Tuesday, October 2, 2018


It is October.  I have always called this the month of the octopus.  While it makes no sense numerically today (originally it was the 8th month on the Roman calendar), even though October is now what we know it is the tenth month – you’ll begin to see why I talk about this as being the octopus month, as you take a step back to examine October and what it is showing in the human world.

Look around.  What do you see?  

Companies are busy with their fourth quarter bottom-line.  People who work in the consumer businesses are focused on getting ready for November’s Black Friday holiday frenzy or they are passing out layoff notices because they see they need to re-strategize for the New Year.  

Many people are already sneezing/sniffling, feeling fatigue and are getting sick.  It is why flu shot conversation is rampant in both your community and in the news.  

Students who are just now adjusting to their fall semester know that juggling studies, exams and booking upcoming holiday travel for when after the quarter is over is like having several tabs open on their tablet. 

It seems as this final quarter of any given year unfolds, humans zoom into this juggling act with eight arms trying to do too much with such urgency, chaos ensues, and many beings become ‘unsettled’ or ‘rattled’ at the changes taking place in their micro-environments, while simultaneously feeling the impact of the greater world event energy, simultaneously.   

Let us be honest – the external energies this month globally, already are extreme.

It is a lot to digest, right?  Well, that’s October – a time of bounty and feasting, celebration and Jupiter is asking you to look at both your material world and your spiritual one.
The above is all about the human’s mess.  So now ask yourself, where your soul sits in all of this…. Where do you see yourself? 

Autumn is upon us.  Situations, relationships, and projects are sifting out.  What falls away by the hand of the Universe is for purpose we may or may not see, but we must trust it is for the highest good in order to move into the light of where we are meant to go next on this journey.

That looks like a powerful statement in context, doesn’t it? 

It is, but it need not be daunting or overwhelming – now is the time to trust in its greater purpose.  

The human has a hard time with change, which you know by now is inevitable – as we have discussed this many times.  However, the truth is sometimes we need to go through the tough stuff to further test our character, our strength, and evolve into our new reality for the shift to happen.

What do I mean by shift?

Well, let us start looking the things included in a shift for your handling the bigger picture:

  •  Inconveniences for the human (when things do not go according to your plan)
  • Timing (when timing is off, you think of it as a negative – but in truth it can work for you)

  • Human free will (things that others do which affect you or may cause a ripple to the two bullet points above)

  • The unexpected life curveball you did not see coming.

Every action has a consequence.  The points above are involved in your ‘everyday life.’ 

This, unbelievably is the smaller stuff.  Humans tend to be tangled up in this knot due to lack of control, organization, or some sort of fear/belief that it relates to something negative.

However, what if I were to tell you that the above is like a ‘super temp’ who comes into ‘the office of your life’ to clear out the clutter for you so you can see clearly and focus on your greater picture priorities? 

This is why October is the sifter of said bounty.  Bounty is not always good….sometimes it is merely excess clutter you do not need and that includes energy.

Maybe October is not really about you being this octopus….and maybe you are not supposed to juggle more than you can handle right now, so you can refine and redefine your authentic soul truth of the environment you desire with the situations that can help foster greater growth. 

What happens in this fourth quarter clean-up is better for your eight arms… you are a human, and while you may pride yourself at being a supreme juggler, it may be time to get back in touch with your human two arms to balance out something better for your human.

If we take a step back to see your multi-focal lens, let’s regroup and focus on the fact that you are not losing arms, nor are you losing your ability to juggle, but rather you are giving your other arms a sabbatical of sorts to rediscover your priorities.  

Think of it like optimizing your own performance engine of sorts for being able to put your energies into situations, projects, people and relationships that have a deeper level of resonance for what your truth seeks as the seeker you are from the soul place.

While it is nice to be ultra-busy, know that the temporary adrenaline rush can only serve you to the point of your own delayed imbalance.  Sometimes it is in the subtleties of what is happening in your favor, you can see both sides of what you need vs. how it aligns with what you truly want. 

This clarity comes from this time where you can assess what is left – like a garage sale of your life.  What is left from the aftermath of the tornado, and the fall-away from your red-tag sale, is what you have to work with.

  • ·         The bigger question for your soul is what do you choose to keep now? 

  • ·         What do you subscribe to as a new energy?  

  • ·         Where are your energies best serving for your real vision? 

  • ·         Who is authentically there for you and unselfishly choosing to be there with no hidden agenda?

  • ·         When and how to you integrate your personal boundaries after the shakeout?

You have unlimited potential, but limited and finite energies in any twenty-four hour period. 
How you choose to show up should be with the genuine intent of your truth.  

So as you look at October ask yourself what works with who you truly are, what you seek, what you think/believe you want and where you are investing your time, energy and how it either depletes you or sustains you.   

Here you will see what you need to see, in order to deal with your inner octopus.  

Perhaps you will just have to wait until you are born as an actual octopus in your next life.