Tuesday, February 13, 2018


By Stacey Kumagai

Dedicated to all of the Lovely Souls who are out there working toward their dreams…

Do you have dreams that are bigger than you?
Is your heart in that dream?  Will you see it through?
How do you LINK to staying the course?
As your road twists and turns, with significant force?
You know you have got this, it’s something you feel.
Though there are days I know you question, for real.
You think “How long can I do this? How can I keep going?”
And I will tell you Dear Soul, it’s because of your “all-knowing.”
You believe from your heart, you dig deep from your soul,
You see in your mind your serious #LifeGoals.
It’s more than just work, it’s beyond just passion,
It expands from your love, from here you take action.
You believe, so believe in what you can do,
The core of your truth, resonates through.
Beyond all limits, yes reach toward that sky…
Say, “World, if you can - oh yes …so can I.”
Together we’ll rock this, as we stay the course,
traveling the pathway with fuel from our source.
Stay determined, keep going, trust in all that you do –
Because there is no one on Earth, who is exactly like you.
LINK to what matters with all that comes from your heart,
It is here creativity is born, and then becomes art.
Be free, be you, express all you can share,
Knowing that you make a difference, so please stay aware.
Giving your energy as only you can do –
Is what makes you special, to see this LINK through.
So as you stay the course, committed with grace,
You make the world smile and a much better place.
As you dare to dream, as you care to see,
You’ll begin to notice your Linkronicity.
I’ll be right here, supporting you all the way,
With more than just words I blog, rhyme, or display.
You’ll see that I SEE YOU … and yes, it is true,
My heart’s sincere when I say, I believe in YOU.