Monday, September 24, 2018


I sit here with coffee steaming from my cup on this overcast California morning.
Today is different.  It feels different from my usual instinct of bolting like a wild horse out the gate as the lifelong caffeine achiever that I am. 

Instead, on this day, I sit with the crows cawing.  As loud as they are, the air is still and quiet, yet there is movement flowing. I hear them, smile and say "thank you." 

They signal the change that is happening, (a gift) transformation, destiny, alchemy, and assistance as medicine to support intention. 

They ask you to pull back for assessment and self-counsel so you can be more assured of your steps to ensure a level of positivity for the changes you make in your life. That is their true representation, though others would not agree.

Some nature people believe crows signal being “cautiously optimistic” - however, that has always seemed oxymoronic to me. 

While others may look at this as the crow’s trickster magic, I dare to challenge and ask, “Isn’t the real trickster here, your own perception within your own mind?”

Think about that for a second, as I gently ask you to get back to me with your own thoughts. 

Meanwhile, I graciously thank you for allowing me to share thoughts of my own…

I do not subscribe in being “cautiously optimistic.”  This is a very distinctive contrast for me – you are either optimistic or you are not. Perception is always subjective, but in my eyes optimism should be pure motivation, inspiration and organic as it is… it does not need a side-label to sabotage itself.

Why should one caution one’s self about being positive?  If you tweak the LINK in your brain to believe optimism is not something you should be afraid of feeling, then cautious optimism does not have to be necessary or even exist. Why be afraid of being positive? 

Most choose this as a ‘guard’ or a ‘wall’ (defense mechanism) in order to protect themselves from being hurt, disappointed or hopeful. This is where human ego attaches itself to the outcome.  But what if you detach yourself from the outcome and merely be optimistic that things will turn out the way they are supposed to for REAL CHANGE to happen as a result of whatever happens?  We do not control everything – life has a way of bringing things to light for us to see, to create change even from the challenges. 

While, intellectually I accept from others that people like to cross fingers, hope for the best, and do not wish to put eggs all in one basket like an Easter bunny, let’s keep in mind that hidden golden eggs in life exist.

In other words, disappointment only comes when you have expectation from the get-go and THIS is the reason WHY people utilize that phrase.  

Are you smiling at that one?  Isn't it silly to be your own buzz kill before you even can experience the actual ‘surprise of joy?’  Why do that to yourself? 

Go ahead and laugh... millions of people do this to themselves every day.  
While it is not funny, (sad actually) that this is happening and we can create change from this space; it is funny to think that it is such a "well, DUH/A-HA" moment that has not come to light sooner.

But alas it is here for you. That's you're golden egg for today.  You're welcome. :D

Unexpected joy that comes out of left field, out-of-the-blue, and that is the golden egg moment.  

  • How frequently do you see your moments like this? 
  • How often do you express gratitude for this blip of joy?    
  • Do you take it for granted?

What if you remove expectation entirely and put your optimistic energy into everything breathing the lifeline of gratitude in said moment?  Wouldn’t the quality of your life be better by doing this? 

WHY is this important?  You are merely blessing it with positive energy. 

There is no failure if you have tried and if you put your optimism there into your effort, isn’t that a better way to go?  Isn’t it better to be positive about everything, even if things do not go your way?  This Lovely Souls is called “Doing your best and being okay with knowing you did your best.”  

This is where self-acceptance is born.  If we do not accept ourselves first – how in the world are we going to be in a place where we can co-exist with others?  

Chew on that for a bit. 

Shouldn’t we be supporting THAT instead?  

Doesn’t that reinforce the human psyche and spirit from another place entirely? 

Whether or not you agree with me, my point is to share the ‘twist’ on what energy work can do for you.

We should choose to accept that no effort is wasted.  One’s identity and attachment to outcome is about hope, not cautious optimism. We should change how we connect to it because being “cautiously optimistic” has a similar vibration as “reluctantly hopeful.” 
Isn’t that just half-assed energy?  

Instead, let us feed optimism by giving it all of our love, light, hope, faith, trust and belief, If we do that, optimism has a chance to flourish to become what it was intended to become. 

Doesn’t that make better sense and a more constructive use of the energy you put out from your soul?  If it doesn’t – perhaps I need to provide more clarity, so allow me to articulate it this way…(Watch Video for a full explanation)

Now that we have that down, let’s talk about breaking the mold – the one that imprisons you to believe all of the negative stuff that keeps you captive from living from the place of liberation, joy and true freedom from soul and higher consciousness level.  

Whoa, right?  Yeah, I said it.. but I am not just a mouthpiece, I believe it.

Here’s the thing Lovely Souls – while we cannot control the outcome of anything with others involved, we can manage our own life, consciousness, and ability to put optimism in our being to be all in for showing up positively as best as we can.  

Isn’t that how you want to remember yourself living when all of this is done?  

Take a moment to assess that you have twenty-four hours you put into your day.   

You can choose to waste it with destructive negative energy or actually be a catalyst for change by choosing positive energy to find solutions, answers and constructively be part of shaping the energy into something that can make a difference. 

How we link to changing the dynamics of ‘molds’ is a big piece of this.  

Why so?  

If we stay complacent in accepting molds that do not work in our best interest for change as a standard, we lose the opportunity to shift ourselves into a place to move things forward.  

Breaking molds starts with choosing to do so. Let’s start with breaking the self-sabotage mold of believing that optimism requires a caution label… you’ll be glad you did.