Thursday, August 1, 2019


At the core of your being, you know who you are.  You know what you believe, what you’ve learned, where you’ve grown, and what you’re still working on and working through.  

Ultimately, deep down in your soul you know what you want to choose. Intuitively it is always the positive direction, even if it feels somewhat uncomfortable for you to own, claim, choose this place.

You desire to walk through the portal of total mind, body, soul, spirit, health and wellness for your soul as well as your human ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL to self-mastery to realize your dreams.

Why?  Because you’ve worked hard to overcome what you have and have earned this new energy.

You know from your own ‘homework’ in purging what doesn’t serve (negative thoughts, non-productive behaviors, toxic energies) what your dreams NOW look like after this process.
There may have been a lot of loss… great loss, much destruction and demolition of your life’s old patterns, stagnant energy, and it may feel (as you try to cope) that things are crumbling - but this is where your human is being asked:

  • ·         Is it really loss if you are growing forward, onward and upward and that old energy does not serve you any longer?

It is here you can say, “Thank you, Universe for teaching me through this lesson.  That old way of (thinking, acting, feeling, etc.) served its purpose and I am better for it.” 

A good exercise for you to do is to create a closure ceremony in your own way for that chapter that is over.  You will feel the energies shift immediately from loss to gained wisdom and be able to embrace your new opportunities in a better light.

  • ·        If you know your highest vibrational self – ask yourself if this joyful energy attracts you to your NEWLY revived/transformed self … does it?

It is here the Universe says, “Don’t look away from your own inner flame radiating outward, for it is beautiful.” 

If you are not used to looking at this bright light, let your own mind’s eye adjust.  This is your new normal.

Honor the brightness with a place of gratitude for seeing it.  It may be difficult to look at if you have been recently going through your darkness.  Remember, that life has contrast -  you had to go through the darkness to see this newfound light.

This new light is ultimately YOURS after that chapter of transformation.  It’s okay to step into it, look at it and feel the warmth gifting your soul in this new space and time.

A good exercise for you to do at this juncture is merely ENJOY the new feeling and take action in seizing it – it has been hard earned and you are invited to dance in it and move forward with this energy.

Things look differently, perhaps so different that it might be slightly intimidatingly scary because what you KNOW IS YOURS TO CLAIM is gloriously different, beautiful and exactly what you want emotionally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, and soulfully…. Those dreams and wishes you put out there. 

Here you are being asked by the Universe:

  • ·         Will your human and soul gracefully accept what is being delivered?

  • ·         Will you honor your own gratitude for it enough to say, “Thank you, I receive?”

While lower vibration energy may have been what you have been used to feeling, remember, it’s not for your highest, greatest good.  

Comfort in the old, is just familiar energy – but new energies help you expand, stretch, grow, reach higher for what you are destined for within your soul’s journey.

Open the portal to the uncomfortable if your heart resonates with the higher frequency pitch. This is the Universe’s energy portal designed just for you to say YES and create healthy changes for what you ultimately desire for your human and soul united front.

If you are struggling with unlocking this link that is rightfully yours based on all of the work you have done to get here– please do not hesitate to reach out to me:
Take a moment today as we begin a new energy, to bask in this new month, this new vibration and transformation.  It will be a good use of your time and a great way to cultivate inspiration for where you are going on your journey with your every dream next.

Happy LINKING.  Wishing you happy footsteps into this new portal that has arrived.

Sending you blessings, light and love.