Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Energy… we are energy, we live in energy, life is energy and we are life.

While fourth quarter may have had you spinning with your fragmentation of your goals, dreams, aspirations, ping-ponging between your mind and heart… take heart, because this affects everyone differently based on where you presently sit.

You may have noticed your circle of friends, colleagues, your community, your family and loved ones have been scattered in the energies surrounding them.  

You may have noticed your own energy blur shift gears like some funky make-shift way of navigating what is going on.

In this crazy time, let me remind you that optimism and positive energy will be your light and pull you through what may appear to be challenging times for your soul.  

You can rise above the confusion and chaos and surrender to the belief that possibility and change are abundant.

On this #GivingTuesday, I wanted to give to you some key things for you to put in your back pocket or life’s tool chest for you to see as you try to look forward to 2019 and branch out to your own giving to your community and circles with even more vibrant vigor...

  • ·         Understanding that the ‘quiet’ moments are designed for you to sit in reflection to regroup your thoughts, goals, feelings and understand what else you need to do to get where you are desiring to go next.  This healing time is meant for you to do the work and in doing it, you can expand your consciousness.

  • ·         Don’t believe that retrograde is a negative thing, this can actually work to your favor, even if you feel stalled in the moment to where you are right now.  All things come in their designed time. Instead of feeling frustrated that you are spinning your wheels because things are not going your way, use this time productively to clean-up and declutter your life’s fragmented energies or tackle something you might have been procrastinating doing.

  • ·        If things are falling away, know that they are only doing so because they are no longer serving you well. Know that this is merely creating a pathway for you to embrace something new.

  • ·        Your greatest and highest good is always part of the energy from THE UNIVERSE. While sometimes challenges are tough, set-backs or delays may be frustrating, know that there is always a reason you cannot see and it is for your protection or preparation, so that when things do align, you have a smoother road.

These are just some things to incorporate into your daily living. 

Nothing is impossible to get through and if you take the time to link to the positivity of a retrograde energy, you will not struggle.   

Be peaceful and don’t fight against yourself – listen carefully to your heart, honor and cherish what it is telling you and be grateful for the moments to do so as you put your energy in an upward spiraling light.

When you sit in this place, you have more fulfillment.
When your heart is full, you have more to give to others.
But with an empty tank sitting on depletion in negative energy, there is nothing left.

Take time to REfuel and REfortify and REgroup during a Retrograde so you have more of yourself to apply, give, and share.  We have the opportunity to do this daily, not just on days designated or commercialized to do so.

We can Give Thanks all year around.
We can Give Love all year around.
We can celebrate life and moments, and share every day if we choose. 

But it all begins with honoring the core, the soul, the home base foundation of where you are sitting in stability to do so freely, openly and securely from a place of vibrancy with the purest intention. 

If you are confused or at a crossroads, there is an answer to every solution, because you are the answer to many.  You just have to step outside of yourself to see it for your optimum clarity.

For everything else, just ask. https://linkronicity.com/CONNECT.html and your question just may appear in the next video. I’m here to help you sort through the fray and will address you only by first name or initials or even anonymously, just indicate your preference when you ask your question.

Thank you for being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone to seek the positive,

Be gentle with yourself, Lovely Souls.  Link to the positivity that is available to you in abundance. Retrograde can be your friend, but you first need to be brave enough to be your own.  

Blessings and light.