Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Go ahead Lovely Souls…. Roll your eyes.  Tranquility, Tranqshimility.. yeah, yeah.  You probably hate being told to calm down, eh?  Well you’re not alone.
First, let’s understand it a bit better: 

You like things how you like them.

Do you have a need ‘to know’ or a ‘need to control’ things?
Do you get frustrated when you try to plan, but things don’t quite go according to your plan?
How are you with sitting in calmness and tranquility? 
Do you hate it?  Are you antsy?  Can’t sit still…?
Are you reactive?  

*Smiles* Relax!  Don’t hate the messenger telling you to chill out and relax.
You are right on schedule right now… 

Instead understand, this is being channeled to tell you this so you can tap into your TRANQUILITY LINK. 

My question for you now is …. CAN YOU TRUST that the LINK OF TRANQUILITY is there to HELP YOU?   Do you believe it is for purpose?   Are you able to sit with it.

Here’s a bigger question for you… ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR IT? 

Ah…. Yes, gratitude – where has THAT been?   

Let’s understand how the Universe works, in that we must be grateful for all things and that includes timing.  However, humans rarely stop in their tracks to express gratitude for timing. 

Instead, most humans curse timing instead of looking at it as a blessing, because most humans are ego-driven wanting things to go their way and they want it to happen NOW.

But what if, things didn’t happen NOW, only so that what is delivered is better because it took the time to be created behind-the-scenes for you while you were stomping your feet, getting stressed, or impatient not just with timing, but yourself and the world and others?   

Trust yourself.  Sure, things may not look all that pretty to you right now as you throw that tantrum, but don’t think for a second you’ve been ‘forgotten’ or that you need to dare dive into a place of feeling defeated.  

If you believe in the idea that things happen at the right time and for reason and purpose, maybe your trust could be reignited and your faith restored in what is possible instead of looking at timing (or stalled moments) as a negative thing.

If you take the time to examine your life over say… the past decade, you’ll see yourself now through new eyes.  When you see yourself through new eyes, you can appreciate how these years and even the challenges you went through were for purpose beyond what you could actually see at the time.

But here you are on the other side of it, it is easier to observe and learn to realize you are where you are and it is the right place to be right now, even for reasons you may not quite fully understand. 

The LINK OF TRANQUILITY is about your higher-self wisdom. It is about knowing that life cannot always be noisy, action-packed or chaotic any more than it can be always peaceful or calm, or maybe in your eyes boring or status quo.

By appreciating the empty legs of time given and provided, we humans can appreciate the gift of that space for the soul to recalibrate its truest and purest truth, communication of purpose, solidifying the purpose and reason for being.  This wisdom is another gift to be grateful for if you understand that you have to have the ability to tap into your own LINK OF TRANQUILITY to SEE IT, appreciate it and ultimately have gratitude for it.  Without the peace, there is only noise.  If you allow yourself to sit in a confident place of trust, you can gain all of the wisdom you need during the tranquil moments where calm can wash over your being as its own loving prescription to discover another avenue of bliss  you may not have seen before. 

Are you able to honor your spirit enough to give yourself that gift?
Will you fight it?
How will you find your own creative abilities to expand your own awareness without it?

AH… that is where you will realize, that you cannot unless you do it.

So stop the dizziness of being in this cycle of rebellion if the Universe is providing you a time, space and place to actually hear yourself think, feel yourself feel and yes, KNOW that you have what you need in this moment to deal with what you have to deal with right now. 

You’ll discover that this IS a very calming, tranquil place to be.