Sunday, May 27, 2018


The plateau… it is the open landscape destination for anyone desiring to achieve. 

When you are driven to achieve, you wake up each day knowing what it is you have to do.  
This is the key motivator; it is the ultimate push, the driving force, the reason

Depending on the kind of person you are, there are different kinds of motivation:

  • ·         Motivation is something to keep you inspired.
  • ·         Motivation is something you use as a self-challenger.
  • ·         Motivation keeps you grounded.
  • ·         Motivation provides you with something to continue to propel yourself forward.
  • ·         Motivation becomes your purpose.

Which one applies to YOU?  One?  Two?  Maybe all of them?  Maybe you do not know or have not bothered to define this because you have always worked toward reaching the plateau you have put forth for yourself, so you just keep on going with blinders on.

It is here, I will take your blinders OFF... ask you to breathe and ask yourself what is your motivation for the plateau or for the summit?  How does it apply meaning, mattering and above all, fulfillment and satisfaction to your soul?  

Have you ever looked at it from this place before?  Do you even care?  Or is your motivation so simple that it remains satisfying for you for it to be one dimensional.

That is fine, if you are happy. However, if you are not, this is why I will ask you that question.

For me, one-dimension is not soul satisfying. Some days I consider it a blessing, others a curse, but it is authentically who I am and if you are like-minded, you may see that I understand you from this mutual place of knowing you question more. Sometimes you can question more from yourself, other times you can question more from the energy of life. 

I wanted to begin a conversation about this because there is one thing that no one ever talks about and that is, how do you get ‘beyond the plateau?’ 

For some people, they believe that the only answer is just a greater summit.
But then, this becomes a problem, too.

What if you have reached every goal that you have ever set for yourself to achieve? 

What if you believe you do not have any other summits to reach, never mind have no interest to reach, because you are fulfilled, satisfied and content? 

Many overachievers sometimes believe that a place exists where ‘there is nothing else’  and for some, it feels empty in the human sphere, as the soul stretches beyond the realm of knowing that is not true.

Some humans/souls even get to the destined plateau and ask, “Is this all there is?”  Some reach the higher summits and ask the same question.  

Sometimes this produces a questionable future and a scary place of being where the ‘unknown’ exists all over again likes a high school student not knowing what they will choose as their college major.

Take a deep breath overachievers... it's not over. Perhaps this is a new place to begin.


Did you know that something beyond it existed? It does!  Where is it?  It’s this place ‘beyond the beyond.’ 

I am not being extraordinarily geeky… beyond the beyond does exist, and it is a different ‘plateau’ for everyone, depending on how willing you are to expand your realm of possibility. 
Most humans limit themselves to the human world, living in this bubble of the tangible achievement that includes goal, action, and then result.

However, if you are functioning in SOUL mode and not HUMAN mode, you will SEE that the ‘beyond-the-beyond’ place I speak of is really TRANSHUMANISM.

Transhumanism is a level of nirvana for the soul to realize.  It is exhilarating for the psyche, for the heart, for the spirit and liberating beyond the limitations of the human experience.
Though, I will warn you that if you live in this beyond-the-beyond sphere frequently, it can create trouble for your human having to navigate as a human on Planet Earth because your SOUL desires to seek out the company of SOULS living in the SOUL experience, while the majority of the beings live mostly in the human place.

My human and my soul admit openly that I fluctuate in the in-between of these spheres, and I am frequently challenged at times in the human world because I am still here.  This is not a bad thing. 

This is why I bring up that the LINK to finding your place BEYOND THE PLATEAU AND SUMMIT, is in itself a new plateau and summit.

Still with me? 

In other words, or should I say ‘in other worlds’ … your new plateau/summit is figuring out how to ‘function’ as your evolved SOUL SELF navigating human challenges with an entirely brand new perspective to now float between these two places to choose your actions accordingly.  

This goes beyond choices, this expands beyond consequences and outcome, because all within its existence the ripple effect flourishes.

Some souls don’t want to ‘deal’ with human stuff because it is human… not as important as the soul’s evolution between lifetimes, dealing with past karmic debt, old soul contracts, life purpose as a human for the reason of ‘being here’ and said human agenda the soul has within the human flesh puppet.

In my last blog, I spoke about the human experiences, which can be dehumanizing.  

I wrote it from the place of everyday human ‘inconvenience/petty challenge,” as a way to convey how the human world can be dehumanizing… even for the soul if the soul is present when the human is challenged.

Now let’s look at it from the opposite place.  Let’s take the reality of ‘why’ the human is forced to look at that… perhaps it is for the soul to also reach a brand new understanding about going beyond that to see something bigger.  The reason for doing this is to demonstrate exactly what we have been talking about in terms of ‘floating in the in-between.’

Those are human experiences.  Repairing the dehumanizing link repairs it for the HUMAN and takes the SOUL down a pathway toward a new plateau to reach on Earth, only to return to the plateau on an upwardly mobile spiral in the SOUL SPHERE. 

So if you are looking for motivation, and your human is “meh,” “blah,” “tired,” – perhaps it is really your own soul nudging the heck out of you to look beyond-the-beyond to SEE what you did not see through the lens of the human eye from the soul’s own perspective.
If you are feeling “found” by that statement, I am glad to have presented it to you.

If you are feeling “lost” by that statement, I am also glad to have presented it to you.
Either way, you are technically now being directed to an opportunity to go beyond the plateau of where you think/believe you are. 

Suddenly, you are now driven and motivated to move your mind, heart, spirit, human and/or soul to a frontier that has not yet been explored, when you had believed there was ‘nothing left’ to explore, strive toward or discover.

Self-discovery is a 24/7 introspective place if you allow yourself the freedom to explore it in a new way. With greater awareness and self-awareness (they are not the same thing), you have the ability to grow both upward and forward simultaneously and onward beyond this plateau you believe you have conquered, but have not yet EXPANDED to the fullest depths or the greatest heights.  Movement has the potential for both directions, however most only see the ‘onward’ part, and move on to what they believe is some finality.

Trust in the fact that you are a continuous student in the school of life as both a HUMAN and a SOUL and this in itself is INFINITE.  Rest assured, you still have many directions to go, and that in itself is a beautiful and magical way to think about this thing called LIFE.

So dream, believe, aspire, thrive… there is SO MUCH MORE.  You can go there and keep going.  I will see you there and give you a high-five to remind you of the fabulous potential you still have and the amazing places you can still go.  You have done a great job so far… let us keep going and see exactly where it is you can go!

Blessings and light.