Tuesday, September 4, 2018


I woke up to an email being told what I was saying was profound. 

It was here my human wrestled with whether or not to divulge that it was not my human writing, talking, communicating, but rather it was my soul’s higher consciousness spewing words and knitting them like a tapestry or row of sweaters to cradle human existence.

My old human would not even be writing these words that you are reading right now, for the petty frivolous concern of being thought of as ‘weird’ or usual cricket orchestra of silence building in a crescendo of human thought…. “gee… was it too much?”


Oh, that silly human… she is rarely here on this planet anymore, but she occasionally shows up in observance…marveling at how ridiculous it is to have these thoughts living in the soul world most of the time.  

However, in all honesty – my human does wrestle with that at times. 

Human critics will say, “try to be relatable.”  But I have to remember those are the only humans operating in analytics, statistics, commerce, ego and greed.

But my soul circle says, “Wow… what a cool way to be relatable and thank you so much for the gift of your sharing, I really needed to hear that or be reminded of that.” 

And it is here, that I sit in trusting enough to write what I write – knowing there are many of you HERE on this planet who NEED the profound stuff to find you, where I can be the messenger to help YOUR HUMAN and YOUR SOUL… NOW.

The other human critics will one day need what it is I have to offer.  When that time comes, there is no judgment or resentment for previous rejection (cuz that’s human stuff), but rather just a welcoming soul and my soul smile saying “Welcome, it’s nice you can finally join us.” 

So this is a responsibility I take seriously as a light worker, thought leader in my undefined metaphysical-sometimes-commercially relatable geek-o-sphere, driving my human away with both a turbo-engine super flying vehicle and old-fashioned grass roots plow in the landscape of often-times thick-gooey-reminiscent of M-I-crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter, crooked letter I, hump back, hump back I” mud sludge.

That was an elementary school throwback for those of you in my demographic.  Hope it made you smile. 

So what were these ‘so-called’ profound words? 

It was about change…not in the context you know the word.

Change for most people is so pedestrian, so fundamental… so dare I say basic. But it is up to us to realize that if nothing changes, things stay the same and ultimately won’t benefit any of us, because status quo does not serve the greater good of humanity.

We need a shift in consciousness on a deeper level where most humans are either too afraid to go or don’t know how to take on, or fear the shift as if it is some force that only has negative consequences.

What if I were to tell you that we cannot find light unless we are forced to face darkness in the challenges which test our mettle, our psyche and our soul for the ultimate battle between mind and heart awareness?  

What if I were to tell you that whether it is a shift in consciousness, human heart, action, rising, eliminating 'reaction' – that this must happen?  Otherwise, we humans face the point of paralyzation of the psyche and the soul… did you realize this larger consequence?  

What would that look like? It won’t be pretty in the long-run. Therefore, as uncomfortable or as challenging and tough it may be on our poor human vessels, the greater good of soul existence is reliant upon our human’s surrendering the rebellion of stubbornness to change and simply… CHANGE.

Deep stuff for your morning coffee or nightly wind-down, but what I share is real. 

We are being asked to make the changes that serve us better. But sitting back and watching isn’t the way to do it unless you choose to be completely aware and observant of what is happening all around you.   

Sometimes that means paying attention to what is around us outside of our humans performing daily tasks, instead making a conscious effort to step outside of our vessels to see where we make choices that put us more directly on the destined path, instead of the human free will of default.

Maybe this isn’t profound.  However, let me tell you – it’s easy for most humans to find ways to distract themselves from what they need to see, getting caught up in the surface stuff, rarely diving deeply into the higher realm of living.

I say this ‘higher realm of living’ because for most humans, it is simply the daily life of existing.  If we choose only to exist, rather than live, we’re wasting precious gifts to share the value of what our humans often wrestle with in providing beyond the human.

Take a deep breath.  Digest however you need to digest this. 

I realize my messages and channels often need to come with a case of Mylanta at times if you are not prepared to receive all that my heart lovingly gives as a responsibility for the gifts that I have that I really have never personally considered profound, but rather… it is all I know.

My hope is that you can see beyond your human to understand the greater good of humanity in your soul’s daily actions and with that, may we all find, discover, and rest in this available peace to be enjoyed, received and shared as a collective mind-heart-human-soul consciousness.

If you would like to find your own LINK to your own life’s meaning and comprehension of your own personal soul’s mission and work to do, begin thinking about how you want your next year to look – I am available for consultations. https://linkronicity.com/CONNECT.html   

We can begin work together on your customized sessions so you can share your gifts with the world. 

In the meantime... digest what was shared and ask yourself… “How will I allow my soul to shine outside of my human?” 

Blessings to you.