the Internet in a zombie state of being, hinders our internal curiosity factor we were born with in childhood.  

As a child, if given Play-doh or Legos or crayons and told to ‘go create’ – we had the liberation and freedom of creating whatever it was we wanted.

As we become adults, the idea of ‘perfectionistic tendencies’ creeps into our psyche and we become judgmental of ourselves and others in the creative process.

This is destructive to your journey and actually roadblocks you to your destiny of creating something that you enjoy.  In essence, you censor your ability to have the ‘wonder’ factor of creating freely as you wish and you halt your ownership of your own FUN ZONE.

Now creating has become a task – making it more difficult to create happily. Negativity can enter and be self-sabotaging to your ability to move forward in your life. 

Is this how you want to live?  We all know that you don’t want to imprison yourself from having fun or creating freely because then you limit your own freedom to simply BE. 

About four years ago, a colleague and I stumbled into a place where you can purchase a canvas and paint on the spot.  There was no art class, there was no prerequisite to participate…. BUT there were rules….

The rules were – you were not allowed to use a paintbrush.  You were not allowed to ‘control’ any aspect of your art.  In other words, you had to let your art simply ‘flow’ freely and be satisfied with the idea that you were creating something beautiful, because YOU did it – no one else and not even your mind, you simply created. 

We used small squeeze bottles (similar to the kinds you normally see ketchup and mustard in on vendor carts) – filled with various colors of paint.  You were allowed to choose your colors and use as much or as little as you want and how you wanted.  You could do swirls and lines and it would all puddle together becoming whatever it was to become and spill over the sides and make a mess.

This was the most liberating, freeing feeling … to create without borders or boundaries, or self-judgment or rules in terms of what it must look like to be accepted as art.  We are all artists.
The lesson was not lost on the idea that this was applicable to each person. We were all encouraged to get in touch with their ‘inner artist’ and be free to create and return to being that child who just go with it. 

Psychologically speaking, we were given a life gift in our journey to go back and claim that lost artist-child within.  Linking back to that freedom and innocence of the FUN ZONE of playing and being was joyful. 

Don’t we all deserve to have joy?  You know the answer to that.  So ask yourself….

  •        When was the last time you created something?

  •       How long ago did you have fun and freedom just being playful?
  •       Did you forget your inner artist?
  •       Is there some creative endeavor you have not tried yet, but want to?

  •        Have you only put creative efforts on a bucket list for when you have time?
  •     Where were you when you last felt creative and what did you do?
  •       Have you forgotten how to have fun and is this the real reason you don’t start?

  •       What obstacles have you put in your way to prevent you from creating? 
  •       What obstacles have others put in your way to prevent you from creating?  Why the heck  did you give them permission to do so?  

It’s time to LINK back to your artistic side, your right-brain and build a bridge between your right and left brain again to allow yourself to have fun, joy, creative fulfillment and happiness in your life that YOU get to incorporate whenever you please as you please.   

Without this precious link to your inner artist, you’re not enjoying your journey and you could be preventing your destiny from happening.   

Find your own Linkronicity within your creative self and simply let out that true artist within.