Friday, August 23, 2019


Lovely Souls,

As you continue your soul journey, spiritual evolution and raising your awareness, vibration and plow onward in your metamorphosis, it is natural to ride the see-saw when it comes to hope.

Having hope some days is not easy.  But don't kick yourself on the days you slip back into your human cocoon.  It's been a rough road and you've been through a lot.

In meditation today, I was nudged to write a blog (what you are reading now) and do a PART TWO follow-up video (at the end of this blog)  This is to reinforce the understanding of how to work with HOPE so you can have OPTIMISM and develop new habits to remain grounded and rooted as you navigate your higher level of awareness with your soul... knowing your human has human moments and will continue to challenge you as you keep growing.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and actions speak louder.

These cliché’s of life sometimes resonate for the human as justifications, however it is in the soul’s truth that sometimes 40,000 words simultaneously spin doctor their way up to the psyche to find something else that only words can manage to convey.

Let’s try the word HOPE.  Without a word to define it, we humans may find that some days it is impossible to see hope. 

Flashback to decades ago searching for the definition of the hope’s existence, even though (in my audio Part 2 showed me HOPE from an experiece at age 12). My roof leaked, the power was out, I had a 103 degree fever, the phone lines were down to call a doctor or a roofing repair company during a holiday season where I sat on the floor with pots and pans catching drip, drip, drips making their own symphonic musical arrangement.
Having hope was all that I had left in that precise moment other than the floor to sit on and the remainder of the roof still intact. 

As I looked out the window looking for a sign of hope, everything was drenched, flooded and then I saw a green sprout of hope emerging through the darkness of the soil in a flower box.

Was it a volunteer flower growing?  A weed?  Who cares. I grabbed onto it.  It was a sign of LIFE.  And that itself was a sign of hope.

While this ‘picture’ did indeed paint one of a thousand words in what it represented, and its own actions of growth symbolized the ideal ‘life lesson’ of said moment of my situation, i.e. pay attention, ‘hello?’ – you are gaining wisdom in the present, the idea of hope had to transcend any pictures, and actually materialize into ‘words.’  

At a time when I had lost some hope (and my human slipped back into being human) it was the visual, which became a word in itself, LINKING to ETERNAL OPTIMISM, because as you see the visual as its own symbolism all in the word of HOPE.

Needless to say, as humans (even with our highest level of awareness and consciousness), we tend to have human moments and slip back at times to losing hope, even when our souls know better.

Two years ago, I recorded this video about being 'shown' how we can be surprised with joy by not having the expectation. I recalled an epiphany moment I had at age 19 when I worked at Disneyland.

The truth is, even if you are a believer in hope and you as the 'work in progress' try to work with HOPE, there are days you need back up reinforcement to show you hope, no matter how much faith you have.

That was when I realized that it doesn’t matter if you are auditory, visual, or some funky combination of both, regardless of how much faith, conviction or belief you have, humans need the WORD of HOPE to connect the soul’s own-higher-level-consciousness-knowing that they are on track, that hope actually is worth having and that it can indeed carry you through. 

There are believers and non-believers that exist on this planet as a ‘gift of contrast’ for everyone to eventually find their way to the magic of all that HOPE encompasses. 

But if we take a step back and a moment to go ‘out of body’ for a second we can see that it is HOPE that helps us get up and out of bed in the morning. Each day is a brand new day and we magnetize our humans to the idea we have the power to make each day better than the one before it. 

Sometimes as humans we pass the test staying in a place of optimism. 

Other days we as humans may not do our best in staying grounded or in this place.
However it is in the idea of ‘tomorrow’ that we can “try again” and actually have hope if the day that preceded it didn’t go as gleefully as we had actually hoped. Or was that an inappropriate misconception because we didn’t actually have hope, but rather an expectation?! 

This is where the rubber meets the road in a screeching halt and we say….

”Whoa, back up… “

Yeah.  That’s right, this is where we must check ourselves time and time again to try and try again. 

It’s a human mindset condition.  But we’ll get into this more deeply in a bit. 

Let’s return to the center of hope. 

Some will say this is what dreams and wishes are made of; while others will say it is the thread of hope that LINKS together motivation to keep going. 

However you choose to examine the idea of what it means for you, I think we can all agree that at the end of the day, no matter how strong your faith and conviction is in believing in hope, there are still many questions.  

This is mostly because there are human moments that the soul continues to try to work through for the human to have a better ‘human experience’ on this planet. 

Here, things get a tad icky, tricky, sticky, and well at times confusing when you are dealing with the SOUL depending on what your core beliefs are about life. 

The soul is eternal. Even when the human experience expires, the soul carries onward.
So you may at time question whether or not it is your human who needs all the reassurance; yet your soul resides in your human and the soul knows ‘better’ in that most of the things that the human frets about are not real. It may be here you may question whether or not the psychological manufactured illusions are designed deliberately for the human vessel carrying the soul to combat all-knowing vs. human logic in an artful war within. 

If you are tapped into your own energies, and are constantly working with these energies – you understand that human intellect will only serve you to a certain point. This is when your human heart will beat loudly to remind you that you are alive and pushes you to honor, cherish and dance in this gratitude in order to get out of your funk in order to step into the light of hope once more. 

This intricate choreography is one that can only be described with these words I am typing now, for even if I were to paint a picture of it for you, which many of you may have seen as swirling light in meditation, dreams, deep introspection… and this is where the four letter word of HOPE must make its appearance.  

It is designed to remind you, “Everything is alright, you’ll be okay.” 

Even if your own higher consciousness KNOWS this, the human still needs it.

So as long as you are living here on this planet..... you will need support.
It is in supporting the idea of hope we help humanity.

Everyone needs it. We all need it.  It's part of our human experience, regardless if the soul directs the human on most days to stay optimistic.  

And this, Lovely Souls… is WHY I am here to help you LINK to this reality. HOPE EXISTS.
If you begin to utilize this as your daily wakeup motivation, and continue to use it, you are suddenly gravitating toward the human (and soul) exercise of ETERNAL OPTIMISM as you take on each day, carrying HOPE in your mind and heart. 

HOPE inspires us to believe in something we may or may not always see, hear, or even find to punctuate the very word.  Yet here it is for you to see and hopefully (!) digest as your daily vitamin for your breath of life to carry with you as you take on your day. 

As I promised, I said we would dive a bit more deeply into HOPE being your necessary human condition.  I didn’t want to disappoint in case you had the expectation that I would indeed deliver and hoped that I would continue this discussion.  :D