Thursday, May 10, 2018


If you could be given the ‘super power’ to fly… would you? 

How do you imagine your own ability to fly?  Do you fly at will?  Do you have wings?  

Does your flying only happen during the daytime under the blazing sun?

Do you only fly at night among the moon and stars? 

Are you a solo flyer or do you have your own flock?

Do you carry passengers?  Or are you like a lone-warrior helicopter flying in tight remote places?  

What if I were to tell you, that you have this ‘super power’ within you today that you do not need some magic wand to grant?  Would you believe me? 


Hello Lovely Souls, this is your pilot Stacey here with your ticket to fly!

There is nothing to buy, there is nothing no app you need to download, and there is no link for you to click. 

Hey, I’ve got your back.  I see you better than you think I do.  How?  Well, I fly of course. 

Now before you think this is some funky gimmick lure, I assure you – this is not.

You have the ability to fly on your own terms, at will anytime.  All you have to do is find a quiet space and close your eyes.  

You do not need to contort yourself in any yoga pose.  You do not need to buy any transcendental music.  You can fly quietly in your own sacred space anytime you want. 

This is called ‘Tweaking YOUR LINK’ …. And this is part of what I do.  What does this LINKRONICITY adventure entail? 

You can reduce your stress levels, find daily peace and yes, change your entire life’s perception to remove every negative link that is within your psyche, heart, soul and belief in order to remove the obstacles that are in your way.  You can remove challenges by gaining insight to your own problems and figure out how to solve them, simply by flying.

When we fly above the chaos, we can SEE IT much easier than when we are IN IT.

So let’s try it. 

Close your eyes. See yourself flying above your problems.  Let’s get to an elevation where your perception meets reality.  Stop looking at your problems from the lens of problems being problems, instead – let’s change your language right here and now to look at these ‘challenges’ as ‘opportunities to learn.’  

What is it you can learn about yourself by ‘solving’ this problem?

What solutions can you see, flying above the issue?

Who is really in the way, causing this problem?  

Is it you?  If so, we can fix this.

If you think/believe it is ‘someone’ or ‘something else’ – believe it or not, the problem is your perception. 

How so?  Let’s see what you can do communicatively to resolve the issue.   

Have you tried to have a conversation?   

Are you dealing with confrontation on the matter?   

Can you find a way to approach the subject or challenge differently? 

How are you able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to actually SEE how they are coping/managing it from where they sit?  

If you can do this, you can fly even higher to SEE how YOU can create the change for the challenge and become the solution to the issue.  Maybe it starts with a conversation.   

Perhaps it can begin with dissecting the problem as to what you can DO NOW vs. WHAT NEEDS TO BE WORKED THROUGH.

The only problems that truly exist are the ones that humans don’t tackle with action.  We all have the ability to begin the footwork on an existing matter and find a pathway toward resolution. 

Sometimes it requires courage and bravery.
Sometimes it requires using your voice.
Sometimes it requires stepping into your truth.

And yes, sometimes it begins with your ceasing to see a problem ‘the old way’ in order for you to find a new way to become part of that solution. 

Complaining and blaming are easy scapegoats, which are merely crutches you use because they are comfortable and familiar.

What if we were to get you to FLY into a new space to see that it is only because of your discomfort that the problem exists at all.


Yes, it's true. If that statement created a shift, then I am honored for the opportunity to do this because I want you to see what I see when I fly so that you can have the same vision as you choose to fly above your own issues to create more internal daily peace and find greater enjoyment in your life.

Life is short.  You don’t need to waste it battling your own head or heart.  You know deep down there is a better way and my heart-felt pure intention is to help you fly and see for yourself, you can live another way… with joy, with insight, with a changed perspective.

So here….I have your ticket.  Are on board?  It’s beautiful up here. Come join me and remember that the sky is the limit in your finding daily peace of mind – we can change your links to serve you better and get rid of the ones that don’t.  You don’t need them here where we are.

Blessings and light.