Wednesday, September 4, 2019


How do YOU define reach?  How many ways do you utilize reach in your mind-body-spirit-soul well-being in both business and your personal life?  

Has reach actually ‘reached’ its own place of evolution in how you see the word?

How about the way you connect to actually reach upward and outward toward seeing the word in a new light of existence?  

In what ways have you witnessed your own evolution and connection to what reach defines within your life?  

What are you seeing transform and how many are you starting to identify within as you continue to raise your own vibrational frequency? 

Reach.  My whole life this one word has contained a diversified range of unique definitions in terms of context and the everyday living of action. 

In left-brained business, “reach” is a two-sided coin sterile, hardcore, analytics bottom-line of numbers, results and accumulated data of ‘absolutes.

As a right-brain creative, my artistic creative, scribe-self, and storyteller, the word reach holds a different context in terms of resonating with others. 

On the earthly plane, it is needing to redefine parameters of said ‘reach’ connection straddling the fine-line of water-oil emulsification in creative business endeavors, where things may have conflict within this state of collision.

As a soul operating from the depths of my being with an eye on the future of continuous upward spiraling evolution in the context of world compassion, I see the word of “reach” reaching its own renovation/conversion of sorts with a multidimensional significance. 

Can the word reach be both passive and proactive when it comes to your higher vibrational frequencies living inside your new reality of emotional intelligence? 


Will “reach” reach its own capacity of reach or will it be modified like a ball of clay molded into appropriate context? 

If we as humans and souls look at the thought of our own change being a constant, reach itself will reach its own continuous definition of ‘continuously being redefined.’

Is this just like YOU?  YES…. It is true. You are constantly changing and redefining yourself, perhaps reinventing yourself as you grow into taking on new avenues of your journey.
Isn’t THIS a wonderful thing to take to heart?

As we look at functioning life from a place of “what would love do?” – we will continue to see the word reaching new apexes in our daily lives as we examine life from this lens.  

Can we reach people who cannot reach their own awareness of the process of being on the same page with how they relate to “reach?” 

This is a tricky question of course, but one that needs to asking in order for our own outreach and upward reach to be ‘part of the change’ we wish to see to materialize into a self-actualized reality. 

If you see what you want to accomplish, and it feels ‘out of reach,’ perhaps it is time to re-examine the word and what it means to you.

You have the strength to purge old ideas of what the context of “reach” means to you in order to reach your own transformed thought process.  It is here you can finally see what enlightenment can do as you step out to reach new heights of your own reach toward your dreams and what you wish to accomplish. 

But how do you OPEN your link to getting to this place?

·        First, create a list of how you define reach in your daily life of business, personal, mind-body-soul-spirit well-being and communications.

·         Ask yourself how you have changed from your previous definition of it and what obstacles still may be in your pathway.

·         Next, see how these obstacles can be removed if you were to change perception about how you once defined reach, getting clarity on how outdated your connection may be.  It is because you are in a continuous state of your own confrontational matters of reaching a conclusion, your solution can be found in your new thoughts about what reach means to you.

·         Go back to your pathway to see how you have adjusted your perception, where it has helped to see where your limitations may be in your own upward reach for higher consciousness and outward reach to real connection.

There is also a way to reach new insight through (what we previously labeled as 5D) telepathic outreach seeking answers from your guides to gain clarity on your connection, understanding that this level of reach can enhance and better your own concept of reach so your capabilities have the ability to soar.  

If you are being challenged to find your way up, out or even within reach of your own problem-solving within your daily connections, it may be time to reach out to begin this conversation to gain better clarity and understanding so you can finally reach all you wish to reach. 

With the hope this reaches you as a timely message…. I wish you success in reaching your own conclusions.  

If you're stuck... feel free to reach out to me