Friday, November 2, 2018


Timing is everything or so they say… So the bigger question is “who are they?”
Think about that for just a second (ha) if you can spare it.

Can you?  Or do you choose to look at your time as something you cannot spare? 

When we think about “time” as a concept, we understand from the soul’s perspective it is not real, yet from the human perspective the clock keeps ticking (tick, tick, tick)… we are faced with the perception versus reality debate repeatedly.

Yeah, this can be a waste of time – depending on what you subscribe to as you live each day trying to make use of twenty-four hours. 

  • Human society makes us run against the rat race clock. Go, go, go.
  • Consumer marketing tells us we need to turn back the clock and do everything to stay encapsulated in this time machine of making time stop so that we don’t ‘age’ and we ‘reverse age’ and try to stay young forever. Turn back, turn back, turn back.
  • Children who bask in play, are forced by adults to continuously conceive time as something to hurry up and think about “what do you want to be when you grow up.”   

    ***Notice that the concept of time here is to rush through childhood to propel one’s psyche and mindset to not stay present but to forward-think into the future.  Push forward, push forward, push forward.

  • Spiritualists say, “stay present” and don’t move, be right where you are right now and enjoy where you are right now.

  • Employers ask the redundant and counterproductive question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Where most candidates should be turning the tables to ask the employer that question to see if said company has a plan/goal at all to stick around in this economy.

  • For the nostalgic reminiscent folks and historians, they want to preserve, hang onto and cherish the past.

  • For the innovators/inventors, they want to only see the future.

  • For those of us who live in the consciousness space of all of this, we sit back as we watch the humans and souls scramble with the mixed message of ‘what to do.’

It’s quite entertaining from this place to watch the pace as people relate to the concept of time.

I enjoy this as much as I can when I am in my rested, most grounded place.

The impatient creative and over-achiever ‘go big or go home’ side of me often battles my Zen observer applying meaning to every microsecond basking side.  Luckily, they both win out at some portion of the day thankfully because I have learned to master my own concept of time and how I use it.  

Hey, don't think it came overnight... this took A LOT OF TIME! 


However, trying to explain this to those who are frustrated and have not yet mastered their own concept is somewhat challenging when dealing with other earthlings whose idea of time is constantly sitting in a staunch iron-clad position of being unmovable, non-pliable and unwilling to be flexible/adaptable.

This is not criticism, this is reality for most. This is where humans struggle and my sincere hope is that I can help ELIMINATE the struggle, so everyone can find their own individual concept of time and peacefully work with it – so that every day is well, in balance and you master it for yourself the way I have learned to master mine. 

Someone once said that is a pretty altruistic use of my time.  Haha 

Well, hey, if this is where I leave my footprints, so be it.  I honor the time in which I can contribute to assist.  If it helps one person or more, then I consider this a good use of my time. 

See what I did there?  Those who took the time to appreciate that nugget just received an extra few minutes added to their clock.  

The reason I write all of this is to bring a higher awareness, Lovely Souls for you to examine how your human can sometimes feel in constant ‘conflict’ with this soul space as you process time for yourself, but you need not struggle with all of the above to where it leaves you paralyzed.

Read that again, please.

Many of my clients who have come to the crossroads of being ‘stuck’ – I simply help them untangle this knot in their life tapestry.  From here they can see what it is they really want to do, how they want to move through it both in present time, reconcile the past and prepare a fertile foundation to live in now for a healthy, happy future because they are living destiny now in their journey.

What?  Yes… Oh… you thought destiny was something you have to ‘wait for’ as in ‘later’ as in ‘future’ in another time?  No.  You can initiate the creative process to enjoy what is here if you choose, but the bigger question is – what will you choose? 

Courage and bravery are part of the process of choosing.  It’s not as hard as you think, unless you overthink – in which case, sometimes overthinking will paralyze you into believing that if you ‘mess it up’ there is no turning back time.

However, this is where the human and the soul need to come together to understand that if you choose your destiny within your present your journey, that time is now and you’ve been ‘waiting’ on the idea that certain things have to evolve with time.

What if I were to tell you it is YOU who evolves with time?  You can change within it as it is happening, because the change is already happening.

Did your brain just explode?  Is your mind blown? 

Sigh.  I love my job.

Okay, so hence the title of this blog, the LINK place to time and pace. 

Your journey has its own ‘unfoldment.’  Time for you is NOT the same as time for everyone else. 

Why is that?  Because there is only one YOU.  

This is why it is SILLY to try to ‘keep up’ or ‘measure’ your time against anyone else’s concept of time or for the world clock.  So let’s remove this “pressure” from your human right now.  The only person you have to deal with is yourself and how you VALUE TIME.

It’s about perception and the reality you choose from said perception.  

Let’s examine this from a fundamental place… let’s go back to crayons and paper.

In Kindergarten (or for some of us nursery school or pre-school), the concept of drawing a picture on a piece of paper as an assignment could be seen by your child-self as either a good use of time or a waste of time, depending on your temperament.   

While some kids would rather be playing dodge ball, and other kids would prefer to read a book, it’s all about how you relate to the concept of using your time with crayons and paper that shapes how you view the use of your time.

So if we take this idea forward into the realm of “What am I learning about myself?” or “How am I expressing myself” or “Am I able to see how I see the world by what I create?” and “By doing this with others I can see how they learn, express and see the world by what they do” …
Now what do you see? 

Suddenly how we once viewed that “snippet” of time changes.  Why?   

Because I just changed you, opening up the idea that there is not just one
 way to view the place of time and pace and how the measurement of time is utilized.
You’re welcome.  :D 

So as you change your clocks back one hour – ask yourself how you will use that perceived gained hour. Or better yet, how you can change how you use it. 

Don’t be late!  Haha