Friday, August 30, 2019


A nice, quiet, cozy, and comforting haven awaits.  All of your creature comforts tantalizing and catering to your every sense of connection, protection, and respite, while simultaneously refueling your soul’s ‘re-centering’ and grounding are here. 

There is a place where you can be yourself away from the external world where you can ultimately be all you are becoming in your next incarnation. 


Being “Human” is a tricky thing… and sometimes other humans do not understand this existence, automatically assuming or labeling what this place is and why it is necessary, in order to expand on a turbo-level of doing in the outside world. 

Accepting a new life mission is complicated.

From the spiritual side of trust and free-flowing all-knowing, the “Soul” has the liberation of floating about in lightness and with the intensity at times to dive deeply into the depths of the known and unknown.

For the human who has only lived in the human sphere without constant connection to the soul residing in the human, there is so much “face value” examined in the everyday. 

Sometimes for the human, this is easy – or as some humans say, “Ignorance is bliss.” The human just does what is in front of them… a list of ‘to do,’ tasks and in some ways, this is the human being present.

Most of us gearshift life like a switch: being human ‘out in the earthly plane’ to get stuff done.  From here, the human then later begins decompressing with the intention of intense soul work once some of the human multitasking is complete.

However, if you have ‘done the work’ … and are deeply invested in the metamorphosis process of evolution, transformation, and change - you are acquiring deeper knowledge on a soul level beyond the soul level you knew before.   

Therefore, there is less compartmentalization of this above everyday process, in that you may stop yourself in your tracks in the middle of the human every day.

This process intensifies and begins bleeding into daily ‘being’ and ‘doing’ simultaneously like a beautifully emulsified orchestrated way of being.

Are you feeling this yet? 

I thought it would be timely for you, Lovely Souls – as this summer may have taken you to a new place that seems extremely intricate to comprehend, navigate, as you concurrently continue to fly into with upward spiraling energy taking you to greater awareness. 

Higher consciousness is not something that can be flipped like a switch once you are connected to intuition beyond the place where you have previously risen. 

Instead, it becomes part of your daily living.  

TRUST that this is a blessing, even if you may feel like it is a burden to think, feel, and see things that may feel like “too much” to process when you are busy. 

Do not get annoyed by your higher streams of consciousness seeping into your day-to-day, distracting you from your old human ways of controlling your ‘to do’ list or human agenda.
It’s okay to feel frustrated if you are used to being laser focused, suddenly feeling as if higher consciousness has you scattered like intensified A.D.D. attention paying mind to deeper insights, visions, dreams, flashes, awareness, thoughts, feelings like a tsunami wave taking your human by storm. 

But this, dear Souls is a gift…a beautiful, bountiful gift – even if your human is overwhelmed by its opulence to fathom, manage and appreciate.  

It is in this gratitude, for even what you may understand too intensely or may not completely comprehend enough to marinate within, that we see the place where the human and soul are both united in a new world and also at times feel at odds within. 

This is normal. 

Or rather, as I said several videos ago… in THIS video your ‘new normal.’ 

THIS is what I was talking about when I channeled the above video. 

What is happening FOR YOU is so you can deal with the external energies by improving upon your internal energies within you from how you used to function.

Your ‘next level’ tools – are actually designed (by all of the work you have done in your healing, and rising to the newly escalated level of awareness) to ASSIST YOU in a way that you would have floundered in dealing with had you not ‘done the work.’

This is where we take our experience of everything we’ve learned and put it to good use now that we’ve done our master cleanse mental and emotional purge of old ways that would no longer be useful to our human.  This is where our higher purpose can take shape for where we desire to go. 

How can you deal with all of the experience you have acquired now? 

Old human thinking may have believed your experiences actually are obstacles, but now that you have done the healing and continue to become more peaceful with your previous purge, you now see that all of the experiences you have, have now lead you here to where you are.

If there is one takeaway now, it is to understand that your experiences along with your soul work of higher consciousness can take you into greater peace even if it may feel foreign to your human to deal with this “change.” 

Sure, it may have felt ‘easier when things were simpler.  

But ideally, the more complex you become from said experiences (in higher consciousness for the soul, not just for the physical 3D human life) – the intricate mindset will help provide an easier navigation now that you are learning it on a level that you have not yet dipped your toe in before. 

Think of it as a next chapter or volume of education.  As the work gets harder, your life actually gets easier because you are attaining ways to improve your life by quality in living through the quantity of knowledge you are gaining through this arduous trek and experience. 

This is different from when the human was only doing it on human terms.

The soul level terms take on a new understanding that is sacred to daily operational ‘being.’
If you evolve into this place where new things come to the surface that are massively intense for you, trust this is part of the process, it is merely your HUMAN stuff coming to terms with what your SOUL presently is now aware of in new terrain. 

Sometimes it is confusing.
Other times it is liberating.

At times it is both.  Just know this is normal as a part of your SOUL’S intense ascension process. 

But it is at this point of the juncture, you may have to leave some things behind and not look back. 

Stay loyal to your pathway and journey. Remain devoted to what your soul calls to honor.
On a lighter note, this simply means you can relax and rest in this new energy once you allow yourself to accept, embrace, find beauty in your newly unfurled wings.  

Take time to appreciate your many avenues of life experiences leading up to this new vision for your adventure, which calls upon your soul’s journey next quest of contractual completion in peaceful being. 

Congratulate yourself for getting to this place of greater understanding as your human returns to your newly acquired space of knowledge where your soul can now begin to fly into new territory. 

You’ve done an amazing job and now we’re ready to go forward into a beautiful vista –and you won’t believe how nice your new sanctuary of being yourself can truly be!