Friday, May 18, 2018


Are you feeling out-of-sorts?

Do you feel on-edge?

Are you anxious and not quite sure ‘what to do with yourself’ and your energy?


If you grumble reading that word, then you probably need to rest more than you think.
If you get frustrated seeing that word because you don’t believe it is the answer to the questions asked above, then you need to re-evaluate what that means.

What if we change that word “rest” to ‘slow your roll’ or ‘chill out’ or ‘kick back?’ 

Do you feel better seeing that instead of the word, ‘rest?’ 

Isn’t it interesting how we humans apply our own self-imposed thoughts, feelings and ideas to words, even if the words essentially mean the same thing.

Why is that?

We live in a society of ‘go-go-go.’

Somehow, the idea of delivering is like being expected to always be ‘on.’  

What if I were to say, ‘you don’t need to be “on” today” – but rather, “you can just hang out and float for a bit?” 

Would you feel ‘relieved?’  Would the pressure somehow magically dissipate?  

Could you feel tension leave your being where you could feel like you might be able to just breathe a bit?  

Sometimes, we need to give ourselves permission to be human. 

In this non-stop immediate gratification world of delivering, and being ‘on’‘ over the top’ and in excessive-mode of ‘doing,’ ‘achieving,’ and constantly producing results like machines, we need to regroup and ask ourselves WHY the restlessness is there when we are not ‘on.’ 

This stems back to things like people-pleasing, feelings of not being up to par, or somehow creating disappointment or guilt related to not meeting someone else’s perception/idea or expectation, and sometimes has to do with self-imposed expectation. 

Somehow a stigma is attached to the idea that if you ‘rest,’’ you are lazy or that it is somehow selfish to do so, when there are so many things ‘to do’ and ‘places to be’ and ‘ways to show up.’ 

Over-commitment is as much a psychological disorder for the sake of over-compensation for fear of there being some sort of ‘lack’ or ‘void’ or a need to feel placed into a space of belonging and self-acceptance. 

Humans fluctuate in this ‘space’ quite often …all humans have encountered this, no one is immune to this ‘crossroads.’  Sometimes the space is created by work places enforcing participation. These are usually the places demanding constant ‘overtime,’ even when someone is off-the-clock, with the expectation of being a slave to your mobile device 24/7.

Other times, family ‘guilting’ or social pressures ensue with friendship circles to ‘be on.’ 

These ‘pressures’ have developed a dis-ease of ‘go-mode’ on a new level, because people are being slaves to technology, in addition of the regular showing up further fragmenting their HUMANS and in total neglect of their SOULS. 

The outcome?  Restlessness when someone is actually trying to rest, because there is no quality rest to unplug or “be” or prioritize self-care in the realm of being a source for soul fortification. 

Sometimes this restlessness is paralyzing because there are so many ways you have spread yourself thin to ‘answer’ to others, before you have a chance to answer what lies within your own needs for you to be your best self in order to show up. 

Here is where you discover your self-worth and where it is realized, self-actualized and where you can claim it for the first time or reclaim it from where you lost it in losing yourself in being “on” and “out there” instead of taking the time you need for “inside” your head and heart.

Self-worth creates self-esteem. Self-esteem is something that can be lost, when you are overcompensating to over-deliver to ‘be enough.’   

Where does this come from?  It could come from a place where you are creating a basis to deliver on your own unrealistic self-expectations or someone else’s imposed expectations, which you feel compelled to meet.  

There is nothing wrong with over-achievement. However, you can be a detriment to yourself in being this way, when your tank is empty from being everything everyone else expects you to be, but lose your own soul’s guidance, mission, purpose, ‘reason for being’ and honoring within why you are here and what you are essentially here to do. 

Take a deep breath, because you are enough as you are, once you are enough for yourself. This is where it starts … with YOU.  Here things fall into proper place and realign perspective so you can feel less restless, by being fulfilled in your own quality rest to regroup the balancing connection within. 

Once you get to the place of this balance, you are able to honor your own quality time resting so you have more of yourself to deliver to show up as your authentic being wishes to show up in daily life.