Tuesday, September 22, 2015


We all have cloudy days and sunny days as humans.  Our souls have those days, too.  There are times when we lack clarity.  While there are many ways to 'get clarity' - it is not the same for everyone.  We are individuals and what works for one person may not work for another.  The way to get Linkronicity within our being to our own road of clarity can be as simple as being still.

If you have tried to journal, meditate, do yoga or go for a walk to get a clear head but that doesn't work for you, WHAT DO YOU DO THEN?

The answer?  Nothing.  This act of 'nothing' can actually lead to 'something' brilliant if you let it... it's called stillness.

We are human 'busy beings' and it is not often we STOP and just be still.  You may recall as an antsy child in school your teacher probably told you to 'sit still' in class.  Maybe your mother told you to 'sit still' at a wedding or a funeral or in church or at an event and you may have thought she was reprimanding you.  But in truth, sitting still can help you learn better and be 'present' because your energy can be still enough to gain clarity.  By being 'in the moment of stillness' we are allowing other processes to 'shut down' so traffic can clear in our heads of 'doing' to simply 'being.'

While you can be 'still' in meditation, for some Type A people who like to 'control' what is going on, meditation may not work as well because these types are 'conditioned' to want to control the meditation, when the whole point of meditation is to let everything go so your mind can go be still to gain clarity.   Suddenly the focus becomes 'how am I breathing?' or 'am I sitting comfortably enough?' rather than the whole point of being still to gain clarity.

Stillness can help you lead to clarity with absolutely no activity involved.  There is no stimulation of distraction for the mind to detract from creating more space in one's mind.  This is often overlooked as a process because we've become so busy with so many multitasking distractions to be present in the moment.

PURE QUIET (no background noise) is about centering yourself to listen to your inner thoughts rather than hearing the drip of a faucet leak, the click of a clock, the latest commercial off your television or the strum of a guitar in music.

You've probably heard the terms together "peace and quiet'.... they do go together like peanut butter and jelly.  With stillness comes quiet, with quiet comes peace, with peace.... we get clarity.

This is how they are LINKED together.  The process to clarity in stillness is to let go of everything that involves us 'doing' anything in order to start 'being' comfortable with being still.

Stillness is not always a comfortable place for a lot of people.   Most think the only time we are allowed to be still is when we sleep.  Even when we watch a movie, while we are still - we are still actually 'doing' something, thus... not being.

If we look at our minds like a computer hard drive, we can 'defragment' our minds and eliminate the temporary daily cache that clutters it.  We are not downloading anything except what is left after the clearing and the defragmenting and it is here we are simply left with our own thoughts and feelings as they are.   When we get to this place, without any outside influence, we are dealing with raw material.

It is in the examination of the raw material in our minds and hearts that is left where we can start fresh to gain clarity and perspective from where we are..... simply being STILL. Now we're at the root of where things are at in order to process what is pure to deal with it head on, once we get back into our 'doing' mode because we can take action after the clearing, the de-cluttering and the over-processing of our minds each day.

Linking to the root place is like diving deeply into our truth.  This is where Linkronicity can begin - with the truth, the root, our organic selves being most authentic in the pure moment of stillness.