Saturday, June 2, 2018


The world has four seasons. Regardless of the weather shenanigans of what is happening outside your door, seasons are about more than just the weather, they are about transformation.

How we shift and transform within these seasons has much to do with our perception vs. our reality and the navigation between these areas to create change.

Is this an accident?  No. It is divine timing.  Do you believe in divine timing? 
If you do, then you understand what is being offered.

If you do not, let's open this gateway toward some enlightenment that there is a purpose and reason for all of our seasons.  

Just like how there are growing seasons for our food, there is growing season for what humans digest in the bigger picture of the Universe --- i.e. how we relate, communicate, interact, and evolve in our continued growth. 

If you are tired/exhausted at this juncture, it is time for you to reassess why this is so and how you expend your energies.

If you are spinning your wheels not getting anywhere, now is the time to stop making yourself dizzy to get clarity.

If you are asking questions about life, now is your time to go inside to find your answers (as they are all within you, they are not from external sources).

If you have been licking your wounds based upon how you have reacted to outside energies, it is time to examine your own attachment to the opinions of others and come to terms with your honest intent and stay open to the genuine intent of others and choosing to surrender your thoughts to the positive energy instead. 

Most misunderstandings come from the place of reaction much like a pinball machine.
Sometimes the pinball hits a post and just bounces around.  Sometimes a light goes on.  Sometimes, bells go off.  Other times communication channels will glide easily down the pathway toward another to continue to breed understanding. 

What matters is that your reciprocal efforts in deeper comprehension remain open instead of jaded, and you leave room for your own growth, rather than default maneuvers in order to control.

Keep in mind… you don’t always get to control.  Sometimes the Universe provides scenarios where you have to let it drive you forward to a higher place than you would have driven yourself.  Just because you are at the controls flipping does not mean you have total control of the outcome… this is where the art of letting go must ensue in order to see the total picture.

So back away from the pinball machine for a bit to digest this…

If you work constantly from the mode of defense, you will not easily gravitate toward where you need to evolve.  Most of the time if something feels uncomfortable, you need to work through it to see what you are made of rather than be shielding or in cocoon mode of hiding.
The last few weeks, planetary energy has shown us how communications get blown out of proportion both by action and activity as well as reactive mode and passivity.

What we can learn from this, is something more powerful than the sum of its parts, it is time to tend to our own gardens of our reality and sit in that for a while to reflect upon RECEPTION/RECEIVING vs. DELIVERING and DOING.

Looking at the seasons of change in terms of the communicative sphere of relating and engaging, interacting and opening up gateways toward transformation must begin with truth.

So ... what is your truth? 
Where do you wish to be received and how?
What can you do or NOT do to honor this truth? 

If you don’t know what your truth is, this is a place for you to start… this is the seed of your garden.  This is the seed where things can begin the place of growth, from the inside.  

Fear and worry can only be conquered from the place of your truth, like the fertile garden of your life. You have to create the environment for things to grow, and that means eliminating toxins from the place where things grow.  

Like the balance of sun and water, nutrients and care, our seasonal shift begins from the ground up.

Take a look at your grounding, for this is where you gain the optimum balance for creating optimism for that ground to be nourished from the get-go.  

The results of your life’s work will provide insight to where you go next, how you cultivate the groundwork to grow the fruits of your laborious efforts.   

Understanding that no efforts are a waste, but rather collectively make up who you are. From here this will help you develop the wisdom for you to savor the sweetness of your own escalation into continued momentum.

Therefore, DO NOT BE HARD ON YOURSELF HERE. It is a good time for cutting yourself some slack and know you have invested time, energy and efforts into something that will evolve in other ways that you cannot see. 

However, without regrouping or reflection - your own reception and perception will be altered in a negative light rather than the positive, unless you give yourself the proper grounding to propel yourself into the next seasonal shift of optimism for your own enlightenment.
Take stock in your journey thus far – it is vital for you to see what you need to see.  Until you do that, others cannot see you, because you will not have been truthful with yourself from the start about the reality vs. your own perception. 

It is here you have the opportunity to cultivate the best pickings from your own garden of life, your own select produce to create with and your own enjoyment of said fruits with understanding there is a reason and season for everything, including the change needed to propel you toward the next season of life lessons, and offerings.

Continue the groundwork, but don’t forget to bask in the sun with what is already there… just remember your SPF and digest your reality slowly, enjoying all that is present in your moment of reflection.